Yankovic, Weird Al - Skipper Dan Lyrics

I starred in every high school play
Blew every drama teacher away
I graduated first in my class at Juilliard
Took every acting workshop I could
And I dreamed of Hollywood
While I read my Uta Hagen and studied the Bard

Hit the boards and paid my dues
And got phenomenal rave reviews
I knew the world was gonna love me, without a doubt
I was sure that Tarantino would be callin' me on the phone
Annie Leibovitz would shoot me for Rolling Stone
But the years have come and gone
And I'm sorry to say that's not the way that it's all worked out

I'm a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride
Skipper Dan is the name
And I'm doin' 34 shows every day
And every time it's the same
Look at those hippos, they're wigglin' their ears
Just like they've done for the last 50 years
Now I'm laughin' at my own jokes but I'm cryin' inside
Cause I'm workin' on the Jungle Cruise ride

Oh, the critics, they used to say
I was the new Olivier
Thought I'd be the toast of Sundance or maybe Cannes
Aw, but don't bother tryin' to IMDB me
The only place you might possibly see me
Is ridin' my little boat around Adventureland
It ain't exactly what I planned

But I'm a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride
Skipper Dan is the name
And I'm doin 34 shows every day
And every time it's the same
I would've killed if I'd been in "Speed The Plow"
But what's the difference, that's all behind me now
Cause I'm payin' the rent and I'm swallowin my pride
And I'm workin' on the Jungle Cruise ride

I should be there on Broadway
Knockin' 'em dead in "12 Angry Men"
But instead I'm here tellin' these lame jokes
Again and again and again and again and again and again and again

Bengal Tigers can jump over 20 feet!
That's an African bull elephant...
And there it is, the backside of water!
What have I done with my life?!

I shoulda listened when my grandfather said
"Why don't you major in business instead?"
Now my hopes have all vanished and my dreams have all died
And I'll probably work forever as a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride
Skipper Dan is the name
And I'm doin' 34 shows every day
And every time it's the same
Look at those hippos, they're wigglin their ears
Somebody shoot me cause I'm bored to tears
Always said I'd be famous... I guess that I lied
Cause I'm workin' on the Jungle Cruise ride
I'm still workin' on the Jungle Cruise ride

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Yankovic, Weird Al Skipper Dan Comments
  1. BlueMaxxW

    I'll be very angry if that new movie with The Rock fails to feature this song. It just has to happen,

  2. irelyn kane

    poor poor skipper dan, F in chat

  3. MrJohndoakes

    Yankovic does "style parodies" and the band getting parodied here is Weezer.

  4. Jamie Rose

    Well, at least it's steady work.

  5. ItMadeMeSignUp

    The best part is that his co-star in the plays at the beginning is the other tour guide at the end.

  6. Violet Dust

    Last time I went to Disneyland and went on the Jungle Cruise i actually had a skipper that was named Danny

    TDS seventy-five

    Was he doing 34 shows everyday?

  7. Mutch Games

    This is one of my all time favorite weird al songs

  8. AnnoyingMoose

    I think I know what Dan is going through. Here are a few of my career highlights:
    1997 Graduated BCIT with Honours as the Valedictorian
    2000 Started working in the hospital laboratory
    2011 Wrote, produced, and directed a movie that won 2 awards and got a North American distribution deal
    2011 Got replaced at the lab by a machine
    2012 Worked as a sign waver
    2013 Performed product demos in Wal-Mart
    2017 Started working as a security guard

    Liam The Great

    what movie

  9. M McDonald

    Anthem of the Broken.

  10. tygonmaster

    Life and how to be successful:
    20% work
    40% luck
    40% personality to be a dick and screw others over to take their success and make it your own

    TDS seventy-five

    Weird Al isn't a dick

  11. Lasertooth Tiger

    I would enjoy that job.

    Liam The Great

    no you wouldn't

    TDS seventy-five

    let me guess
    you're an actor instead

  12. Eduardo Corrochio

    It must be tempting, mentally, if you're a working as a skipper on that ride to want to just go off script for a moment and say into the mic, "Well, folks, I hope your group here fares a lot better than this bunch of people we had yesterday afternoon-- because there was a ghastly mishap involving the crocodiles, and I tell you, the lawsuits are gonna be piling up, and our cleanup crew was working their butts off all night long." 😆

  13. Alex V

    Took me a while to realize how Weezer like this was (At least for the time period.) Could totally hear Cuomo singing this.

  14. TubeRadiosRule

    Last time I was at Disneyland was around 1974, but I still remember the Jungle Cruise ride. I don't know if they still do or not, but back then the skippers would pull out a blank firing pistol and shoot at the hippos when they surfaced and then the hippos would sink under water again, if I remember correctly. Fond childhood memories, along with the Bear Country Jugband the Tiki Room, the Small World ride, and the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean! :)

  15. Jd Smith

    Artistic jobs are hard to find, be it music, art, or acting. Far more people want them than jobs exist.

