Yanni - Our Days Lyrics

What's underneath the warmest water
What's in your dreams that's like no other
Are you alone
Are you alright now
Let your secrets out
Let me just find out
Look into my eyes
Leave it all behind
Let's get in the deep
Look into my eyes
Let's get in the deep
Leave the rest behind
Let's get in the deep
And see what we can find

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Yanni Our Days Comments
  1. Ahmed26 Aa

    This music is very nice ... I'm like it so much ...thanks mr.yanni

  2. İbrahim Zafer EROĞLU

    Bağımlı oldum resmen. Dans ve yanni'nin el koordinasyonu müthiş. Şarkıcı abla da cabası. Ha bide şey var "yil ikibin in dikiz hili dinliyinlir".

  3. Mike

    That brown hair girl looks like she is fuagging constipated.

  4. Daniel Sifuentes

    Man, this track is off the chain!

  5. Kalo Btzzk

    How does this not have millions of views ? Most of 8k views are from me lol

  6. Kameliya-Kamala


  7. Mexpara Babayeva


  8. hellopk Ads Classified

    amazing wow