Yankovic, Weird Al - Now That's What I Call Polka! Lyrics

[Wrecking Ball:]
We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain
We jumped never asking why
We kissed, I fell under your spell
A love no one could deny

Don't you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
I can't live a lie, running for my life
I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you wreck me

[Pumped Up Kicks:]
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run faster than my bullet

[Best Song Ever:]
And we danced all night to the best song ever
We knew every line, now I can't remember
I think it went ooh eh ooh
I think it went oohla eh ooh
I think it goes eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Gangnam Style:]
Eh, sexy lady
Po, po, po, po
Polka Gangnam Style
Eh, sexy lady
Po, po, po, po
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Call Me Maybe:]
Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my number
So call me, maybe
And all the other boys
Try to chase me
But here's my number
So call me, maybe

[Scream & Shout:]
I wanna scream and shout (hey!)
And let it all out
And scream and shout (hey!)
And let it out
We sayin', "Ohh, wee ohh, wee oh wee oh"
We sayin', "Ohh, wee ohh, wee oh wee oh wee ohh, wee oh wee oh”

[Somebody That I Used to Know:]
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

It's going down (hey!), I'm yelling timber
You better move, you better dance
Let's make a night you won't remember
I'll be the one you won't forget
(Timber! Timber!)

[Sexy and I Know It:]
I’m sexy and I know it
Girl look at that body
(He’s sexy and he knows it)

[Thrift Shop:]
I wear your grandad’s clothes
I look incredible
I’m in this big old coat
From that thrift shop down the road

(He’s wears your grandad’s clothes) That’s right!
(He looks incredible) I do!
(He’s in that big old coat) It’s large! Hey, lets go!
(From that thrift shop down the road)

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I'm hunting, looking for a come-up
This is super awesome

[Get Lucky:]
She's up all night til the sun
I'm up all night to get some
She's up all night for good fun
I'm up all night to get lucky

We're up all night til the sun
We're up all night to get some
We're up all night for good fun
We're up all night to get lucky

We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
We're up all night to get lucky
Up all night to get lucky

Yes, we’re up all night to get
Can get lucky, we’re gonna get lucky, let’s all get lucky
We’re up all night to get lucky! (Hey!)

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Yankovic, Weird Al Now That's What I Call Polka! Comments
  1. PunpkinPi

    I wish this one had a music video but due to how vivid his voice is and how vivid the other video was, I can already picture it just by listening tbh


    soldier: general Al the germans are
    out runnung us what do we do?

    General Al: i know what about we take them out with music

    soldier: what genri of music?

    General Al: *POLKA*

  3. wyndwolf1

    This sucks. It's not Al's fault,it's the crap "musicians" put out there these days

  4. Soylent_Brown

    A few of these I would have if he did a full cover of them, otherwise I won't touch them. _How does he do this?_

  5. PunpkinPi

    The ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ part has such a chaotic yet confident energy, it sounds like getting to second base with a jester

  6. MC_Brot

    That is legendary o.O

  7. Joe Rizzo

    Makes me smile

  8. Herre Noort

    Wow, memories man...
    Middle school, first time I fell in love, fun with friends... these terrible songs really take me back...
    I also imagine Al in some kind of Octoberfest costume dancing like crazy, so the tears in my eyes are tears of joy - thanks YouTube

  9. Bee H.


  10. James&Renee Wirtz

    Can't get top comment on a video. First world problems



  12. Stevie Car

    Omg I was at Oktoberfest in Belfast 2019 all I could do was smile and dance along cuz the German band done poka music!! Reminded me of weird al’s poka music had to listen to this on repeat!!

  13. Neptuno Vasto Lorde

    All better than the originals

  14. johnathan murse

    he makes these songs listenable... i love it!

  15. somekindatube

    the five seconds from 1:15 once made me burst out laughing on public transport

  16. Deconverted Man

    Had fun, couldn't not have fun.

  17. Gatzlocke

    As a Jewish 40 year old M.E. Jedi Knight of the Cross who wields the Sword of Faith and has to fight a nightmare eating Baku Baku creature from the Nevernever, this is the perfect song.

  18. Gamemachine

    The genius of this guy cannot be measured.

