Yankovic, Weird Al - Do I Creep You Out Lyrics

I know that you
Don't know me very well
We've barely met
But I can surely tell
No one will ever
Love you like I do

I like to feel
The warm spot on your chair
Sometimes I drool
And usually I stare
My precious one
I saved that gum
That you threw in the garbage

You're the one I dream about
But the only question with me now
Is "Do I creep you out?"
Everytime I shake your hand now
Wanna stick your fingers in my mouth
Do I creep you out?

Call you every night and hang up
Gonna carve your name in my leg
In my leg, oh-oh!

Somethin' I should ask about
Can I sniff the pit-stains on your blouse?
And do I creep you,
Do I creep you out?
(Your restraining order's out)
(Still the only question with me now)
Oh the only question
(Is "Do I creep you out?")
Is "Do I creep you out?"
Know exactly where you live now
Follow you from work right to your house
Well, do I creep you out?
Do I creep you out?

[Cheering crowd]

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Yankovic, Weird Al Do I Creep You Out Comments
  1. so what?

    1:29 wtf

    Like seriously

  2. Paul Maldonado

    Oh boy al i dont about this song,

  3. Mathew Cap

    He didn’t do anything illegal though. Maybe taking her blouse but that surely wouldn’t warrant full arrest.

  4. Machinegunオカピ

    when he said "IN MY LAAAAYYYYYG UUUUUUUUUH..."

    ...I felt that.

  5. Tony and Kendra Gioia

    taylor hicks parody

  6. Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon

    Ok, I didn't even know who Taylor Hicks was until I saw this parody of his song by Weird Al. I can't stop laughing. The guy's a creep. :)

  7. Hayden TCEM

    I wish there was an extended version

  8. Guru Chuckle

    There are people like this in the world... I have a list of names...

  9. Don Quixote

    Simon cowl from Americas got talent?

  10. Opinunate ted

    "Hello, Marge. It's me again."


    I'd say YES U creep me out BUT Debbie is pretty hot so yeah ... I get it. LOL

  12. Predaking4ever

    Every breath you take is already a stalker song/video.

  13. Dana Coleman

    Yes. Yes you do!

  14. French Fries Fan

    Yoshikage Kira: 1:28

  15. Briana Campos

    Hahahaha 😂🤣 yes my neighbors creep me out, but you’re cool Weird Al!

  16. Pablo López-Ortega

    "Cardboard and paper only"

  17. Stevey Strikes Again "Typo Intended"

    >The stalker can follow her back to her house
    >the blouse bit shows she lives in an apartment.

  18. orlock20

    So who called the "phone number" that was on his prison photo slate?

  19. Desyree Macshara

    They have giant heads 😂

  20. Hugh Tahoob

    Apartment *#27*


  21. David Danser

    You can always rely on Weird Al Yankovic to make funny songs

  22. Jo Ann Smith

    What song is this a parody of?

    Darth Mall

    Jo Ann Smith it’s from American Idol back in 2010. Can’t remember his name

    Jason Hale

    It's a parody of a song by "Taylor Hicks" called "Do I make you proud" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwCu6dF5_Gk

  23. J.A drew

    He was not quite aware that whatvhe was doing is wrong, so should'nt he be in an insane asylum?

  24. Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    So that's where Gravity Falls idea came ?

  25. Davey Houston

    This song reminds me of that police song lol aka the stalkers lament

  26. Shawn Lusby

    I lost it at the end when he was singing this song in prison and the Big Bubba dude jumps on stage and gives him a loving look. 😆 lol. Who's creeped out now?

  27. Derpy Dude

    0:26 look at the newspaper. it shows "STALKER ON THE PROWL with a picture of him. He's been stalking the girl.

  28. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

    People that smile in their mugshot are savage.

  29. Silvio César

    Isso já aconteceu comigo uma vez quando uma pessoa é apaixonado é foda pena que o amor não é correspondido

    Vitorio Pedrelli

    A pessoa colocou teu nome na perna dela com uma faca?

  30. the rogue doge genji

    Yes yes u do

  31. Vulcan Dipper

    This *ALMOST* seems like something Jack Stauber would make

  32. Hoodini1752

    Better in 2 times speed

  33. Hayden TCEM

    Police Brutality

  34. Wicked Mouse

    A Jib Jab animation!

  35. Kuba Zdanowicz

    I wonder, if Penn Badgley saw this. :D

  36. xXJaseyBeeXx Gaming

    Beautiful, just beautiful 😂

  37. Chris J. Films

    Sounds like a sequel to Melanie

  38. Rebecca Bowen

    Looks like a video for jib jab

  39. Wonder Woman

    There’s a customer where I work that grabs our hands when we hand him his card back. Ugh. Very creepy.

  40. James Pro

    Al you need to start a singing career


    Calling it r/woooosh

  41. Fred Forbush

    Good thing political correctidtudinality (my word) was invoked here (white folk only)... I guess.

  42. TheCamoCaliber

    His waving to her in the line-up was strangely wholesome.

