Yankovic, Weird Al - Inactive Lyrics

I'm waking up in Cheeto dust
My belly's covered with pizza crust
I'm using my inhaler now
I'm out of shape, fattening up
I'm sipping Coke from a Solo Cup
Donut crumbs are upon my lips, whoa

The TV's on, I really hate this show
I can't reach my remote control
Welcome to my new place, to my new place
Sorry it's a cramped space, but it's my place
I'm really inactive, I'm so inactive
I'm really inactive, highly inactive

My muscle's gone, atrophied
Always lose my fight with gravity
I rest my bones, and just chillax
My NordicTrack's collecting dust
And my StairMaster's a pile of rust
This is it, the inertia

I can't get up, this couch is part of me
I'm growing cobwebs on my knee
Pretty sad for my age, sad for my age
I could break my rib cage, here is my age
I'm really inactive, yes, quite inactive
I'm really inactive, not very active

Near comatose, no exercise
Don't tag my toe, I'm still alive

I'm giving up, my energy is shot.
I'm never moving from this spot
Never move from this place, move from this place
I'll stay here in this place, right in this place
I'm really inactive, just so inactive
I'm really inactive, not so attractive

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Yankovic, Weird Al Inactive Comments
  1. Alola Fortnite

    Great Job I think it should be the official one! (unless the OCD people say OMG IT'S NOT IN SYNC WITH THE WORDS UGH!) Always gonna be the best unofficial vid!


    THANK YOU! It's like people are afraid to expand their minds, lol

  2. Trent Carter

    this is sad

  3. Drake Dragon

    Love the low post production, Nevada. Is pretty inactive.

  4. punker4Real

    that lady from the mcdonald's is famous 221k views

  5. Isaiah Armstrong

    I really felt bad for this guy

  6. Joseph Stalin

    K ima add this to my music playlist

  7. Jamaican Funeral Director

    I've been a funeral director for almost 20 years, and he NAILS death. This is no small thing, its tough for an actor. His eyes when he falls to the ground at 2:39 are perfect. Even when he's surrounded by donuts, his eyes are perfect, not quite open, not quite closed, but vacant. Very well done Mr. Espinosa.


    Your right he does look dead

  8. Young Animations

    This is..... This is just depressing.
    Poor guy....

  9. SaveTheDramaForYourLlama

    We all know someone who this song describes...

  10. Adventures with Mike

    This was really good. Makes me want to do a music video.

  11. Sam Vimes

    Way to go, you took a funny song and made it depressing

    10/10 would watch again


    I didn't think Weird Al would put it on his website, but he did!!

    Sam Vimes

    Seriously? That's amazing, congrats dude!

  12. Steven Guerra

    I love the video, song, and main character *applaud* it's just he's working in the video *AKA*moving. In the song, the person is just plain lazy and is a slob


    Is an tragedy 😭😭😭😭

  14. Maxi

    Why has no one made like a dark depressing cartoon video from this song.


    We're waiting!!!

  15. Kirk Anthony

    This should have been the original.

  16. Randy B

    So funny

  17. Randy B


  18. Don nix

    Love the song, like many of you I too find this video extremely depressing. I think because we can all relate, not in the overeating necessarily but just feelings of loneliness and emptiness in our lives at times.

  19. joe Redmond

    Wow... that was deep

  20. Maggot Fam

    Wwe fan


    Botchamania fan!

  21. tonydaletony

    Damn - This video is almost like you followed me around. Now - I am even more depressed - I am probably going to go to the drive thru again now. Funny (Sad) thing is I wasn't this way until I got back from Iraq... Now - people including my own family can't be around me because they get embarrassed by my size...

    A Moose

    I never got to help my friend who came back before it was too laye... so I'm going to tell you now what I wish I could have told him.

    Breathe in and out. It's all you can do sometimes, but dont ever stop. Get into lifting therapy, watch some athlenex and Allen Robert's for inspiration and keep chugging. Dont try and find friends in bottles, pills or food... picking up heavy things and putting them back down really helped me to find myself as a friend instead. Good luck man, you can do it. I believe in you.


