Yayo, Tony - We Got It Made Lyrics

Yea it's the kid man
Go hard or go home nigga
For real we going hard it's the unit baby
We in this motherfucker

I got it made
I got it made
I got it made
I got it made
I got it made

I'm the idol, the heist idol, numero uno
I'm the number 1 haition sak passe to you hoes
Now understand about the lessons I preach fam
My feet wet in nucho rees beach sand
I'm talented yes I'm gifted
My bedstop bitch always shop lift it
I get the cash the money ain't nuttin
I make a million dollars every tour that I'm stuntin
My name is tony yayo drive a european car
Fly to paris I'm a european star
I'm in wykiki with a mommy gettin big
Gotta treat her with the heaty cause I own a percent
Fresh gear I wear, everyday
In that new douche or that new hermezz
Yea, I make mad sales daily
You shot me, really
They just blinked cause I sold a million dollars
I drop a bag off you shot a million times
Niggaz drop the motion lights, me and sha in ultra bright
Crack plate on my neck, l of that northern light
Baby 4.5 nigga, jet black rover
Jack boys hungry like the blacks in angola
No it ain't over, give niggas lead showers
Now niggaz tellin like that show 48 hours
Yay got the power, yay got the money
All this special ed beef man I really sound hungry
Yay hold a nina, I eat the track like a hyenna
I'm high in a beamer, fuck a state trooper
I got the radar and a grand daddy great buddha
In the suhoos, the sour man, it's all about the powder man
It's all about the power man
Don't get devoured, the sheeps with the vour man


I got it made
Y'all niggaz stop complaining man
Hear ya on the radio
It's real out here man
Y'all niggaz could get shot for 2 dollars nigga

Fake dj's, fake rappers out here doing mixtapes
If it ain't real kill yaself nigga
Superstar jay, some exclusive shit

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