Yankovic, Weird Al - Lame Claim To Fame Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
One time I was in the checkout line
Behind Steven Seagal
Once I'm pretty sure Mr. Jonah Hill
Was in the very next bathroom stall
My best friend's brother
Well, he was an extra in Wayne's World 2
My neighbour's baby sitter
Dated three of the guys in Motley Crue
I swear Jack Nicholson
Looked right at me at a Laker's game

I got a lame
Lame claim to fame

[Verse 2:]
Check it out, I bought a second hand toaster
from a guy who says he knows Brad Pitt
I got me an email from the prince of Nigeria
Well, he sure sounded legit
My sister used to take piano lessons
From the second cousin of Ralph Nader
Last year I threw up in an elevator
Next to Christian Slater
Well guess what, my birthday and Kim Kardashian's
Are exactly the same

[Hook x2]

Once at a party, my dentist accidentally
Sneezed on Russell Crowe
I posted first in the comments
On a YouTube video
I tried to sit by Steve Buscemi
But he told me this seat's taken
I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy
Who know a guy who knows a guy who know Kevin Bacon

[Verse 3:]
I had a car that used to belong
To Cuba Gooding Jr.'s uncle
A friend of mine in high school
Had jury duty with Art Garfunkel
One time I was staying in the same hotel
As Zooey Deschanel
I used the same napkin dispenser
As Steve Carell at a Taco Bell
I don't mean to brag but
Paul Giamatti's plumber knows me by name

[Hook x4]

Ow, let's get lame boys

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Yankovic, Weird Al Lame Claim To Fame Comments
  1. the hunterator

    anyone else notice that his plumber is dr. demento?

  2. Ben Hancock

    1:30 there actually 2 days off 21st and 23rd of October

  3. P True gaming

    My lame claim to fame is I'm related to geroge Washington

  4. smnoy23

    My mom once taught ballet at the school where Cal Ripken Jr.’s daughter took ballet lessons

  5. Kevin Pecunia

    I had dinner with Keith David!

  6. Kevin Pecunia

    Needs more cowbell!

  7. Nefferbeth

    My brother was a big fan of Adam Sandler. On the one and only big trip my family ever took (all others were to the Delaware Beach) we went to Bermuda and on the plane trip back (only the second time we had ever been on an airplane, the first being our trip there) we met Adam Sandler! We were not sure it was him at first, but my brother being such a big fan, I went up and asked him timidly and he said it was him and he signed the only thing we had handy, our plane boarding pass. Being older, I now feel bad as several other people went up to him afterward, probably making the last day of his vacation a little overwhelming, but if you ever read this Adam, that signature was ruined by our house being flooded two years later and my brother still is sad about the loss of that signed boarding pass to this day. If you ever reach out to me, I will lovely give you my brother's address to send him a new signature, he still loves all your movies.

  8. Bailey Bead

    One time a popular animator hearted my comment

  9. Timekeeperz

    we all exist on the same planet as al.

  10. Saifuu Suri

    My mother's cousin has the same name as Michael Jackson.

  11. Let's see how it goes

    Al, you’ve met Micheal Jackson like 10 times

  12. barack obama

    met the guys from dukes of hazard wait what the fuck am i doing thats way cooler

  13. Michael Braner

    More cowbell! I still have a fever

  14. Troy Thomas

    I went to school with a girl whose aunt watched Tim Allen work on his boat one summer.

    She said he saw her watching and was a real dick about it.


    I've been stranded on the side of the road with Ted DiBiase.

  16. Keith Pixton

    I have a YouTube comment that has 1,000 likes. It's on First World Problems.

  17. leniel dela torre

    LameClaimToFame:DC Comics(Warner Bros.) commented on my post about
    JL Movie on their page few years before its release

  18. leniel dela torre

    LameClaimToFame:Dwayne"TheRock"Johnson liked my comment in his FB Post

  19. The Green Bee

    Al missed the opportunity to pin and post first on this vid!

    Vitorio Pedrelli

    Youtube didn't have the pin feature when this was released

  20. Brian Parker

    I yelled at Bob Hope from across a parking lot in 1987. He waved back.

  21. Pizza Rules

    I'm watching the same exact video you uploaded on YouTube. Can I borrow your circular saw?

  22. random shit

    I appear in a museum for being the grand grand grand grand child of some revolutionary spanish guy
    But i appear as a baby
    Thats my lame claim to fame

  23. G&MM

    Music reminds me of Camel Walk by Southern Culture on the Skids.

  24. ManDevil

    I once watched a Weird Al video on YouTube!

  25. AuntieCreed

    This song is clearly inspired by Southern Culture on the Skids. Nice. :)

  26. Warren L.

    Loved the cameo by Dr. Demento!