    @A Moose Thanks man. Sometimes on a serious note I just sit here wanting to give up with tears flowing down my face. I hide behind my fake avatar and phoney smile. I usually don't even talk about this but this video really did make me feel like saying something. That's the hardest thing to do as a man is to expose your weakness.

  22. DarkBox

    1:10 feels bad for this man
    *lady laughs*
    Me * slaps lady for this man *

  23. BLoafX

    I don't know why I never thought of this before - since so many of you enjoyed Juan Espinosa's work in this music video, you should see him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uJunMOxmy0 ENJOY!!!

    Steven Guerra

    I'll b sure to 👍

    Steven Guerra

    Just saw it. It was interesting

  24. Granth Patel

    i felt a bit sad for him
    but the music is good


    He appreciates your sympathy :)

  25. MiniCrift

    Needs more views!


    I wish! Thanks for your view. Every one counts!

  26. Dale Johnson

    This actually scares me so much im never going to give up exercising


    Probably the only time fear is a good motivator!

  27. Stoned Prophet

    Awesome video. Great job!


    Thank you!

  28. Noah blogs mayo


    Noah blogs mayo

    Thanks Weird Al

    Noah blogs mayo

    GG NO RE

  29. licha mercado

    That was really 😭sad 😭

  30. Tiffany Webb

    That’s just sad 😢!

  31. Echomotion

    he is not even that fat

  32. infamus15

    Dude's performance of this live was LIT, with the Laz-E-Boy and all that? Yeeeee

  33. GameSize

    All i can say is "Mood"

  34. farrah richard

    really less food & a lot more exercise


    That's really all it takes! Mostly, anyways, you got to eat some healthy food for the vitamins and minerals!

  35. farrah richard

    this very makes me cry a lot…

  36. The Weird One

    That guy actually kinda looks like he's in shape.

  37. Melanie Pace

    Weird al does something serious good job

  38. Eli Worden

    Dude the acter actually isn’t even that fat

    Steven Guerra

    It's just for the video

  39. SuperFly Deklin

    This is sad

  40. Raphael Johnson

    This is the best fan-created video I've ever seen. I'm now a huge Juan Espinoza fan. He's perfect and should get some great gigs from this. The juxtaposition of lyrics and the video aren't exact, but they shouldn't be. Its very appropriate and haunting. His life is really death. We can see his life slip away from the minute he gets up. This is a deadly serious song and it deserves a serious video. "Pretty sad for my age" Al says. Yes, its meant to be sad.
    First class work. First class Juan.


    I'm glad you were able to enjoy the video! A lot of people don't get it, lol

  41. Quinn Von Kerman

    All rise for the national anthem of Reddit.

  42. ThatMahn

    I just wanna give him a hug :c

  43. Yang Fox

    How the 95% of left supporters ends their lives the other 5% kill themselves.


    But technically, isn't he killing himself??

  44. jayden and andrew james pringleboys1888

    that's sad


    its like looking in a mirror.. [me.]


    Motivation is key! Although I will say that your avatar looks the last shot in the music video, if that's what you mean :)

  46. Eros Jackson

    Any WWE fans here? Got caught off guard when I saw Seth and Kofi on the guy's TV.


    I love how many people caught on to that, haha!

  47. NetAndyCz

    Great job! Unofficial video that was actually fun to watch!


    I think you're the first to say this was fun. Almost every one says they are sad, lol


    I may have weird sense of humour then:) Might be reason why I like Weird Al:)

  48. F Huber

    More bacon please


    One day, they will create a bacon full of vitamins and minerals and will promote weight loss and the world will be 50,000x happier!!!

  49. Daniel Byrne

    "I'm sipping Cum from a soda cup" 300% sure he says that


    This may have been a VERY different video!

  50. DarthAmerind

    I was ready to laugh.. But now I'm thinking of really changing my lifestyle...


    I hope you are making the best decision for you!

