Yankovic, Weird Al - TMZ Lyrics

You're sort of famous
A minor celebrity
And so it only makes sense
The world would be
Obsessed with every
Single thing you do

They're running 'round
With their camcorders in the night
They're lurking patiently
And hoping that they just might
See something real embarrassing
You do

The bad hair day and sweat-stained t-shirt
That's the story that
They are gonna feature
With exclusive pics
Of your flabby behind
You think you're all alone
But that's right when you'll find

A bunch of paparazzi
Popping out of nowhere
Cameras in your face
And then suddenly
You're on TMZ
You're on TMZ

Following you
When you're walking down the street
And asking stupid questions
While you're trying to eat
So you cover your face
Thinking to yourself,
"Hey, isn't this creepy?"

And they're out there praying
You'll have a big meltdown
And take 'em on a little car chase
Through this whole town
They'll be there with you
When you're going to jail
First on the scene
For every wardrobe fail

You just picked up some transvestite
Seconds later
It's up on the website
Get a Vegas wedding
A quickie divorce
And they'll be
Sneaking in
Snapping pictures, of course

And if they ever catch you
Picking your nose
Or stumbling down the street
On a drunken spree
You're on TMZ

Stalking you, just waiting by your front door
Trailing you through
Airport security
They're with TMZ

They're with TMZ

(We caught this Oscar nominee picking up DOG POOP
Is that a baby bump?
I pronounce her guilty of leaving the house while FAT
Look Who's drinking COFFEE,
Everything celebrities do is FASCINATING)

Oh, let me tell you
It's getting to the point
Where a famous person can't
Even get a D.U.I.
Or go on a racist rant
Those guys are all around
So you really shouldn't dare
Go to every club in town
If you flaunt your underwear

Seems that every single time
A star decides to shave their head
Or ram their car into a tree
They're on TMZ

If they catch you peeing in the bushes
Later on, that night
Well, I guarantee
You're on TMZ
You're on TMZ

You're on TMZ

Every single celebrity
Knows they're gonna be
There on TMZ

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Yankovic, Weird Al TMZ Comments
  1. Ida Rothschild

    All this attention for a “minor” celebrity

  2. Desyree Macshara

    Her head shape and legs 😆

  3. Robert Moore

    Something told me that weird al has a bone to pick with tmz

  4. Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

    watch out for the sex-potatoes.

  5. LegoDork

    Good thing Al never had a Bad Hair Day.

  6. Someone404

    Like the animation style

  7. Charlie DeGraves

    This song is low key depressing.

  8. Junohar

    I kinda want Taylor Swift to do a cover of this.

  9. Munjee Syed

    1:26 isn't that the head of state head that killed Al in the party in the cia video?

  10. Freddy Richter

    I love how the parodies are not only great by themselves but also perfectly accentuated by artisticly diverse music videos

  11. dee douglas

    i dont even use bushs'

  12. dee douglas

    wow she got some neice legs

  13. Linda Marion

    Kind of ironic how proficient Tay-Tay became at siccing the paparazzi on anyone she wanted to punish, isn't it?

  14. T-Rex official on yt

    All these animated parodies are so creepy

  15. Twipper Dipper

    I think this song is better than the original

    Twipper Dipper

    If I were ever a millionare I would have a shooting team on standby for stalkers/paparazzi on my property, though I doubt I would make that much money in my lifetime

  16. Eli Hamilton

    She looks like she's seen something horrible

  17. jasonasdecker

    This is one reason why I would never want to be famous.

  18. Alfie Hodder

    July 2019 anyone?

  19. The Incarnation of Sin

    If you listen real close at the end he’s talking about things that probably should be publicized, like the DUI or ramming your car into a tree.

  20. Void Exile

    Did you guys see the ass though?

  21. The Ultimate McNugget Nagi

    This is why I don’t want to be famous. My mentality can’t handle it.

  22. Wind The Fool

    Weird Al is highkey calling out reporters

  23. Dylan Maldet

    I know how sad this song is for most, but whenever I sing this to myself I'm always picturing a sobbing Justin Bieber and/or any of the Kardashians. So damn cathartic. Even if I can't tell people like them what a worthless waste of oxygen they are, I can rest easy knowing that they've got to go through something this hellish every single day.

  24. Joyful Eater

    This is why i never want to be famous

  25. thomas underfoot

    Seriously if this is your job reconsider your life choices.

  26. sak lee

    youd think a celebrity could just call the cops on the paparazzi for stalking them but i guess the paparazzi gets special treatment... but with how crazy america has become i guess its no suprise. after all, its not illegal to rape a child in my state anymore... we have to "accept it and be inclusive and not judge"

  27. sak lee

    what do u find better? a nerd like me by mike rayburn, tmz by weird al, or u belong with me by taylor swift?

  28. Penncentral 1968

    This is a amazing song and drawing style well done and props.

  29. Kira

    745 paparazzi disliked this video

  30. Unicorn Invader

    My recent Buzzfeed article was “Taylor Swift got in two car accidents in the same day because of course she did”

  31. Bondfall 007

    This song has aged... Remarkably well.

