Yankovic, Weird Al - Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me Lyrics

[Weird Al:]
Oh the sand keeps falling through the hourglass
And there's no way you're going to slow it down
You say we gotta treasure each moment
Who knows how long we're gonna be around
Yeah you keep on telling me life is short
And its hard to disagree with what you say
But if time is so precious why are you wasting mine?
Cause I'm always reading
Always deleting
Every useless piece of garbage that you send my way
Every stupid hoax
All those corny jokes
Stop forwarding that crap to me
Well I don't need tons of cringe-inducing puns
Stop forwarding that crap to me
No, it isn't okay if you brighten my day
With some Cut and Pasted hackneyed Hallmark poetry
And I didn't request a personality test
Stop forwarding that crap to me

[Background singers] Oooh

[Weird Al:]
You're sending virus-laden bandwidth-hogging attachments
To every single person you know
You're passing around a link to some dumb thing on YouTube
That everybody else already saw three years ago
And wacky badly Photoshopped billboard were never that amusing to me
And I just can't believe you believe those urban legends
But I have high hopes that someone will point you toward Snopes
And debunk that crazy junk you're spewing constantly

No I don't want a bowl of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Stop forwarding that crap to me
Send more Top 10 lists and I'll slash my wrists
Please stop forwarding that crap to me
Well, I'm sorry I can't accept your paranoid rant
And I don't want the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe
Won't you kindly refrain cause its hurting my brain
Stop forwarding that crap to me...

Like Glittery Hearts and Unicorns and pictures of somebody's cat
Now tell me in what alternate reality will I care about something like that?
And by the way your quotes from George Carlin aren't really George Carlin
Mr. Rogers never fought the Vietcong...
And Bill Gates is never gonna give me something for nothing
And I highly doubt some dead girl is gonna kill me if I don't pass her letter along...

Well now I know you're wishing
I'll sign your petition
But stop forwarding that crap to me
And I don't want to read your series
Of conspiracy theories
Just stop forwarding that crap to me
And your two million loser friends
All have my address because you never figured out the way to BCC
But now I gotta insist...
Take me off of your list!
Stop forwarding that crap to me

[Repeats] Stop forwarding that crap to me

[Weird Al:]
Just stop it now
Oh no
I can't take it
Aw please
You gotta stop
Right now
I'm not kidding
At the risk of being slightly repetitious gonna ask you now to stop

Sending me that crap
I don't want it
Don't send it to me
Now don't send it to me
Just stop forwarding that crap to me
Stop forwarding that crap to me
To me

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Yankovic, Weird Al Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me Comments
  1. The Legged One

    Almost 9 years later and this is still relevant

  2. Zampther

    I forwarded this.

  3. Panagiotis Samartzis

    Is this "Mom's messenger anthem"?

  4. Yamaha Rider J

    lol is this meant to be like a message to fans to stop spamming him with there stupid ideas

  5. Amber Warnke

    The beginning actually sounds like a sweet song

  6. Someone404

    Surprisingly still relevant

  7. Joyce Baskind

    Is it just me, or does Weird Al sound like Barry Manilow lite in this song?
    That being said, I have had some people (not naming names) tell me essentially what the song is saying.
    Public apologies to all.

  8. Arthur Vasey

    He mentioned the recipe for Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe - that came about due to a woman having gone shopping at one of their stores and bought stuff, went in the café there, had a cuppa and some of the cookies - decided that they were delicious and asked for the recipe - only to be told that they cannot provide it for free - when she asked how much it would cost her, the girl said “Two-fifty” - woman thought that $2.50 was probably a little excessive - but worth it for a recipe - it was printed on ordinary paper - when she got her credit card bill, that $2.50 had become $250 - she wasn’t able to get it reversed, either through the shop or the credit card company, so she forwarded it on to her circle of friends, who forwarded it on - somehow, a copy ended up in my inbox - hadn’t had my email account long - I set it up at art college - I was still there at the time - one of the ingredients is a Hershey’s bar - I think the nearest equivalent we here in the UK could use - short of getting someone we know in America to send over a crate - might be something Cadbury’s make with bits in it!

  9. Danielle Wilson

    Thank you youtube for sending me this

  10. Richard Crane


  11. ladylestranj

    Snopes? Really? If you count on Snopes, maybe that's why that crap is getting forwarded to you. JS

  12. beerhoven

    Well you can't trust Snopes but still relevant and funny.

  13. DT DimeFlicks

    I relate to this so hard.

