Yankovic, Weird Al - My Own Eyes Lyrics

I saw a baby drive a truck
I saw a junkie eat a tuba
I saw a stripper kiss a duck
Behind a dumpster in Aruba

[Verse 1:]
I saw this fat, psychotic guy
His underwear was made of crickets
He pawned a skeleton to buy
Some old expired lotto tickets

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
I saw a naked vagrant giving
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his cat
I probably could have gone my whole life
Without seeing that

With my own eyes
I see things that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish I could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes

[Verse 2:]
I saw a mime get hacked to death
With an imaginary cleaver
I saw an old man's final breath
I watched him die from Bieber Fever
I saw these diabetic chicks
In an abandoned 7-Eleven
I watched them snorting pixie sticks
While they were belching Stairway To Heaven

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
I saw two drag queens trying to see how many crackers
They could shove up each other's nose
I'd like to erase my mind completely but I suppose
That's just the way it goes

[Chorus 2]
With my own eyes
I see things that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish I could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes (my own eyes)
Those visions haunt my memory
Oh, there's so much I wish I could unsee
With my own eyes

[Verse 3:]
Some priest got drunk and stole a circus zebra
And he trained it to massage his back
My guinea pig committed hara-kiri
So we used him to play hacky-sack
My neighbor's kids sold weapons grade plutonium
And frosty ice-cold lemonade
They took MasterCard and sometimes
Human organs in trade, that's how we paid
I have to say that it was really darn good lemonade

With my own eyes
I've seen thing that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish I could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes (my own eyes)
Those visions haunt my memory
Oh, there's so much I wish I could unsee
With my own eyes [repeating]

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Yankovic, Weird Al My Own Eyes Comments
  1. Kai Dwyer

    who else keeps hearing "mayonnaise" mispronounced?

  2. realVINDIC Murph

    Just a regular day in NY STATE


    Me after reading short stories on DeviantArt:

    "With my own eyes I've seen things that'd drive normal men insane."

  4. Angus Jones

    roses are red
    violets are violet
    do fucking normal things
    or wierd al is finna get vilent

  5. Steven Adams

    I know this is supposed to be Foo Fighters styles but I'm not going to lie, it sounds more like modern (08' and up) Offspring.

  6. MSKULL24

    Be me I have a pea sized memory

  7. Mycroft Hunter

    Foo Fighters should cover this.

  8. Dylan Adelmann

    How has this song not exploded

  9. Plain-toast22

    I have a wish that i shall lose all feeling and connection in my large thinking organ from my combination of sclera,pupils,retinas and corneas.etc
    In a nutshell i wish that i could disconnect my brain from my own eyes

  10. Dilly Mackey

    This weird song is a take on the saying "What has been seen cannot be unseen.".

  11. Dilly Mackey

    I'm a carnivore.

  12. Pyst

    Would pay to hear foo fighters sing this!

  13. Jonathan fun videos

    If this was an actual (actual meaning not style parody of Foo Fighters) song weird AL could do a parody called "Mayonnaise". Just something done I thought of

  14. DC Chronicles

    Scrolling through Facebook for 10 minutes

  15. Brandon Li

    B E S T S O N G

  16. Tillman Adkins

    I saw an morbily obese lady eating mayo from a jar at the bus stop.

  17. voice key incorrect

    Rename it The Adventures of Florida Man.

  18. Wow

    Anyone else getting Foo Fighter vibes

  19. Rhymes With Carbon

    68 idiots thought they would be Dave Grohl and thumbs-down this Foo Fighters pastiche. When in fact Dave Grohl friggin loves it. Nice try, idiots.

  20. John Welch

    This is supposed to be a style parody of the Foo Fighters? Sounds more like Blink 182.

  21. ELIJλH

    weird way of pronouncing "mayonnaise", al


    this comment is very underrated


    Hi excuse me what the fuck

  22. Daniel Knapp

    plot twist 1: the speaker is blind from birth. plot twist 2: the speaker was blind and this is his therapy session one year after having his vision restored.