  16. MGK

    That chord progession in the chorus, though. Love itm

  17. Keith Dean

    For what it's worth, it is the Skipper that makes the Jungle Cruise attraction work.

  18. Floyd S

    Not the most glamorous job, but bringing joy to kids and families. So long as it pays the bills it's still an honest job.

  19. Bizkut Limau

    Pork And Beans?

  20. Andoc

    Silly Dan, thinking acting skills and talent are what counts in current Hollywood. XD

  21. John Potts

    Ironically, Weird Al's IMDB Page is long and extensive!

  22. Old Code

    Believe it or not Disney's Jungle Cruise movie spot on imdb brought me here.

  23. D.J. Guthrie

    This better be played during the end credits for the new film. 😂😂

  24. Reese Jackson

    Whos here from the jungle cruise trailer

  25. biblegirl

    The irony is that this attraction has quite the wait list for people begging to do it at the parks

    Liam The Great

    that's not ironic

  26. hotelmario510

    And now there's a movie based on the Jungle Cruise Ride

  27. UNOprvtr1

    O2H! O2H! O2H!

  28. Andy Gilleand

    Who else came here after the new Jungle Cruise trailer?

  29. Ardin Anester

    Came from the Jungle Cruise trailer

    Sea-Salt Art

    Disappointed this song wasn't used in that.

  30. Morgan Funches

    This Weird Al song is underrated!

    What is this song a parody of?

    Sea-Salt Art

    It's not a parody; Weird Al does original songs, too.

    Morgan Funches

    Sea-Salt Art Oh Ok thanks! Sorry I should know that! 😅


    @Sea-Salt Art Not exactly accurate. This is one of his "style parodies". It's parodying Weezer's general musical style, but not any specific song by them.

  31. bwerx

    I know this is supposed to be lampoon of sort, but this is true where I live. Many graduate with flying colors and high achievements only to end up on the food industry serving...


    Did they graduate from useless junk majors like, "drama", gender studies, women studies and the like?

  32. Alex Jewett

    Does anyone else find this song kinda depressing

    Several Fighters

    Yeah. In fact even more now that I'm an adult.

  33. Smeado

    That was hella depressing.

  34. Chentzilla

    The best comedy is the one bordering on tragedy.

  35. Kyle Ashby

    Why dose this remind me of uhf anyone else get that vibe

  36. Linda Thetford

    When I first heard this song it was on his 2013 live tour and when he belted that last note out my heart leapt just AMAZING work!

  37. Matt Lufcy

    It's even sadder when you find out that "Skipper Dan" is/was a real person.

  38. 니코

    I met someone exactly like him.

  39. Juliet Campbell

    If only he would have sold his soul to the Illuminati god, then he could have lived his dream for a short while before becoming even more enslaved on Earth, after which he could have lived forever in Hell on the jungle cruise ride as a tour-guide who gets tortured by the tourists with animal parts and the animals with human parts. But he didn't know. :D

  40. SonicBoomFan101 Enterprises Inc.

    Great song to put on the Alpocalypse album. Even though this single was from 2009, the album came with this song 2 years after.

  41. jason parmelee

    Skipper Dan should drink more, other than that I concur with his life choices.

  42. FilmFanaticX

    Still pissed Disney or Dwayne Johnson didn't get Weird Al to cameo in the Jungle Cruise movie!!

  43. Nick Claggett

    This video really speaks to me

  44. Douglas Kurtz

    For just one second, I thought that Ganesha statue was giving the finger, but he's just making a fist...

  45. lahmonzalovania

    one annoying thing, this song is very quiet, and if you wanna listen to it at a good volume with headphones, you can hear the music with your heaphones off

  46. Chris Silva

    Dear god this song is catchy

  47. Harris Hemion

    The theme song of my hopelessness.

  48. Eli Egbert

    Unfortunately I misread this
    "Stripper Dan"

  49. Mark Cocker

    Lucky guy he gets up at 6 am I get up at 5 am for work !

  50. Jonathan fun videos

    I'd Say "1 one like = 1 acting role For Dan To play" but I think begging for likes is dumb. So instead i'd Like To Wish That One Day Dan Will Find his Role. Keep your chin up Skipper Dan. Lol

  51. 1OO1O11O11O1O

    He really should have listened to his grandpa.

  52. Salmonella Poisoning

    Disney’s making a movie based around the Jungle Cruise ride

  53. kaleb johnsen

    wow they have meeting points and both of the tour guides did a shoot me in the head sign....damn this is dark i avoided watching this cause i thought itd be a boring tour but i stand corrected.

  54. ominous thoughts

    Sad but true


  55. Xenronnify

    This song is unfairly catchy.