  51. Betty Harrington

    I like this song, it's so true. My husband died due to that lifestyle, and we warned him.


    Sorry to hear about your husband :(

  52. red03mitsu

    Great video. I’m dying laughing because you shot it in Vegas. I lived there for six years


    What's super weird is that I'm in my sixth year of living here, haha!

  53. Vanessa Winters

    weird al has made his first depressing video. im really quite impressed


    I wish Weird Al helped me make this! He did put it on his fan video page, though :)

  54. communist

    Great thinks for the depression.but no rlly this is kinda incuriging me to eat better and exercise more.


    Hopefully you have been making better nutrition decisions and doing more exercise! If you don't have one, something like a FitBit helps. My Garmin VivoSmart HR vibrates when I haven't moved for like an hour!

  55. Ancom



    This America's national anthem and my life of being 205at age of 26 old Canadian man


    You know it!!!!

  57. Isaiah Barton

    Seth Rollins vs kofi kingston... cool

  58. Hailee Does Art

    This is both depressing, and inspiring

  59. Nate N



    Nate N Battle Jesus? www.battlejesusmovie.site

  60. xironmaidenx 15 Eddie

    I feel bad for the damn guy.

  61. gferrol118

    My theme song

  62. Glide Relic

    Seeing the person sad makes me want to go into the song and help him get in a healthy shape and be positive


    The best thing we can all do is be positive and be a positive reflection of what we want others to be, I believe :)

  63. John LoPorto

    Welllllll...........that was depressing. :l

  64. A Moose

    I was fine until the infantry sticker on his car. I know so many that joined the military, saw some shit and then killed themselves when they got home, wether with drugs, booze, guns, cars or even this... bawling my eyes out.


  65. LuTzzTV


  66. Local drug dealer

    I heard imagine dragons liked the parody a lot xD

  67. Mike Faller

    I completely support this video because it tells the true story of most Americans. They eat nothing but junk food and a lot of them are heading for a health issues but they just don't care. Kudos to you, Weird Al!

  68. Joy Bockhold

    Yup thats me

  69. Adam Demgar

    Considering that this song’s about unhealthy habits: you have done very good if you made a silly song this depressing


    I wanted to see if I could fool anyone. Looks like I did a few :)

  70. Adam Demgar

    That was actually surprisingly very good. I had to watch it a couple of times though

  71. Luke Bauman

    What?? That is depressing and makes me not want to eat.....


    Eat, just not too much!!!

  72. The Ultimate Reductionist

    I assume this is Juan Espinosa as the actor in this? Excellent job! He looks so sad!! :(


    He wishes to be a real actor. We'll put together an acting reel for him soon!

  73. The Ultimate Reductionist

    Except for ANY places that breed & torture & murder billions of innocent animals for meat,
    this song and video completely describes me.

  74. Hufflepuff Angel 1800

    Wait,Did he die in the end ?

  75. TecTom101

    this was not what I expected, I was prepared to hold back laughter but instead, i had to hold back tears, at 1:07 to 1:20 his expression could've made me cry


    It's sad, isn't it? And it goes both ways - women to men, and men to women. We are more the same than we think we are :(


    2 years after and I really hope everyone watching this video doin well despite how sad the video is.


    Weird Al may be a hero but you BloafX still are too for doin this kinda thing


    I seriously need to do more music videos.

    Casey Owen

    BLoafX man Id love it and I'm sure others would too

  77. Voshchronos

    Fuck dude, this was depressing as fuck. Hope you're doing fine!

  78. tate murphy

    I love the music, but the video is just so depressing. its like looking through the eyes of a troubled person. its really kind of a sad video. its almost as if it speaks to all of us as a whole. the end just makes me want to help him. ITS JUST SO SAD I WANT TO HELP AS MUCH AS I CAN! (T_T) THIS IS SO MOVING TO ME! I JUST WANT TO HELP IN ANY WAY THAT I CAN TO HELP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


    Buy less donuts and buy more spinach :) Don't worry, those were old donuts used in the end!!!!