  27. The Lone Gungan

    My true lame claim to fame: My favorite YouTuber subscribed to me thus year and my comments were in 3 of his videos.

  28. Someone404

    I got matched up against zErO in a Smash Brothers match

  29. panda4247

    This is cool. The guitars are awesome and the video is dope

  30. Spc. Callahan

    Dr. Dememto is my plumber too.

  31. Christopher Killough

    LOL. I lost it at "Cuba Gooding Jr's...uncle."

  32. Chris Erwin

    My wife worked with Carlos Santana's cousin.

  33. Divide X X

    My friends music teacher taught the guy who made the song the way it is and that song was used/sampled in the 2pac song changes
    Pretty epic lame claim to fame

  34. Madison Starr

    My lame claim to fame is that my birthday is on the same day as Dylan O Brien’s

  35. Armando Palomino

    I found out that both me and David Tennant see with two eyes.

  36. Ellis Tomago

    I saw Brian Dennehy ad a movie theater in Santa Fe.

  37. Nevernamed

    I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows Pewdiepie. Am I famoos yet.

  38. Keith Pixton

    I got Jason Giambi's autograph at my local Macy's.

  39. greasycheese24 the III

    One time I commented on a weird al music video🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  40. Bill Carson

    Well he does know Dr. Demento.

  41. angus jones

    my lame claim is i once looked at a picture of Steve buscemi

  42. Katabellion

    I have cousin from Nigeria who wants to give me his collection of gold bars!!!

  43. stevie eevee

    Don't see many dr demento cameos in weird Al videos these days awesome to see him

  44. CatWithAScarf

    My best friend invited me to see a play with him, but gave me the wrong directions for the theater. He said he'd save my seat for me, (the front desk would have my ticket) but when I got there halfway through, they made me stand at the back. When I met with my best friend later, he told me Bradley Cooper quickly came in and stole the seat my friend was holding for me, saying he'd move if I showed up. When the play ended, he left just as quickly as he'd arrived.

    So to make it a snappy song lyric: one time at a theater, my seat was stolen by Bradley Cooper.

  45. Anna Banana

    I saw Charlie Puth in concert and I’m pretty sure he smiled right at me!

  46. Judith Furmston

    My brother was in a band with one of Siobhan Fahey's friends. I uses to know a business associate of Marcella Detroit. Ergo I know Shakespeare's Sister and Banarama....

  47. HakaseSensei

    I like to imagine that these situations actually happened to Weird Al

    Vitorio Pedrelli

    His Lame Claim To Fame is that Kurt Cobain mentions him on his journal

  48. Gregory Bogosian

    My dad once stepped on Donald Trump's shoes.

  49. ASSLuber

    Lame claim to fame:My aunt's mother's cousin is louis bennet.

  50. booper dooper

    I share a birth day with Bob Ross, and winona rider.

  51. TFW

    My elementary school music teacher attended the same test as Jay Chou

  52. Aurelian

    1. My mom's boyfriend's late first wife was John Mellancamp's second cousin.

    2. My brother-in-law is a distant cousin of Jack Black.

    3. Jay Leno is a regular customer at the resturaunt where that same brother-in-law manages.

    4. I share a blood line with historic Native American, Squanto, of The First Thanksgiving fame.

    It's a small world...

  53. Fluffy_ Kinz

    One winter night, we almost ran over Ralph Fiennes in Manhattan about 15 years ago. Damned fool walked straight out in front of us. We were driving a 94 Ford Explorer. Husband slammed breaks. If the brakes had failed, he'd been a greasy patch in the road. As it was, Ralph could have reached out and touched the hood.

    I told my husband he almost ran over Ralph Fiennes...he was like who is that? 😂😂

    My lame claim to fame.

  54. Stylish aka kory kerns

    One of my friends is related to the queen of England

  55. Isaiah Armstrong

    All my lame claims are sports related so no one here would care

  56. Caleb Poulson

    Harry jud lived next door to me
    Years ago

  57. ohmydinosare

    I once looked out of a window and saw olympic gold medalist Linford Christie

  58. Richard Reavis

    "...and they knew they were actually successful when Weird Al parodied them. His song was, of course, better and longer-lived."

  59. troy janusz

    I went to summer camp and high school with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy

  60. Luke Huntington

    My sister's friend's mom taught Adam DeVine in high school. Not kidding

  61. Luke Huntington

    What's weird is that Al probably knows all these people in real life.

  62. Dongoloid Toon

    Fun Fact: Weird Al and Kim Kardashian's birthdays actually are two days apart

  63. RATO

    i enlisted for the army in the same junta as mick jagger's son (lucas jagger)

  64. Erik Saynisch

    I caught a piece of chicken thrown by Rick Miller.

