Yankovic, Weird Al - First World Problems Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
My maid is cleaning my bathroom, so I can't take a shower
When I do, the water starts getting cold after an hour
I couldn't order off the breakfast menu, cause I slept in till two
Then I filled up on bread, didn't leave any room for tiramisu
Oh no, there's a pixel out in the corner of my laptop screen
I don't have any bills in my wallet small enough for the vending machine
Some idiot just called me up on the phone, what!? Don't they know how to text? OMG!
I got

First world, first world problems
(First world problems)
First world, first world problems
(First world problems)
First world, first world problems

[Verse 2:]
I bought too many groceries for my refrigerator
Forgot my gardener's name, I'll have to ask him later
Tried to fast forward commercials, can't - I'm watching live T.V
I'm pretty sure the cookies in this airport lounge ain't gluten free
My barista didn't even bother to make a design in the foam on the top of my vanilla latte


[Verse 3:]
Can't remember which car I drove to the mall
My Sonicare won't recharge, now I gotta brush my teeth like a neanderathal
The thread count on these cotton sheets has got me itching
My house is so big, I can't get WiFi in the kitchen
Uh, I had to buy something I didn't even need just
so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon

[Chorus x2]


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Yankovic, Weird Al First World Problems Comments
  1. Sir Rivet

    What is this a parody of

  2. alx rejseder

    парик у басиста спиздил

  3. PirogAt0

    i live in brazil and i don't have any of these proble... nevermind

  4. Erica Heisler

    And I have David Hoteling, Jr.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Terence Rosenthal

    I ran out of milk thistle root this morning- aagh

  6. Adam Hansen

    This sounds like a Lou Reed song.

  7. Subere Seira

    At first I thought “Karen got an upgrade in the hair department?” But then I saw the purple shirt and I was like “Travis Phelps, is that you?”

  8. mfreeman313

    I know a guy who talks like this for real. Ex-friend, actually. It's funnier in song form, trust me.

  9. Radiactive Mermaid

    The amazon one hit me real hard. So true.

  10. James McNeill

    im prob. him

  11. Brent Cenkus

    We say this to our millennial, entitled kids, they just don't get it🤔

  12. Wyatt U.



    Al: OMG get here rn or I will jump off my house and sue you for it.

    Uber driver: *Texting...*

  13. Sheldon Cooper

    My Christmas gift is selling cheaper than when I first bought it. First world problems!

  14. fake hesap

    alyankovic the OG boomer

  15. Dane Goodwin

    Sounds like "No 13 Baby"

  16. Piterusz

    ok boomer

  17. Speedy Steve

    Al's parodies are usually better than the originals I never listened to. Who's he mocking here?

    G P

    This isn't a parody of anything specific, Al makes plenty of his own original music

  18. Jo Ann Smith

    Just like my sister when things don't go her way. Start throwing stuff and breaking dishes. Sad to say her daughters are just as crazy.

    Fixit Mann

    There are a lot of people like that. I think half of the US house of representatives at the moment, for example, are like that.

  19. TheFutureSoupYT

    Oof seeing him rage in the video version makes me start to not like this song

  20. Noel Hann

    There is a good number of comments

  21. Das Chaot

    He locked like Karen before it was cool.

  22. Westube349

    I ran out of space in my wallet for money

  23. The Living Gamer

    Bet if I go down far enough I'll find a comment on how this is offensive.
    Wish me luck!

  24. Katabellion

    Your younger relative blames you for something they did. They get rewarded for "being honest when they did it" FIRST WORLD PROBLEM

  25. Adam Ambrosius

    Ok Boomer

  26. Derpy Dude

    dying in minecraft skywars solo with 2 players, and your enemy was at 1 heart
    *first world problems*

  27. Fil 10

    Ok boomer

  28. Mori

    boomer problems*

  29. Katie Keskitalo

    Man boobs- first world problems.

  30. Bearded Irishman

    Still jamming on 12/12/19 weird is still the man

  31. Drake Madison

    i just realized he had a Karen hair cut

  32. InDreamsYourMine

    Had to suffer through an ad before video

    First world problem

  33. chaosmastermind

    The vending machine one sucks, especially if it doesn't make change and you're super hungry.

  34. Kurtis Deakin

    It's often not just the hilarious lyrics, it's the body language. I love these vids!

  35. Crystal Anne Guerrieri

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  36. Frogatall smith

    just got a coffee... they forgot the lactose free milk.

  37. That One YouTube Account

    If I could just have a perfect loop of 2:41 my life would be complete

  38. tommy k

    “My barista didn’t even bother making a design in the foam”. Brutal. Weird Al really is holding up quite well.

  39. D Jedi

    This actually isn't bad in 0.5x speed...

  40. Old Dirty Tattooed Warhorse

    i don't like this video, can i speak to the manager?

