Yazoo - And On Lyrics

Your mother was crying
Your father passed her a handkerchief
Their tear-stained faces
Looked to mine for a sign of grief
A thousand raincoats
Always stand around too long
But I stayed to talk with you
After they had gone.
The flowers I brought you
Were beginning to fade under the heavy rain
Your name on the card had run
So I tried in vain to write it again
They didn't understand you - No!
They didn't even try
I'm so glad that you left us now
Before you had the chance to die.
I sat there for a long time,
Expecting to turn and see you there
I ran my fingers through the long grass
Willing it to turn into your hair - and oh
I'm gonna miss you, dear
But I don't have to cry
I'm so glad that you left us now,
Before you had the chance to die
And oh, I'm going to miss you dear,
But I'm not going to cry
I'm so glad that your life stopped now,
Before it had the chance to die.

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Yazoo And On Comments
  1. Frogstar Lilypad

    chuuune .. what more can I say .. me thinks they should do the pyramid at glasto. they would smash it .. they broke the mold :(

  2. lui zZZzZz

    1:40 - 2:16

  3. Rauno Miettinen

    One best, but sadly song.

  4. ian fielding

    If this song doesn't move you make you cry sad then you are dead inside emotionless one of the best tracks ever written regarding loss of loves ones and friends

  5. Dave Sheppard

    Alisons vocal style was/is unique and I've been a fan since 82 this was a stand out track on a patchy second album love it and her😃😃😎😎🤑

  6. nickfreshalive

    Man, this song was my favorite off of this album when I was a kid.
    means a whole lot more now that I have unfortunately, actually felt loss.

  7. Joris Hendrickx

    i kept playing this track when my (first) love was not answered in '83 -weenie

  8. M Allama Siddiki

    What a song- melancholy and sadness expressed through wonderful lyrics and amazing instruments!

  9. Kelvin A

    This song makes me want to buy a Porsche 928, a pastel suit with the top 4 buttons of the shirt unbuttoned revealing a golden cross and don a mustache that covers my entire upper lip.

    bo staff

    le l that would be the 70s dude yazoo was the early 80s

    Niklas Wejedal

    I was ok with it up until the Porsche 928 - the rest, not so much :D

    ian fielding

    What a pathetic stupid comment

  10. Adam Sukenick

    Sad way to end the CD.

  11. Ethan Straffin

    Alison and Vince have sounded terrific separately since then, obviously, but I'd have to say they never sounded better together than this. (BOOOO for not playing it on the reunion tour, though it left something for us on the drive home.)

  12. danieleoo8

    yazoo very short time work

  13. Dennis .Brown

    If this song doesn't move you to the core then you're not human. Gives me chills.

    ian fielding

    Couldn't agree more what a haunting beautiful song about loss of loved ones and friends


    Seriously?Well,I think I'm human and it just doesn't move me at all!

    N Yabbletons

    @BAZ INGA unwittingly a robot

  14. Addicted to trefoil

    An amazing song about being at a funeral. One of my forever top 5 songs!

    Steve Hewitt

    It is beautiful "I ran my fingers through the long grass willing it to turn into your hair" wonderful lyrics. 😄

    Dennis .Brown

    +Steve Hewitt Yes!

  15. andrew1236

    Just a beautifully produced song!

  16. Samuel Rummer

    My favorite track from "You and Me Both". R.I.P Travis

  17. Robert Tolhurst

    From 2:17 the sound of this is just sublime.

    I remember hearing this echoing round an empty hall powered by just a mono cassette player which makes it 32 years old, or as old as a record from the end of the war was in 1977!

    Robert Tolhurst

    It will be great for you if you can grow up one day and hear stuff you love on a new medium. Pure class lives 4EVA!

    Robert Tolhurst

    hooray for the *good* - whoever, wherever, whenever, however. Thanks to the uploader for this.

  18. Jennifer Tingelöf Olsson

    They didn't understand you - No!
    They didn't even try
    I'm so glad that you left us now
    Before you had the chance to die. 

    This is the most beautiful song ever! <3

  19. andrew1236

    This song was written by Alison Moyet - Vince Clarke played keyboards on this song.  Alison and Vince rarely wrote songs together.  The only songs they did that I can think of are State Farm, Situation, "The Other Side of Love".  That may be all.  "And On" was definitely written by Alison Moyet alone.

  20. djbethell

    Alan Wilder was still in nappies.

  21. blackpearl2119

    This is why i will always love the 80's <3

  22. midnight savannah

    This song was written by Alison Moyet with Vince Clarke

  23. 123xxrobertx

    Such a shame that a music like that exists no longer ! it is a purely classic at all ! thank you for posting it !


    It's not a shame...It's just old music!

  24. andyindub

    soooo alan wilder

  25. ChesterLoadstone

    Thank you for posting this. Classic.