  14. Emma Nash

    My dad always send me stupid videos and links and he sent me This and I was like "STOP SENDING ME STUFF!" and I clicked on hit and I'm just like "Do you think you're funny?" (he does)

  15. Matt Hartman

    Thank you! Just the punctuation I needed to carry the point. Saucy and well done indeed, bravo!

  16. Peter w Pyle

    SOME things have NOT changed in NINE years.....WOW.

  17. Retro Gamer

    You're passing around a link to some video on youtube everyone already saw 3 years ago

    Youtube: of course I know him, he's me

  18. Celeste T

    I love how blunt he is ;))

  19. DARTHSTAR 559

    Anyone else have the urge to forward crap to him

  20. István Sipos

    is this a parody? or an original song? if a parody, what is the original song?
    thanx, any1
    The Saga Begins still rules, by the way :- )

  21. Honey Gilbert

    Stop Forwarding tThat Crap To Me and Rverrybody Else.

  22. C David

    Best Jim Steinman composition ever. LOL

  23. Power B

    I love that bait-and-switch at the start. It's like "Is...Is this a serious song by Weird A-Oh, nevermind."

  24. Ali Xx

    I- this was another song I said was the best in my 2016 diary 😂💀

  25. The Talented Philosopher

    Ah, this reminds me of that time, where emails existed.

  26. Digital Mobile Posts


  27. Sheri Eberhard

    He is so great. His parodies show how intelligent he is.

  28. rutabagasteu

    The internet started back in the 1980s. So the crap being forwarded is from back then. And no don't send that crap to me.

  29. Bob Dobalina

    Um, this is a parody of which song, or an original composition?

  30. Pinto Bean

    I feel the same way on facebook! The keep calm bullshit!

  31. Dave BB

    People say life is short.
    NO it isn’t. Not at all.
    What a stupid thing to say. Most people live into their 80s

  32. dec the demi god !

    these lyrics are so good

  33. Gobble De Gook

    OMG ! Weird Al" Yankovic
    Makes Good Songs That Have a Good Message & FUNNY !
    Well Done, Keep It Up.

  34. wishIdpaidattention

    That itchy feeling... but Ive unfriended those people already so now few friends. Still could just give weird Al a plug by mentioning the title... no I wont bother. Noone took notice of his aluminium/aluminum

  35. Lolzmaster Lolking

    I thank the lord youtube finally recommended something I could get behind.

  36. RobMacKendrick

    Al's original tunes never get any radio play, but they're epic. Dude's a true musician.

  37. viperdemonz jenkins

    this is even more relevant than it was then. stopped Facebook years ago because of the chain messages and liberal hate trump because feeling BS.

  38. xadahgla

    “Crap”... My, Al’s gotten salty over the years,

    Peter w Pyle

    There IS another word he could have used..."xadahgla".

  39. Celeste T

    I'd only care about the cat pictures :^)

  40. MAST3RFARM3R227

    Weird Al has a song for everything

  41. Simply Afton

    Stop DMing that crap to me

  42. Thomas Chappell

    I was going to forward this to my family and friends, but then I thought “Wait...”!

  43. Nala15 DA-Artist

    Me: Dear Dad....
    Song: *plays*

  44. 8820 8

    I didn't even knew that there was a song for my irritating feelings for my friends.

  45. joey luckey

    I'm sending this to my grandmother my fucking mother my aunts and my uncles and my cousins and my brother basically anybody who was on my Snapchat Instagram and Twitter This Song speaks to me on the emotional spiritual and level

  46. Jamie Wilson

    Clearly the people who thumbs down this, are the people who sent me all those glitery hearts. Lol

  47. B.N.A

    This song aged like fine wine

    Peter w Pyle

    STILL relevant TODAY...

    TheMuteTroll _BrawlStars

    I still like it till today


    Yup, and it's still good and relevant to this day

  48. kevnar

    When I was in college. there was a girl who never liked me, never talked to me unless she had to, wouldn't even look at me half the time. We got assigned to the same group project, so I had to give everybody my email. The project got done and we never spoke again.

    Fast forward five years or so, and her email account got hacked somehow. I started getting floods of emails from her, offers from companies, virus links, etc. etc. So ironically, out of all the people I went to college with, I hear from the person who liked me the least the most.

  49. McJohnson

    some of these comments are funny; the only people who hate Snopes are people who're butthurt because the site debunked some bullshit they believed in

  50. Brekner Catalin

    Back when "meme" wasn't a word yet.

