Yankovic, Weird Al - If That Isn't Love Lyrics

ooh yeah
i'm your shelter from the storm
you'll know I'll always have your back
I'll even let you warm your freezing hands inside my butt crack
I never get out my leaf blower when Oprah is on
and when you're telling me about your feelings I try not to yawn
and when we're at parties I don't talk about your spastic bladder
when you're cleaning the gutters on the roof I hold the ladder

and if that isn't love
if that isn't love
if that isn't love
i don't know what love is
nanananananana nanananano i guess i don't know
ahhhh listen now

there's a microscopic bit of milk left in the refrigerator
i coulda finished it off but i quit in case you want a tiny little sip for later
and if you cut the cheese then maybe i'll wink and say the dog's to blame
and i'll make sure to call you baby everytime i forget your name
i'll even tell you girl when you start looking fat
'cuz all your so-called friends will probably neglect to mention that

and if that isn't love
if that isn't love
if that isn't love
i don't know what love is
nanananananana nananana well then I don't know
oh no
even though you make me sit through Mamma Mia!
well I still adore you
i'll kiss you even if you have omelettes for breakfast
and i can't stand omelettes
after I take a bath
if its still warm i'll leave the water in there for you
i'll give you my word
you're so beautiful you make a glorious sunset look like a big fat turd
everytime I see you trying to lift some really heavy thing
you can always count on me to help by saying something encouraging
if you get drunk and pass out i'll never sharpie up your face
and I don't wipe my nose on your couch even though that's a super convenient place
i totally support every idiotic thing you do
and i almost never pretend you're someone else when i'm making out with you
and if that isn't love
if that isn't love
if that isn't love
i don't know what love is
nanananananana no i don't know what love is
nanananananana well I don't know what love is
I don't know what love is

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Yankovic, Weird Al If That Isn't Love Comments
  1. SassBear SarBear

    Instead of wipping his nose on the couch he wiped it on the dog

  2. Lipot

    Probably the best love song of all times.

  3. Gato Naranja

    I'm confused. The way some people interpret the song suggests that this isn't love. Yet everything in this video sounds exactly what love is to me.

    Am I just a socially awkward prick, or does everyone else have a shallow concept of love?

  4. Nick Valentine

    guys this started playing after I laughed at the ending to Do I Creep You Out for like 5 minutes straight and now it's not stopping
    I need help

  5. Derpy Dude

    in minecraft i give my crush my old stone stuff
    *aNd If ThAt IsNt LoOoOoOoOvE*

  6. Jeremy Harrelson

    The best

  7. Morgan Funches

    One of Weird Al’s underrated songs IMO!

  8. Barrett

    Yeah, that's about what it's been from my perspective.

  9. Alex Jewett

    This guy is the picture definition of asshat

  10. YugiBrony

    whats wrong with omelets?

  11. Ryan Jay

    I can't believe that I never heard this before.

  12. Logan Kessler

    Also what about confessions 3

  13. Ivan Herndon

    Really dig this song. And I love my wife so much I went and saw Hanson with her.


  14. Samuel Carter

    "You're so beautiful, you make a glorious sunset look like a big, fat turd" - most romantic line in songwriting history

  15. CheezSamurai

    Reminds me of South Park

  16. Jimmy

    I love the way he says "and i cant stand omelettes"

  17. Shamaul Swaving

    This guy really doesn't know what love is

    Tyler Price

    He does. He really does.

  18. James Holcomb

    The song’s ok, but I’m not sure I like the animation style

  19. PJ Dudinetz

    This kind of the prequel to “What’s my Age Again” by Blink 182!

  20. Jaume Folz


  21. The Ad Archive

    this song is super underrated

  22. bliker records

    1200th comment

  23. Flippy Floppy

    My 1 year anniversary song to my wife today!

  24. Bruce Banner

    This has to be in an alien universe. Their heads are huge enough to cover their bodies, each of their hands have 3 fingers, and it looks like they're all made of paper.

  25. jrrmv MLP

    The "Happy Valentines Time" for older couples

  26. J- Arceus

    You don't know what love is take a hint....

  27. Dom the Bomb

    I just love the idea of people that do sort of nice things. That's why I love this song and the concept of the song itself.

  28. Glitchy M

    *C R I N G E*

  29. Drachen panzer

    This animation is horrendously ugly and lazy. Song is good though

  30. Robert Smith II


  31. blue eagle

    These cartoons are so cute!💖💖💖 you.All!!!!

  32. SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat

    👀... 👁️👁️....😏....😂😂😂👍

  33. JStryker47

    She made him sit through Mama Mia? What does he see in her?!

  34. graeme011

    What a beautiful story - I could barely hold back my tears!

  35. Dylan Ladner

    my favorite thing about weird al music videos is that they can use animation styles that are typically used incorrectly and make it look fantastic. my favorite thing about this particular song is how at the end, you forget what the context is and all you her is him saying "i don't know what love is", and i think that's terribly clever.

  36. leif drummond

    When he was going to sharpie on her what do you thing he would have drawn? Type your answer in the comment section

  37. leif drummond

    "He is very nice" also he doesn't know what love is.

  38. graeme011

    So romantic!

  39. Arus

    Is goanimate acceptable as animation for a music video?

  40. Aaron Reichert

    still a better love story than twilight

  41. psychokitty444

    Anybody else legitimately feel bad for this woman? Especially as her reactions aren't really played for laughs.