  79. Ralph Anthony Espos

    It can be depressing, but at least make it funny.

  80. xccmx

    This should just be the official video... well done!


    I was hoping it would be when Weird Al liked it the first time I tweeted it! lol

  81. Seblike

    Too bad the music's too loud & one can't sometimes understand the lyrics.

    Great parody & video though.

  82. Ghost Reportin'

    Pretty good cinematography

  83. Error inscript

    Nice, this is what normal should be.

    Great inspiration!

    Unlike sheep of media like Justan Biber singer guy.

    This so much better!


    I found this great picture of Justan Biber! https://master50sonic.deviantart.com/art/justin-bieber-is-stupid-180365956

  84. TheLearningCurveBoi

    This is the sequel song to 1980's "Fat"...


    Is it also the final in the "Eat It" Trilogy?

  85. Alejandro Cabrera

    Damn I feel bad for him, good vid though.


    Thank you!!

  86. Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe

    So a fat shaming video that was to lazy to use actual Cheeto dust, pizza crusts, or an inhaler? And it's not always a choice. There are many things that can and do cause obesity other then shoving food into your face.


    We also were too lazy to use a time lapse video of weight gain, a solo cup with Coke, a remote control, a cramped space, an actor with no muscle, the actor stood up against gravity, human bones, a Nordictrack with dust, a stair master with rust, glued a couch to the actor, put cobwebs on his knee, a hospital bed where he is near comatose, the actor moved, and a toe tag :(


    there are other ways to die in the middle of the ocean besides drowning.
    sharks and jellyfish and lifeboats full of tigers.
    but it's going to be drowning.
    "So many other things" count for one case of obesity in every,
    i dunnoe, 20? Never mind i will make up a fake statistic and say
    it really loudly.... Only 3% of obese people have hormonal imbalances,
    the other 97% eat too much.

    anyhow this video made me sad.

  87. ghostorb gaming

    this video was the first time I heard this song and I have to say weird all is awesome and your video compliments his lyrics good job.


    Thanks for seeing the narrative :)

  88. Alex Gregory

    first off, I only just learned weird al did this.

    second, I looked at the comments saying how they thought it would be funny but how it ended up being depressing. should I be concerned that I still found it extremely funny?
    listening again I see how its depressing, though I still find it funny


    I mean, we outlined him with donuts at the end, and put donuts on each of his fingers. We thought that was pretty funny :)

  89. Richard Knight

    the truth is depressing, amazing work


    The truth can set people free too! Thanks!

  90. Malia Kessel

    so funny



  91. CeruleanDragon1

    This guy is my spirit animal.


    Like a bear in the wintertime!

  92. Jacob Carter

    lucky americans! :)))


    You can come to our buffets anytime :)

  93. SonOfNenji

    It's not that his lifestyle is causing this guy to be miserable, it seems like his misery is causing his lifestyle.

    He's been dead for a long time already. He just doesn't know it.


    Your comment went deeper than the video did. Awesome!

  94. Danielle Rodriguez

    sad but true


    The truth can set you free.

  95. Aidan Umpherson

    Beautiful video. Perfect.


    Thanks much!

    Aidan Umpherson

    I don't know if it was intentional or not but I love when the camera pans over to the stairs at 0:50 because at the top of the stairs that there is a sign that says Las Vegas. Life is a gamble. Some people get dealt a bad hand no matter what decisions they make but we should all realize just how precious life is and do our best to be healthy good people. I really love this video.

  96. Kollective Radio

    im from canada and when i went to the states it was horrifying. people should take this message seriously...
    thank you Al for trying the best way you know how

  97. Juodas Varnas



    Did you not laugh when his outline after he died was in donuts!!!

    Mark Odissey

    @BLoafX no, it reminds me of my step brother...

  98. Vern Hestand

    Im not sure the producers understood that this is supposed to be funny. Waiting patiently now for some talented youtuber to get it right. Just a matter of time...


    There were donuts where chalk was suppose to be.

  99. Daniel Ducharme