  51. Andrae Toons Studios

    TRToons brought me here

  52. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    I’m gonna go and fw this to my brother STAT

  53. Celeste T

    story of my life! :))

  54. Honey Gilbert

    I solved this problem I don't give my e-mail address to many people.

  55. tangledyoyo

    Love Weird Al, always have, always will!

  56. Davem1969

    This is hilarious. I can't wait to forward this to my friends on Facebook!

  57. cheryl lakin

    I don't even know which song he's spoofing about??!! There's just very little REAL, let alone good, music that's been made in the last 10+ years, so that would explain it. I've always gotten a kick out of wierd Al; he's ageless. 😎

  58. Frodo da hobbit

    Excuse me while I save this song to send to my really annoying friend

  59. 69 subs with no videos

    3:54 me when I see my name on the quiet kid's hit list and haven't even talked to him

  60. Billy Bob Joe

    Remind me to forward this to that 1 b who forwards crap to me

  61. Gaming Random

    This should be the Anthem of the Internet

  62. Callen Valkyra

    Honestly, I don’t know any of the originals of Weird Al’s parodies. I’m kind of interested what this one is though

  63. Justas

    What did his friend do to set him off to make an entire song telling them to stop? What were their crimes?

    Peter w Pyle

    Hello MR/MRS oblivious...Justas

  64. YeetusД Feetus

    The irony is how many people forwarded this to their contacts

  65. Neb

    Now who can I forward this too

  66. Killakommie Foyomommie

    I was going to forward this, but....

  67. Steven Gordon

    Thumbs up if ANY Air Supply song brought you here.

  68. Jan Kučera

    you almost saved the internet

  69. Enyremer

    Every cold caller ever.

  70. allie shouts

    A parody so good it got copyright claimed

    ...for itself.

  71. Miraenda

    FB has taken the place of the emails people used to send.

  72. adajanetta1

    This is the first time I've noticed that Weird Al has a very good voice. Huh.

    The Nerdy Chive

    It also shows in “The Night Santa Went Crazy”

  73. First Name Last Name

    this is the doggo of good fortune thumb up and comment "good fortune pupper" for good luck today

  74. Pyglik

    "Your quotes from George Carlin aren't really George Carlin."
    ~ George Carlin



  75. Greg Schuman

    2019: stop DM’ing that crap to me

  76. Rob Jeanbras

    I know this isn't a direct parody of any song but he usually does "in the style of" songs also so this might be in the style of Meat Loaf. Anyone agree/disagree?

  77. My Gills

    I want to see the entire map of this text.

  78. Suzette Henderson

    Makes me miss my Dad...

  79. another Alastor profile picture

    Aged like wine

  80. maximidze228

    wait it was uploaded in 2011 wtf

  81. Dark Reyule

    So very Meatloaf.

  82. MultiDarkZen

    Surprised he didn't talk about those facebook game invites lmfaooo

  83. Roger J.-C. Sabourin

    Great song.
    Incredibly annoying video.

  84. Glenn Buschbaum

    I hope he is talking about SPAM and not my e-mails .-]

  85. GCNElite

    Only Weird Al could make a good song out of a rant

  86. YoungArtClay

    Snopes? ha ha ha ha ha ....... might as well look it up on wikipedia or watch CNN....

  87. Ph1nner


  88. Noah Beach

    first world problems

  89. Space Asylum - Gaming in Space!

    I wonder if the editor was the same one for Word Crimes.

  90. Josiah Clark

    "Don't listen to everyone on the internet" - Adolf Hitler 1964

  91. Josiah Clark

    Lol ima send him mail with the subject stinky cheese

  92. TheShadowblade

    This song is now basically Facebook.

  93. Brekner Catalin

    Eh i'm glad to say that 8 years later things are MUCH better. Only getting a few spam emails a week these days!

  94. Oliver Kile

    I’m going to forward this to someone.

  95. TR Foster

    Nearly 2020... still relevant. Love you, Al.

  96. Eugen Los

    Just forwarded this song to my friend. Hope the universe won't collapse.

  97. Mr Ducky

    “Send more top ten lists and I’ll slash my wrists”
    YouTube 2019: Well yes, but no

    Nintendo Antarctica

    Mr Ducky bruh moment


    Imagine forwarding this to youtube

    Matt Johnson

    Got any... grapes?

  98. Kai Dwyer

    Will someone please create an image from the close-up text in the video
    I want it to be a poster on my wall... and a t-shirt
    Oh and I'll send it to my friends too!

  99. Truth Seeker

    Snopes, lol