    Dilly Mackey

    That's your theories?

  23. R.G.A. Club

    I saw a guy mixing mega bloks with lego

  24. Official Yugoslav

    I can’t make out 90% of the words in this song but I love it nonetheless

  25. Montesama314

    Well, better a zebra than a chorus boy...

  26. Jackster drifter

    Is this the album that was on the top charts in 2014?

    Dillon Ohlemiller

    Jack O’Halloran yep

  27. Alec M.K.

    is it just me or is weird al an actual genius

    Jaded Empath

    It's not just you - his lyricism is amazing; he is the Living God of Parody.

  28. Felix Gottlieb

    something tells me this is about the internet

  29. Hans Nacht

    Weird Al is the best...

  30. chindleymuffin

    This song needs a music video damn it!!

  31. Noodah

    "Some priest got drunk and stole a circus zebra and trained it to massage his back"

    wow I mean the Catholic church has stepped up their game. The only thing thing they could get to massage their back were 7 year old boys...

    Benoit Chapman


  32. Alan Smithee

    Its been so long since i have heard this song

  33. Theodore Quakins

    With mayonaise?

  34. JM Eibl

    Only 62 comments

  35. - Buehmann

    This makes me think of something I can not unsee.

    I was at a farm center with my mom, and we went past a mud hole, where we saw two pigs getting ready to get it on. (I was in my twenties, so I wasn't traumatized.)

  36. Royal Clodmus

    Scrolling through deviant art

    Ayy Lmao


  37. Phoenix Gustafson

    what is this a remix of? i absolutely lofe it!!! i died when he dsaid i saw a junkie eat a tuba

    Shikari Fox

    It's an original song by Al, just in a Foo Fighters style song instrumentally

  38. Let It Be Known

    Hopefully MANDATORY FUN isn't Weird Al's last album like he said it was going to be.KEEP WRITING THEM, AL, AND I'll KEEP LISTENING TO THEM!!!

  39. The Pancake Reviewer

    This song is very underrated.

  40. Jonathan Siefer

    This could honestly work as a serious song too. The main chorus lyrics and rythyms are great

  41. Scarlet Manuka

    I feel like there's a missed opportunity here. He talks about selling organs to buy lemonade and says "that's how we paid"... which really should have been followed by "with my own eyes".

    Jeremiah Simpson

    Scarlet Manuka that would ruin the entire flow of the rest of the song

    Scarlet Manuka

    Not really, you'd just have to cut out the one line "I have to say that it was really darn good lemonade".

    Aaron Robinson

    I think he means the chorus is about using his eyes. I think it'd be worth it though. And he could switch the "so much I wish I could un-see" to "so much I'll never have to see..." and it would still work.

    @WeirdAl #FIFY

  42. Joshua Koloshuk

    I really like the beats to the song and the picture of true Soviet Russia

  43. Kyorma

    This needs more comments. I frigging love this song!

  44. Victor diaz

    What browsing 4chan feels like


    Yeah, no foolin'...

    welsh weirdo

    Yes! Disactly.


    @welsh weirdo noice


    I mean, this isn't wrong

  45. Tomas Hernandez

    This deserves more views.

  46. Dallas Upchurch

    Is this weird al's origen story

  47. Dalen Lewin

    Imagine trying to make a video game out of these songs. Just jumble all the things weird Al talks about into an open world, but how the hell would you make a world of such a bat shit insane imagination like his?

    Fox D

    I don't know, but the level based on "Happy Birthday" would be the weirdest one of all.

    Mark Dillard

    Toejam and Earl is close as it gets


    Dalen Lewin It's simple; have Al make it. :P

    No'tur Beeswax

    @Fox D I dunno...weirder than the "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White" level???

    No'tur Beeswax

    I hope to Hell, Heaven, Heck, and Limbo Al catches wind of this idea! 27/27 would totally play!