  41. Sophia Willis

    Because I use that pixel so much

  42. loose screws2

    First world problem: I can't like this more than once!

    Derpy Dude

    loose screws2 make more than one account

  43. Xeno 666


  44. Sillimant

    Some company poisoned all the water near me and now I can't drink

  45. Cynthia Adams

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  46. Kathryn Lewis

    This song irritates the improvisers

  47. Pyagrl*16

    I'll take all his shit if he don't like it.

  48. Sweetie Normandy


  49. Han Lockhart

    This video has a good message. Funny when he got run over in the end.

  50. stone1andonly

    Weird Al makes an eerily convincing millenial.


    stone1andonly ok boomer

  51. NotaKek

    weird al looks like he's a young adult even though he's 60

  52. fjvideo

    I know how he feels. I went to buy a car, but I didn't have any bills small enough to pay for it.

    Frogatall smith

    you must have been buying a suzuki :)

  53. WDeeGee1

    Pixies spoof

  54. Vera Simić


  55. Motherboard official

    Researched this hole thing in 240p at 2x speed. Right me.

  56. Rocket T37

    It’s so annoying, when my phone goes from a 87% to 10% real quick! SO ANNOYING!

    Fixit Mann

    It's so annoying when I only get one bar on my 2G flip phone! Battery usage? Don't worry about it, the thing lasts a week on a charge!

  57. Nathan Clouse

    When you recorded something on TV, but it shows part of your TV show that you recorded

  58. Sheldon Cooper

    Kicked out of a casino after winning big counting cards, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! 😡

  59. Casandshail

    He looks older here than now

  60. Ninten90z

    My beers are warm because I forgot to refrigerate them.

  61. Secondrival

    0:44, I just now noticed he pulled out a second phone to check the missed call.


    gotta admit, those shoes are pretty lit

  63. Orange Soda

    This Video is so true people have gotten so comfortable with their lives that they complain about the stupidest shit nowadays


    When your phone's dead and your charger won't work.

  65. Jerry Assquack

    Ok boomer

  66. Texas Ranger

    Problems I wish I had

  67. Your Barista

    OMG I just can’t.

  68. Creative Gamer

    I can't get Subway. *First world problems*

  69. sogerc1

    The sidewall of the trigger box has broke in my CO2 airsoft pistol so now I have to buy a new one because it's too cold for my green gas pistol.

  70. Desyree Macshara

    What is this parody of

    Zoey M

    It' one of Al's original songs. He has 14 studio albums and over half of the songs are his originals.
    The most underrated artist in the history of the world.

  71. Meki Thomas

    Coolest 55 year old ever

    Zoey M

    Al's the coolist 60 year old ever.

    Zoey M

    I saw him in concert this summer and wow!! He rocked!

  72. Meki Thomas

    I can 100%relate to this video

  73. Will Hiegel


  74. The Oshawott Man

    Game Freak Removes the Nation Dex. First World Problems

  75. Leonard McDonald

    So good

  76. legalize homicide

    I just have normal problems. Psychosis depression paranoia.. He looks so sarcastic 😆


    OK, edgelord.

    legalize homicide

    @phyrestorm999 aaw. That's so sweet. Thank you for noticing😘

  77. Daniella Robins

    I actually think this character has severe anger issues, which is a legitimate mental health problem.

  78. Adam M

    "We have to pay tax on tampons"

    "First world problems" 😂🤣😂

  79. Why am I HERE

    Ok boomer

  80. Michael Berardesco

    why did al become a tech destruction channel?

  81. toya mazumder

    I think the real problem is how much bigger your left nostril is then your right 0:53 jk

  82. Jack Flack

    0:44 he got a call on his second phone

  83. Captain Doomsday

    I just assumed his look was a Karen cosplay here.

  84. Ksha Monroe

    This is every entited karen's life

  85. Trystan May

    First World Problem - when the video has terrible quality but great audio.

  86. Haison Pham

    My phone always ran out of battery. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!

  87. Hero Gamer

    "Oh no there's a pixel out on the corner of my laptop screen!" Third world countries: You have laptops?

  88. CHW Thomas

    1:34 Does anyone think that's a waste of a vanilla latte

    Linus Overy-Smith

    That's the point

  89. Die Jägers

    I don’t have drinking water. Third world problems

  90. Gmail Account

    This song is so Goth

  91. The Great Adam06

    *_Shut up boomer_*


    Im watching a fun poptarts video

  92. Owl Knickerknots

    What the heck am I watching?😅😂😂

  93. Hector Hector

    That’s Me

  94. Kaizal

    When you gotta go to high school but your parents won't drive you, so you gotta take the bus like a peasent

  95. Timekeeperz

    first world problem: pillow is too hot


    Just turn the air conditioner on?