  19. Ara Priest

    My childhood 😂

  20. Sterling Murphy

    When the funny kid in class finally snaps

  21. Lööps

    Polka gangnum style, now this is epic

  22. Henry VIII

    Glory to our supreme leader al yankovic

  23. Yochai Wyss

    I now discovered an insatiable need for Polka version for each of the song parts presented

  24. The Trashman

    Now if only this can be redone with all the Minecraft parodies of these songs.

  25. TheEgyptYoshi_YT

    No matter what year it is, this song should be remembered.
    The short version of Youtube rewind.

  26. Gaiden Castro

    This isn't even on the original channel.

  27. Flat Enough

    Superpower of transforming any song to polka CHECK

  28. Jesus with a Side of Fries

    Did he voice the main guy in that one disney show, I cant remeber his name for the life of me.

    Allumiinum12 7

    Milo Murphy's Law

  29. Christine Branciforte

    Can someone plz animate this song except have Milo Murphy and friends being singing the song?

  30. TheEggoEffect

    This is frickin awesome.

    I need my school band to play this or something.


    Good luck

  31. M Cruz


  32. Nick Lick

    0:01 -wrecking ball
    0:57 -Pumped up kicks
    1:10 -best song ever
    1:22 -Gangnam style
    1:33 -call me maybe
    1:50 -Scream and shout
    2:05 -somebody that I used to know
    2:15 -Timber
    2:36 -sexy and I know it
    2:51 -Thrift shop
    3:15 -Get lucky

  33. Keller Reeves

    Stop stealing and reposting his music. It just shows a lack of care for the original creator and a lack of enough creativity to make a new video.

    G2 LTT

    I guessed you didn't get cheer up by him, well there only one way out, kill yourself

  34. Stephsaguudefan

    I can't describe the joy i felt when i heard his version of thrift shop

  35. Adam Actually

    the cover image actually helped me on a WWII project for school
    I have to make a propaganda poster
    (The project is due tomorrow)

    Adam Actually

    I got a 98 on it btw

  36. Pikko Zoikum

    Weird Al looks incredible

  37. skullpull 101

    I would honestly listen to a full song cover of any of these from al

  38. Jakub Żochowski

    al yankovic kills thanos in endgame

  39. Coral Roper

    During the "Granddad's Clothes" part, it sounds like Weird Al has injected his Milo Murphy character.

  40. Ryde Mk

    This aged very welll

  41. Ryianb Fernandez

    1.Wrecking ball
    2.Pump up Kicks
    3.Best song ever
    4.G Style
    5.Heres my number
    5.Scream and shout
    7.Im sexy and i know it
    8.Looks incredible
    9.Where all up night to get lucky

  42. King Awkward

    I feel sorry for all people that aren't immediately cheered up by weird Al polka!

  43. ZX9RKiller

    Actually I can't stand polka. Except Weird Al's.

  44. rainjar

    This needs a video!

  45. William Shearer


    Definitely want a full version of polka'd up kicks

  46. Mysteryplayer11: The Deadman

    Do a full polka wreaking ball

  47. Pheadra Remington

    whoa. this was uploaded 17 days before I was shot in the face...It was a bad year for me... love the song though!

  48. Awelbeckk

    Waldo Butters for ever!

  49. Actual Fucking Garbage

    Quite frankly, these comments are a dime a dozen. Think of something more original, people

  50. Rachel Margraf

    Weird Al sounds so much like his voice from Milo Murphy’s law in this track. 🤣

    Oliver Kennedy

    is he supposed to change his voice for every song?

  51. Dancing DJ Dave

    Only real complaint on this one is I felt Wrecking Ball got too much of the song, and the ending doesn't quite work compared to his other works. Still love it (Scream and Shout take is hilarious) . . .

  52. GilvaSinner

    You have good taste

  53. Caleb Rimer

    Where other music has gone bad, Weird Al Yankovic still stays good and has gotten better 😁🤪😁

  54. Stephen Butler

    The moment I heard it starting with Wreckinball I knew I was in for a real treat

  55. The Thicc King

    Im here because of BRRGames

  56. Sketch Onomadek

    This is so awesome. Nostalgia....