  48. La Artillería

    esto es hermoso ❤

  49. MrMe1620

    Good God, where does he live? Detroit? New Jersey? (AKA hell)


    Isn't Detroit hell?

    Trey Bolden

    AmbrociousXP no New Jersey is hell


    Weird Al lives in a mansion in L.A. with his smoking hot wife and why not? He deserves it!

    Aaron Mink

    I'm from Michigan.... Detroit is hell lol


    Go the Cleveland. The only place where the creator of Cleveland "Moses Cleveland" hated it so much he died in not Cleveland. Their entire economy is based on Lebron James.
    Im from South Jersy so i know messed up and Cleveland is...

  50. Erianna-3

    this sounds like a song I've heard, but I've never heard anything by Foo Fighters. And now it's driving me mad that I can't remember what that song is. It's the chorus, it feels so familiar...


    You are experiencing the Weird Al Affect. Don't worry, just let it in....


    David Arruda| so do you know the song the chorus is from? Cause that's all I want to know.


    It's completely original. It may sound similar but it is original.

    San Shinobi

    @David Arruda There's also _You Make Me,_ for Oingo Bingo, _Velvet Elvis_ for The Police, and probably some others I'm forgetting.

  51. Daniel E. Smith

    The music is so good. I can play it LOUD. And it pisses my wife less than Frank Zappa does!

    Brian Kanefsky

    sorry, *on

    Benoit Chapman

    Daniel E. Smith how about Genius In France?

  52. Claire French-lavy

    this is fucking awsome

  53. Roxanne Elsbury

    Why are there Chinese characters in the description?


    what you mean animes? i don't see that in the description??


    Are you sure those aren't Japanese? Sony is a Japanese corporation so maybe that's why.

    Scarlet Manuka

    Google Translate auto-detects it as Chinese and translates it as "Al Yankovic". So there you go, I guess.

    Liam Funnyman

    It's probably just a glitch.

  54. Antonio Lewis

    Only 13 comments? This was a great song!

  55. Destroyer Cam

    Anyone else watching "Mandatory Fun"?

    Barracko Taco

    Destroyercam Cam me but I think I am a little late

  56. Tyler Gaskell

    Sounds a lot like a Foo Fighters song.


    It's in their style.

    Shikari Fox

    Surprised Dave didn't collaborate on this

    Jaded Empath

    Yeah, sometimes Al will do a 'style parody' of a band/performer's whole oeuvre rather than just one song.

    Some examples are "I'll Sue Ya" - Rage Against The Machine, "Craigslist" - The Doors, "Mission Statement" - Crosby, Stills & Nash (and maybe Young?)

    Marcus Bowen

    @Jaded Empath theres also "Born to Be Stupid", which was a Deevo style parody and "Calling in Sick" which sounds like "Come As You Are" by Nirvana.

  57. Shawn Hufford

    i personally think Hardware Store would have been the best song he would have given the license to harmonix :)

    its got it all... extreme drums, harmonies out the ying yang(yup, i love to sing) really hard bass, guitar doesnt seem that bad from the song, but so hoping it eventually makes it into the game.

    and thank you for finally jumping into the rock band game Al, been waiting YEARS for you to get into it. hope to see much more of your stuff there.


    Not to mention that crazy-fast vocal bridge.


    Would you look at all that stuff...


    *big inhale*

    I have been trying to get the "Hardware Store" vocal bridge in one breath for nearly 15 years now...

    ...still can't do it. ;_;

  58. RhythmGameAddict

    Looking forward to this making it to Rock Band! Sounds like it'll work well.

  59. Electric Hellion

    Six months for six comments.

  60. Jayden Todd

    Junkies eat tubas?

    Nick Imholte

    If they get the munchies, they'll eat anything.

    Jay DC

    yes junkies eat tubas

  61. amanda whited

    Love ur vids

  62. louther1213

    wait this is been out for how long and yet im the first one to comment?

    Conrad Stein

    It's been out since June, and yes, you are the first to comment.