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Yanni The Keeper Comments
  1. Adriana S. A. Mazer


  2. Faris Monassar

    Love it 😍❤️ sooooo much

  3. Wanderson Silva

    outubro 2019

    Akiyki Ode

    essa música é foda! Yanni nesse disco ao vivo com estes cantores Lestlie e a Chloe são demais!

  4. ashikodi monye

    My favourite Yanni tune.

  5. Sambol Misaghian Shirazi

    She is a classical beauty of the 40-50s with her confident, poised, glamorous, beauty. She is a goddess in my opinion ❤️wish she did more in her careers

  6. barkat djamel

    Guitar player name please?

    Neematallah Chababy

    Cesar Lemos



  8. Papp Mariella

    Kedves Yanni!Mester!💎
    Ebben az esetben tekintve a hangot...a megjelenést,.. az előadásmódot(!)... közel sem olyan szép és magávalragadó mint Lucero esetében!😘

  9. mustafa alanizi



    Lip-syncing is the same thing as fucking singing!!! If he does that, then why doesn't he just sing his own songs by himself?! Fucking absurd!!! :O

    Pullin me closer your flowin
    Vary emotion that
    Lifts me up, to your love
    Light me up
    Oh why don´t you just shut up?

    Like this comment if you would agree with me: this song should be called Lift Me Up To Your Love...it sounds like it, why not change the words? :O

  11. Mohammad Qadasi

    Never forget this man's face impression after all this years 2:53

  12. Márcio Venâncio Batista

    her voice is amazing. Even with the playback I can hear her natural voice.

  13. Ashuj

    Singing woman = 10xbeautiful
    Singing n dancing woman = trance.

  14. Christos Giantsios

    *Fantastische Musik, faszinieren Bilder. Einfach sehr schöne Video 💔😊💔👍 !!!!!!*

  15. Sergey Kotov

    Ох баба красивая,именно сучка.

  16. Silverstone L

    At 2:36 ....is Yanni checking out her butt? Come to think of it, I would too, for that matter!!!

  17. mohamadrza ghzl


  18. Dave Naus

    Doesn't get any better than this! I'll be doing a drum cover on n this one soon so watch for it on my YouTube channel!

  19. Don Gee

    This is one of my "best" Yanni track. the lyrics is awesome

  20. Ashok Raina

    Leslie mills is beautiful lady and has sweet voice God bless her and musicians

  21. patricio espin

    sweet voice

  22. اميہر فُہيہ زمن الہضلہم


  23. Денис Мурза

    добрая песня ))

  24. Leonardo Andres Salgado Contreras

    I like it vera much

  25. Drira Lotfi

    Yanni 's performance in Carthage Tunisia was also breath taking i was lucky to be there

  26. Ayhan Tekcan

    Great ;)

  27. ابوادم العراب

    فيديو رائع

  28. Eduardo Santinny

    nice voice!!

  29. Jady Johnson

    Leslie is beautiful, but doesn't she remind you of Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Lol

    Silverstone L

    You ask that as if it's a bad thing! ...... LOL X 5

    André Luiz

    i think she is

  30. Сашко Шевченко

    Leslie is beautiful

  31. El Oso -xXx-

    OMG! i love her!!!
    she is sexy as hell!!!

  32. Tippy H

    Jackie  remember v watched this dvd. @ ur house?

  33. Tippy H

    I like it. Fantastic composition. Great vocal.

  34. Amaral Difranco

    uuuuuuummmmmmmmm Fantastic!!!!!!

  35. Ever Tibi

    I LOVE 

  36. Marcelo 2785


  37. may m.lotfi

    lovely music , i love leslie mills's voice

  38. محمود عادل

    greetings from egypt :)

  39. Mohamed Luther king

    I envy you for that :)

  40. firas hashim


  41. Hicham Z


  42. hardrockbusser

    She is a wonderful singer!

  43. Nana

    I LOVE IT !!! This voice is amazing. I love Yanni and his music. Greetings from Poland. <3

  44. dianaka halwa

    I need lyrics

  45. dianaka halwa


  46. Jean C Salcedo

    awesomeness... seriously

  47. andre bc

    very sexy

  48. Tranas Pchelkin

    Too much honney


    excelent!!!! yanni the best musician of the world