  32. fred roberts

    Why do I think Taylor Swift strongly approved of this? :)

  33. Parkerw

    Is this loss?

  34. Ailurophile

    I remember hearing this song for the first time. I didn't understand a single thing before lol.

  35. Larry1 Video Rater

    10/10 mad respest

  36. いぬとかねことか

    ...nostalgic feel......

  37. the undead1

    This would be great for karaoke.

  38. Lewis Kent


  39. The Commander of Puppets

    Why are these people obsessed with girls butt?

  40. vanilladave1

    This guy is brilliant

  41. Dhruv Rao

    réputation foreshadowing tbh.

  42. Landon Smith

    "It's getting to the point where a famous person can't, even get a DUI or go on a racist rant."
    Wait, you were able to go on a racist rant before? XD
    Has to be my favorite part of the song

  43. Noah Martinez

    Is that actually Taylor Swift in the video

  44. Champ2stay

    has Weird Al ever been TMZed?

    B R

    Not that i know of.

    Rachnera Arachnera

    Yeah, they were asking why he didn't do a Prince song yet and he said it was because he couldn't ask permission to

  45. sam

    Its sad how this is still relevant, but now its buzzfeed

  46. Jarod Farrant

    Did everyone forget celebrities are just people to?

  47. B King

    Perfect 😂

  48. Shane Handy

    2:43-2:49 reminds me of the langoliers

  49. ThalesWell

    This would have been the most honest song ever written by Taylor Swift.

    B R

    ThalesWell Yeah.

  50. Tom Walker

    Who needs paparazzi? iPhone's lack of security is all we need to see celeb T&A now.

  51. Jarod Farrant

    I love the marvel actors but I don’t want to see their social lifestyle or how they eat.

    B R

    Jarod Farrant Understood.

  52. Alexis Cummings

    @Taylorswift I found this little jem in the older files of youtube and it made me understand your new album Reputation SO MUCH BETTER for your side of the story. #Iloveyou

  53. Max Barr

    How is this not a bigger hit? This is hilarious!

  54. Steal the painkillers

    This animation is so cool

  55. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ

    Lmfao n everyday idiots try to became famous on instagram Facebook twitter even on YouTube n shit looking for attention n they don’t realise how this is possible

  56. BOSSBLOB 47

    This reminds me of how ppl disagreed with Mila kunis being labeled sexiest woman of the year because she was photographed a few times taking out her garbage in sweat pants and a t shit. That lady is sexy in anything and im a girl whose not at all into women, im comfortable enough to notice and say when anther woman is beautiful and Mila is amazing. How dare she wear sweat pants at home and walk out side to throw the trash out, ppl said she should be more conscious of her appearance when in public even for a short time and some ppl said she should have title of sexiest woman taken back cuz she obviously doesn't take it serious. Like she's supposed too? Natural beauty is one of those things, you can rock anything ms. Kunis you are sexy and she and her parents had to leave home in Ukraine because of tension rising against Jewish people, she still speaks Russian though. That's sexy, she's strong and don't give a sh!t about tmz. Dead on song, it's crazy. Love Van on tmz though, educated well spoken and speaks his mind, sexy as hell. Anyway go Mila kunis, love Harvey and van but weird al is right on with this song, he's a damn genious lyrically and it's hard to play accordion and sing well, you go Al! Love the songs. Sorry long comment, I meant to be a couple sentences long but oh well, no one will read this anyway most likely lol

  57. Aurelian

    Al made one monumental mistake in this video. The image taken would NEVER have been aired on TMZ or any other show, and the photographer would have been instantly fired and possibly prosecuted. The way the photo was obtained was incredibly illegal. The photographer was disguised as a pizza delivery man and took the photograph within the celebrity's private domain even as she was attempting to eject him. You might argue that she willingly opened the door (after all, she would know if she ordered pizza or not), but the offending photo was the one taken AFTER she tried to close the door, when she was clearly unwilling to be photographed on private property that the photographer did NOT have permission to be on. If TMZ, or any other tv/magazine publication, aired that photo, they'd be looking at a guaranteed multi-million dollar law-suit from the celebrity, and the photographer would be arrested on charges of trespassing, invasion of privacy, and possibly even assault(He physically prevented her from shutting her own door).

  58. Random Roleplays

    Too bad the top comment isn't Taylor herself

  59. sing nitpick

    I think this is the only sad song he has ever done. Maybe Im wrong. So very sad:(

    Sophie T

    I think his saddest song is Trapped in the Drive Thru.

  60. Happy Hands

    when i want to call someone a scumbag i just call them a TMZ

  61. D. C.

    cute cartoon butt

  62. The Devil Himself

    At first I was expecting a parody of TNT by AC/DC

  63. shy

    story of leafy

  64. Keith Pixton

    I'm not even familiar with Taylor Swift's work and this was great. Al's take on the paparazzi.