  65. Its Us

    I have several:
    1. Ran into (not literally) a couple of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz at the mall
    2. Saw Art Fleming and his wife at a yard sale (and also pet their dog, a white Shiz Tzu named Sugar)
    3. Waited in line at the pharmacy behind Chaz Bono

  66. Enrique Avilés

    I once shot Sarah Jessica Parker, when I met her she told me "you look familiar", I . replied "I get that all the time"

  67. Blue Eyed Soul Man

    The Dr. is in!

  68. The National Populist

    A family friend is Liberace's cousin

  69. Nentardes

    Haha did anyone notice the ghosts at 1:25?

  70. Enderman 101

    Watch first time at 3 in the morning. I fell like it was a fever dream.

  71. vsgfilmgroup

    I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

  72. ScootKompute

    I went to the same dentist as Mr. Al Franken!

  73. Leonidas Thanatos

    The tutor I had for my first course / year at collage claimed to be Rian Gosling's uncle & in my 3rd year, my tutor claimed to have worked on a Spyro game (the scarecrow boss if I remember correctly).
    Oh, plus there was a rumour going around my secondary school (high school) that one of the wood work teachers owned some original Tomb Raider concept art.

  74. ThatCleverFox

    This is the theme song for that guy that said “You’re breathtaking” to Keanu Reeves at E3. No joke, he’s milking the hell out of that.

  75. Alberta Adams

    I know a lady who's daughter went to school with Chris Kirkpatrick. Went with him and a group of friends to prom.( Not me the daughter) lol. My dad knew Clark Gable's cousin. My sister went to school with one of the guys who created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  76. Twipper Dipper

    My lame clame to fame:
    My aunt knew Pantera when they were practically nothing

    Twipper Dipper

    That and my uncle met Coolio so both of my families proudest moment's are lame claims to fame

  77. Kirky Plays

    my extremely lame claim to fame is Alanah Pearce of funhaus liked one of the thumbnails I uploaded to Instagram of one of my YouTube videos.

  78. taylor bringhurst

    I love this 2 D animation

  79. Spi2derman

    A friend of mine went to the same high school with Will Smith in Philadelphia

  80. Ruth Gregory

    My friend was an extra in the Batman v Superman movie. He played "guy with briefcase who walks into a building and sits down".

  81. OddCrafter

    Four years ago, I left a comment on Markiplier's "Don't Escape 3" video. Said comment currently has 3.6k likes.

  82. Hijwe

    This is song is just so damn good

  83. Padraig N. Penn

    I had a two comment conversation with R.N. Ra.

  84. Nunya Bisness

    I got one for ya the janitor at my middle school was a silver medalist at the Olympics. i'm not making that up he really was it was kind off weird.

  85. Darth Vegeta

    I once leaked messages from Christopher sabat.
    I once met met Aladdin & asked him about his bad horror film.
    One time Mr jigsaw made a joke about my Darth Vegeta costume.
    One time I asked for a hug from the pink power ranger & she said I don't give hugs.
    My dad once golfed with Gene Hackman.
    One time I said hi to Lando calrissian.

  86. Kieren

    He really six degreed himself with Kevin bacon. 💀💀


    Its been 4-5 years since i last heard this song and somehow at 6 am while im trying to get to sleep it gets stuck in my head on repeat

  88. Marty Schriver

    Needs more cowbell

  89. CohenSaysNo

    Lame claim to fame: I found all the Weird Al references in this video

  90. Liam Funnyman

    My lame claim to fame: I've seen Weird Al Yankovic perform live in concert...TWICE!

  91. middleC17

    I have a lame claim to infamy. I was born on the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Yay me!

  92. DocThorium

    My lame claim to fame:
    I watched the 2017 eclipse in the same area as Steve Wosniak.
    Well... he left before the totality happened because it was too cloudy there.

  93. Red Feather1

    I'm related to Pete Rose by marriage.

  94. Floofy Chill

    *I just remembered this song*

  95. ominous thoughts

    lame claim to fame: my Game of thrones comment for the season 8 finale got 1k likes.

  96. Lego Fan 74

    My mom's coworker is a relative to Burl Ives.
    My birthday is the same as Taylor Swift's.
    I auditioned to be an extra in Man of Steel back in middle school.
    I met Walking Dead cast members in a convention. I don't remember their names, except for Santiago.

  97. quentin smith

    My Grandma went to church with the guy guy who played Raph in TMNT out of the shadows

  98. Eoghan MP

    This song. Needs more cow bell. #DatedReferences

  99. lizard man

    My name is in the Bible