  42. Leftylizard

    And they say romance is dead

  43. FoolPun Alchemist

    lmao happy valentines day

  44. Dave Gentleman

    I love how "I don't know what love is" turns from rhetorical to literal in this song.

  45. Nick Gerard

    I love Weird Al. He's so brilliant. This is such a subversively sweet and beautiful love song.

  46. Jamie Jordan Brown

    My fiance and I are thinking of making this our first dance song!

  47. TheLearningCurveBoi

    NONE OF THIS IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Catherine Guzman

    If that isn't love, I don't know what love is ❤

  49. OpterLow

    He needs jesus christ

  50. JerryTheCool

    this is the guy from confessions pt III

  51. Catley Quinzel

    I wish I were interested in someone, I'd sing this so hard.

  52. Smoking Cat Comics & Collectibles

    1:22-- Feh... a man who is really in love takes the blame for his partner's public flatulent indiscretions, not try to palm it off on the dog.

  53. gadjjad

    thanks al for showing me what real love is all those girls who broke up with me dont understand love

  54. Maribeth Calde

    So this was the song in which Taylor Hanson played keyboards for Mr. Al Yankovic, aye? 😁 Very nice!

  55. アニメAround an Era

    Anyone here because of Mr. Enter?

  56. King Le

    that's not love... it's a dove

  57. The Water Wolf, Minecrafter

    One word: lol

  58. B.D. Cooper

    The fart bit was hilarious. Everybody farts and who cares if your woman rips one at the barbeque

  59. doubledamn

    Animated Al in this looks like Adam Sandler a bit.

  60. Actual Fucking Garbage

    Here's the twist, the song is actually about the dog


    William Cipherponi I’d sing this about my dog 🐕

  61. Robsome

    This is comedy: truth exaggerated.

  62. MandStephany

    I find this song and video very funny, and I love how it samples one of my favorite songs (Penny & Me by Hanson)

  63. Psychokinetic Rocky

    Oh so THATS what I've been doing wrong.

  64. JustMe83

    anybody know anything about this video? like.. the original song or if he's supposed to be a specific person? i'm a bit foreign to his newer stuff as i come from the "amish paradise" era lol

  65. M Greenwood

    having been married almost 10 years, yep he is right on

  66. that_dork_kid

    Close your eye and just listen to the song and then replay it, watch it, be horrified, then go for in a corner because you'll never be loved

  67. sha11235

    Never mind, I found out. It's from Alpocalypse.

  68. sha11235

    What album was this from?

  69. Battlefield Gamer

    he has da weed inspiration and shrooms :)

  70. High Fivers


  71. Zachary Zeller

    i'm pretty sure what he says he'll do is the exact opposite of what he's doing

  72. IceBetweenEyeliner

    I wish Al-senpai's songs lasted forever...

  73. Christian Duncan

    If that isn't love? What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt, me no more!

  74. Deadpool Is Boss

    we only wish we could find a guy like that

  75. Dashed Ham

    Why is it that beautiful works of art like this are so hard to find? So completely underrated.

    Jordan Gingold

    dumb people: lots and lots of them and they like bad music. therefore, that's who the decision makers favor. sucks

  76. Kaiuge Master of awsome

    If you don't like this the guy will force you to put your hand in his butt

  77. Pocket Edition Gamer

    what's this a parody of anyways?

    Bruce Banner

    Not a parody, but one of Al's originals.

  78. Dancing Pen

    this guy is a douche!

  79. Frightening Volleyball

    What is love?

    Frightening Volleyball

    Baby don't hurt me

  80. S B

    is this an original or parody


    HANSON reference

    Thomas Rasmussen

    It a parodi on ME :D

    Josh X

    song does have a hanson sound to it. lol

    Lewis Herd

    Taylor Hanson actually plays keyboard on this song.

    Luca Peyrefitte

    Bruce Banner hopefully he keeps making parodies though

  81. Ivanator The Great

    A guy who does this and a girl who can tolerate are a keeper.

  82. jimmyinfrance

    When he says "and I cant stand omlettes" it totally sounds like the chorus in 'walk away' on the bill and ted soundtrack.

  83. Will Philp

    What's sad is that that would be considered a catch today

  84. Classical Penguin

    Still a better love story than twighlight

  85. Philip Booth

    So wish we'd played this at our wedding

    Darlana Robertson

    We totally did and it was amazing.

  86. Jam Universe

    I clicked this video because there was a pug in the thumbnail :3

  87. BoB Rex

    3.20-3.40 thats for sure you defianantly don't know what love is

  88. truetype80

    omg. it's Jerry from Rick and Morty lol

  89. Camron Davis

    well if that isnt love....

  90. meh!

    if that isn't love? She must really love him. what he does for her doesn't sound like love, but that she sticks with him shows sounds like love.

  91. Evie Noonan

    I like it how the pet is a pug

  92. Crystaldreamsy2k

    I watched this just because of the pug. I love Pugs!

  93. Markie W

    Better marriage than the Fifty Shades of Grey.

  94. Sobergrey

    The only Weird Al song I absolutely hate.

  95. jjmonns

    It's reality. Still love though!

  96. RoboEckah -


  97. Andy Harrelson

    Every time I hear this song I think about Everybody Loves Raymond

  98. Alfred C Kumwenda

    Hilarious!!!!!! Opposites Confirmed!!!!!!! LOL XD

  99. QqQ

    looks like Stan from South Park all grown up.

  100. Jaycob Nisbet

    I like the size of their heads compared to their bodies xD