  65. Jennifer Davis

    Paparazzi are just doing a job that pays well. It pays well because the majority of people can't get enough of People magazine and other sources of celebrity news. Which is why the paparazzi is desperate to take pictures of celebrities. If you've ever bought one of those types of magazines or looked at one of those websites, you've contributed to the problem.

  66. kaci clawson

    poor taylor

  67. GalaxyArt- John Laurens

    How did I get here from kpop?

  68. Spectre979

    This is the defining reason why I DON'T want to be a "famous celebrity".

  69. Ashley

    It’s sad how true this song is about celebrities. Like I get ads for “embarrassing secrets celebrities don’t want you to know” like I don’t want to know they have lives too. 😕

  70. MBR 9000

    I don’t think enyone will disagree When i say that TMZ are worst thing that ever happened to humanity

  71. cyprien gelineau #FAIRY TAIL

    Heas right you know

  72. astroman`e ́ lewen

    The graffiti ass killed me

  73. Celestial Dragon_

    Being famous=loss of privacy. That's a fact for every living celebrity.

  74. vineheart01

    this is how amazing Al is. He can turn a song from an absolute garbage singer into solid gold.

  75. Southern Oregon Cat Mom

    I used to watch T.M.Z. until I realized how awful the people really were-all snarky!

  76. Nihilistic Atheist

    Looks more like Rene Zellwegger or however you spell it.

  77. Zachary Foster

    TMZ is trash TV

  78. La promesse de la Fierté

    The concept of celebrity is really strange, we hold them up on this pedestal and view their lives as what to strive for. An honest question for society, why do we pay them so much? The only type of celebrity that can logically be rich because of fairness and not just a big lump sum is a musician, they work concerts, sell albums do tours and many more things. This question is to America, why are some of the highest paying jobs in our country sports players? I mean I get that there bodies are put on the line, but that isn't exclusive to them or done unwillingly, but they get payed comical amounts of money. My final question, what do people see in sports to get so riled up about? I mean on the subject of players, what causes people to actively by the tickets? I assume they partially go to athletes, but why do this? Recently, I've noticed that society is filled with things that are illogical and strange, yet we don't question them, even a blind person can see what's wrong and point them out; for some reason we won't change because it's fine the way it is. For anyone reading this thank you, I apologise for standing on my soapbox but this song made me think, I hope you have a great year.


    Missed Chief, I understand what you're saying. I'd like to see nurses and teachers make a better living.


    Its because they live the life we all want. We all want multi million dollar homes and to be able to travel around the world. Its a nice slice of fantasy. Also we all, as humans, enjoy drama. It stems from our primal need for conflict. We are naturally violet creatures. We just adapted to violence in a new way.

  79. Elizabeth Mays

    This song sort of reminds me of one Micheal Jackson made called “Leave Me Alone” where the video shows paparazzi harassing Micheal. Imagine how awful it must be to go outside and afraid that u are going to get judged for doing something simple

  80. Hannah Woodhams

    I really want Taylor to see this.

  81. Nymphe Echo

    Never thought a Weird Al song could be touching somehow, but this song is!

  82. Dilly Mackey

    The world is always watching.

  83. Morgil

    Try watching this on mute. It's really depressing.

  84. Solo Mofo

    Weird al recently was on the TMZ website for a story and it made me think of this lol

  85. cringe :P

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goDDDDDDdDdddDdD not TMZ

  86. brees4life

    TMZ is like a hot pepper, they're jalapeno business.

  87. Pkmnlover

    i like both versions (i like swift)

    B R

    Pkmnlover Same.

  88. levi miller

    All she had to do is not open the door, with only a towl on.

  89. ANNA chan

    I'm gonna cry T-T

  90. MrRedtaco11

    That reminds me of the music video A-Ha did for the song "Take On Me."

  91. Gilberto Tabares

    preach it Al.

  92. psychokitty444

    Who knew Melania had it so rough?

  93. DysfunctionalBubble

    I can see Taylor Swift appreciating this song.

  94. Barry Stewart

    The irony is that a Taylor Swift parody about harassment and stalking is about the world's obsession with harrassing and stalking Taylor Swift. Do you get the cover of Reputation now?

  95. Time Foolery

    Lmao way to capture Harvey, Al!!

  96. Trample Louie

    bills animation!!!?? AHHHHHH !!!!! I love it !!!!!

    B R

    Trample Louie I don't know what that is.

    Trample Louie

    B R you don't understand stand my name or my comment?

    B R

    Trample Louie Comment.

    Trample Louie

    B R the guy who made the animation name is Bill and im an absolute fan of his cartoons they are such a pleasure to watch , out of this world !!!

    B R

    Trample Louie How long has he been doing them for?

  97. Lindsay

    Top 10 anime songs

  98. Powder Physics

    If I were a celeb, it would be a gold mine of trolling. Walk into the road, spin around and go back inside. Go somewhere with odd pairs of shoes, and swap them at random. Minor things that would just confuse the fuck outta everybody

  99. Halee Jones

    the video could have been better

    B R

    Halee Jones True. But the song is both catchy and true.