  43. Alex Jewett

    There is no way that guy can't not be creepy the only thing that would make him creepier is if he dressed like a clown

  44. Sweet Meats


  45. Someone404

    **insert Kylar joke here**

  46. Knots


  47. Algo de MA

    529 people were creeped out.

  48. NtGm 889

    This animation is actually amazing

  49. Yayo' Ariowibowo

    The prequel to TMZ

  50. joey pooe


  51. Micah Buzan

    I was searching for Creep by Radiohead.

  52. Jebi Se

    but "every breath you take" is still better stalker song

  53. Mr .Mumbo

    Is there an original song?



  54. pikachucet the second

    The Incel Anthem

  55. Martin Strength

    Jib Jab cereal, haha

  56. carlotta robbins

    *watches Poppy music videos*
    Me: I need normality.
    *puts on a Weird Al music video*

  57. Matthew Lea

    He could do a version of Love the way you Lie.

  58. Selkkie


    My name is yoshikage kira i am 33 years old, i live in the northwest section of morioh, where the villas are ........

    Some dry lad

    Oh hello there, random jojoke

  59. Ninja Kitty

    Do I creep you out

  60. Rick Oldham

    Yet no one has that Blockbuster out yet, as they use to call it. So go for it, if you can get the right writer and have connections!

  61. Ethan Garbee

    I wonder how many tries it takes to sing this with all your heart and soul without cracking.

  62. Magnus Fundal

    The bin says "cardboard - paper only" xD

  63. T-Rex official on yt

    Honestly the animation makes it 100% creepier

  64. WIlliam Luke

    Back when Jib-Jab actually made good stuff...now they're too chicken-shit to be political or step on anyone's toes, and all they release are shitty "Glue your mug on this video" videos.

  65. Westube349

    1:52 I thought her name would be melanie

  66. Retro Junkie

    Al has been caught lacking.

  67. Magnus Fundal

    Yes. Yes, pretty creepy.

    Amazing acting!

  68. Average Thinking


  69. Bruce Burnett

    Not the first song he did about a stalker

  70. Tonya Davis

    Why does he look like Craig Ferguson? 😅

  71. Wolfdragon92584

    The animation is like modern day Terry Gilliam. Yeesh.

  72. TheAweDude1

    1:30 My name is Yoshikage Kira...

  73. Jaxxk Moni

    My shit ‼️‼️
    Til this day !
    Til this day ‼️❕

  74. Joker

    1:30 😂

  75. Inspector29

    Craig Ferguson ? Lol, on his show, he always said about being creepy (jokingly, part of his self deprecating humour)

  76. AceFailure

    RomComs and love songs are always framed as romantic. It you do that shit in real life you're gonna end up pepper sprayed or shot. Thank you for putting the obvious into perspective.


    Damn he hits deep Weird Al yankovic fan fo life

  78. Dinosaurs & Goosebumps

    He also looks like Mr. Bean.

  79. Dinosaurs & Goosebumps

    Why does he look like Lubert from the TV show iCarly?

  80. Mike Gehre

    High Larry Us

  81. Gurdo

    At 1:58 that actually grossed me out even tho its a cartoon thing
    Edit: I only thought like that when I first listen to it

  82. RiFF RaFF

    It's the JOE BIDEN song!!

    Garrett [REDACTED]

    I see you're blinded by Cheeto dust

    RiFF RaFF

    @Garrett [REDACTED] Don't you have somewhere to protest #DemoRat #Socialist ?

    Zoey M

    @Garrett [REDACTED] I'm a Democrat and yes, Joe Biden creeps me out.

  83. ElitelyInTouch

    parody on .... do I make you proud... lawsuit material? https://youtu.be/kOr7VfBhppo

  84. The Ultimate McNugget Nagi

    1:29 ok calm down there, Yoshikage Kira

  85. 「shortbreaf 」

    When you see a decent girl in seventh grade

  86. Pine Cone

    it warms my heart to know even the prison brutes hate people that stalk women

  87. Joseph Krueger

    Jib jab

  88. Killidakaos 22

    WHAT THE HELL MAN. LOL. Omfg lmfao. This was so funny

  89. Dakota Simons

    Yes u do creep me out

  90. Molly J

    Melanie - Part II

  91. Bowling Dude

    Do I creep you OOOOOOOUT
    Do I Creep You

  92. graeme011

    The police arrived just in time for the key change, and thank God for that, as it was the most outrageous part!

  93. Logan Metcalf


    This version of Gump sounds different from what I've remembered.

  94. Acris Aevum

    just clicked on the "music in this video" part under the description.... and it says the song is GUMP (PARODY OF LUMP)

  95. jay the no longer blue mama

    Idea. For a movie. Two stalker's fall in love without knowing they're stalking each other

    Cynical 2DD

    That’s already a thing


    You, season 2.

    A guy with YouTube!

    This already a manga idea, stalker x stalker


    aw man this dude loves sleeping in a van next to my van parked in the middle between our houses lol

    Sofus Giessing

    Desirae thats a spoiler, tho