  56. Decepticon leader Megatron

    He is still acting

  57. Munjee Syed

    I never realised this was supposed to be a weezer parody

  58. TatewakiKunoAge17

    This might seem weird, but this song always makes me wish I had stuck with acting. Anyone who's ever been bitten by the acting bug knows that once it gets you, it never really lets go. Dan stuck with it, and he might not be performing on the level he wants to, but he is still acting for a living, every single day. He made it. He got there.

    Skipper Dan is my hero.

  59. Brian L

    "There it is, the backside of water! O2H! O2H! O2H!"

  60. Digital Jedi Master

    This song is, like, perfect.

  61. Wes Prang

    34 tours a day? So each ride is 10 minutes long?

    You're fired, Dan! Now go live your dream as a hobo!

  62. Intention Man

    Busch gardens summarized in 4 minutes

  63. Taylor Gibson

    Don't worry Skipper Dan, you ARE famous. Millions of people are now singing about you.

  64. Stryyde

    DIsney has a Jungle safari movie coming out based on their ride ... they totally need to cameo weird al with a char named SKipper dan

  65. ScootKompute

    Dedicated to those who let their dreams die :(

  66. The Ultimate McNugget Nagi

    Whoa... I’m a college student and now I’m kinda worried...

  67. pieV3000

    Huh just noticed 3:20 the girl is the same as at 0:40

  68. Natanel Davidoff

    Damn, Dan is like 6'8 feet tall

  69. Sarah Christensen

    Since I started listening to this song, I started feeling sorry for Adventureland Jungle Cruise Skippers.

  70. gasjebasje95

    He kinda reminds me of Micheal Shannon.

  71. John Smith

    I wish he'd get with the hot red head, then they might both squeeze some happiness out of life

  72. UnwantedStudios3

    I bet he taps that redhead though

  73. Sillypilly Studios

    Do you remember that artist made a funky song for green eggs and ham on Netflix?

  74. Jason Beam

    Sounds like They Might Be Giants.

  75. Jacob

    He could've just learned to code.

  76. Otokichi786

    In short: always have a "Plan B" just in case Hollyweird doesn't call. For some reason, the movie "Up" comes to mind, along with Harry Chapin's song, "Taxi."

  77. lahmonzalovania

    this is why I always have male prostitute on my mind as a backup job

  78. Peter Mamaev

    I didn't expect my daily dose of depressing to come from Weird Al, but I'm glad it did.

  79. Boyd W

    Is this song an original song or a parody of another song? This song has grown on me and I like how it tells a story. And I honestly wonder if this song was inspired by Al going on a guided tour?

    Sophie T

    It's an Al original. I saw Al interviewed, and he said he was taking his daughter on the Jungle Cruise Ride when he got inspired to write this song.


    Is this the same guy behind "damn good times" by TMBG?

    Lucas Exempli Gratia Smith

    It is! Divya Srinivasan, apparently.

  81. Andy Klosowski

    I'm certified in business, but I'm a groundskeeper for a golf course.

  82. jcrowley1985

    At least he hasn't sunk low enough to become stripper dan yet.

  83. Emperor Romeo

    The intro sounds like 'Tonight' by Rick Springfield.

  84. Indarow

    This is low key the saddest song I've ever listened to.

  85. amperro

    It is not just arts majors with this problem. Contrary to popular belief, STEM majors are not guaranteed to find STEM jobs. In fact most STEM majors are in other fields.

  86. Lord Cabbage

    This depressed scumbag is disappointed in working on the jungle cruise in Disney world... piece of

  87. Justa Guy

    Funny thing when I first heard this song I thought it was funny and sad. That working at dead end job like Disneyland tour guide was so bad. I have since learned there are far worse jobs out there, with worse working conditions, lower pay and no stability. So years later I look back on this song and think "hey it's not so bad".

  88. canadmexi

    I've listened to this song for 5 years trying to see if it's meant to be funny or if he just tried something different and I still don't know.

  89. timfortune9

    Shortly after I graduated college, my parents suggested as a start I should get a job as a cast member at Disney World.
    While I wasn't against the idea per se, every time they brought it up I just thought of this song.


    Is this an original song or a parody


    Over half of the songs on Al's 14 studio albums are his original songs. This is one of them.


    @JoannaT It's also a style parody of Weezer.

  91. gasjebasje95

    Imdb existed in 2009??

    Fabricio B.

    IMDb exist since 1990. Is one of the oldest websites in the world.


    @Fabricio B. Yeah I just didn't know, oops!

  92. Kimberly Harper

    This was depressing

  93. Randall Sparling

    In California we have this exact jungle cruse ride, it's in DisneyLand.

  94. Blazwing S

    this is truthful to the letter.

  95. Arif Akyuz

    I mean, the mediocrity of working on a jungle cruise ride would be preferable to dealing with the cesspool of Hollywood’s film industry.
    But that is my opinion.

  96. Nob the Knave

    Am I the only one who wishes they DID work on the Jungle Cruise ride?