    This is the first song I heard by Weird Al

  58. Yzz Cat


  59. Christian Steger


  60. belle enigma15

    And Miley Cyrus wishes that she sounded this good! Finally a version of Wrecking Ball that isn't making my ears bleed!

  61. Jaden McHugh

    (/( )\)
    \/ \/

  62. Joshua Denton

    ayyyyyy *SEXY* lady

  63. the headless stickman


  64. Ottofrom1935

    Just to good to be garbage.😝

    G2 LTT

    So you sayin 1k people listen to this garbage rather than you? Ok.

  65. Binski 122

    2012, the crossover

  66. Jason Icefox

    The only way I can tolerate modern music is through Weird Al. Keep this winning streak up, man!

  67. CoalDiamond- TheMagicRogue

    I think this might be his best polka medley

  68. Michael Gardner

    when I heard pumped up kicks I just smiled

  69. Uveryahi

    Was that Bill Burr saying "Sexy Lady" ? Surely sounded like him...

  70. Brian Carroll

    to refer to myself as a weird al fan is not enough. i love him in the truest sense;
    teleiopoiitheí i agápi. far beyond an appreciation for his art and craft, i love the spirit that preserves what is most beautiful within a human creative potential, a child-like goodness which radiates from this man like supernovae. in secret no longer, i long to have him as a personal friend, and am disappointed in myself and everyone else for not living up to his example. would that any of us could be that fun for one another. and while i recognize the brilliance behind those sublime flashes of transcendent insight common to all greatness–the genius to allow the rest of us to finally see what beauty and joy of life was there all along, to say what was in all our hearts, but our minds could not express directly in order to be able to ever share it–while it seems far too easy to mark weird al's genius, to me what is most dear is represented by the fact that this man fore-went a medical degree/career to pursue musical comedy/parody and despite how society and the superego would so predictably judge a decision like that, weird al succeed beyond probably even his own wildest expectations. he is a living cultural icon with a career spanning most of my lifetime. i hereby nominate al yankovic messiah.

  71. Henry Quillan

    Why is nobody mentioning Pumped Up Kicks?

  72. - Buehmann

    I always like the way he ends his polka medleys. But the way he ended this one was perfect.



    My fuerer i am here

  74. Ostrich

    You are seal-tastic

  75. WorldWalker128

    So THIS is the music that Waldo Butters listened to while he battled the Waku Waku. Not exactly what I'd call the theme song of a Knight of the Cross, but if the shoe fits the character, what do I know?

  76. David Brown

    Weird AL is a God!😍😍😍😍

  77. Smug Alastor

    this man is a genius

  78. Dexii Animations

    AL: "All the other kids wit-"

  79. uri black

    Love me some Polka😎🎼

  80. Daniel Bathen

    pumped up kids as a polka is lowkey fire

  81. glass es

    Thank you, just, THANK YOU :')

  82. Murilo Caron

    A man who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life

  83. Christian Farmer

    Anyone come here because of the Dresden Files?

  84. Jonathan Bailey

    The second "Sexy lady" sound like Bill Burr

  85. Odin Tillgren


  86. Joshua Grant

    We're Up All Night To Get Lucky 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Robert Smith II

    I'm still waiting for an all country polka. That'll be kool coming from Al

  88. SockFull O' Nickles

    I don't know where I am or how I got here but I need to be here.

  89. UnlovedMeme

    Dude i had to search so long to find this. Its been years since i last heard it

  90. VinnyDaQ

    All hail Weird Al, Emperor of Mashup-land !!!

  91. ThomasFan16

    3:55-4:06 Reminds me so much of the old Thomas & Friends end credits, the notes sound so similar.

  92. HOGAN!

    Weird al... what the hell was that?

  93. Kayla W.

    OMG this is awesome

  94. Washboard Man

    Now I wish that he did a polka cover of every song he sampled here.

  95. Anon ymous

    Weird al, never above a fart joke.
    That's ok, I'm never above laughing at one either.

  96. Sherbert Firework

    this is the best remix of songs ever, sorry I don’t make the rules

  97. thechocolatemine

    who here 2018