Yankovic, Weird Al - Bedrock Anthem Lyrics

Sometimes I feel
Like I need a vacation
Sometimes I feel
Like I wanna go
To the city of cavemen
The city of Bedrock
I'd be a Flintstone
Now I'll tell you why...

Well, I've got I've got a woman named Wilma
Well, I've got I've got a baby named Pebbles
Well, I've got I've got a doggy named Dino
We do a little bowling and we drink a little vino

Well, I've got a little buddy, Barney Rubble
Got a neighbor by the name of Barney Rubble
He's a midget but he makes a lot of trouble
Doesn't like to shave, he got caveman stubble

Me and Barney, Loyal Order Water Buffalo
Lodge brothers, Loyal Order Water Buffalo
There's a handshake everybody gotta know
How come grand Poo-Bah always gotta run the whole show?

Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
I get by on all my prehistoric knowhow

Betty and Barney got a baby named Bamm-Bamm
Little Pebbles is his number one fan
He's the strongest toddler in the whole land
Tear your arm off if he shakes your hand

Got a car, gonna push it with my feet now
Gonna take my family out to eat now
Jumbo ribs at the drive-in can't be beat now
Made from brontosaurus, baby, not a moo-cow

Wanna chill with a Sabretooth Tiger
Wear a loincloth, natural fiber
Be the first Rolling Stone subscriber
Got a pterodactyl for a windshield wiper

Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Don't know what it means but I say it anyhow

Lucky me, workin' down in the gravel pit
Movin' rocks, on a big dinosaur I sit
Mr. Slate gets mad and he throws a fit
Pull the birdie's tail, everybody knows it's time to quit

I realize I'm living in the Stone Age
No fax, no cellular phone age
Pick my teeth with a dinosaur bone age
Liftin' heavy boulders every day for my wage

Barney Rubble, laughin' like a hyena
Barney Rubble, what a little wiener
Where's Wilma? Anybody seen her?
Got a baby elephant vacuum cleaner

Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba doo now

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Yankovic, Weird Al Bedrock Anthem Comments
  1. Halie Maxine

    Why have I never heard this one before?! 😂

  2. Johnny Mclean

    started laughing at 1:00..yabadabadoo now☝️🦶🦵💪✌👍

  3. work in progress

    I think he just parodied the 90s with the 60s

  4. Marc Brewster

    I like that some of the chili peppers were actually in the video

  5. Angelina Harper

    I'm listening to all of Weird Al's videos at 2x speed....and it's hilarious 😂😂

  6. Mark Hodgson

    All your leftovers are better than the charts

  7. George Shelton

    Sometimes Weird Albert Yankovic gets me amused. Some amusement this is.

  8. Mr. BeefRoast

    I love you Weird Al, I truly love you as a person and musician. Keep on speaking the language of the stars and the universe

  9. TheEnglishQuail

    Grand dad?

  10. Taras Wertelecki

    Whenever I click on a link to a Weird Al video, I have make sure I put my coffee down lest I laugh when trying to drink it......especially one as hysterically funny as this one.

  11. Post Man

    One of his best.

  12. Nemo D333

    Someone need to parody all his songs back to normal songs.

  13. Ronnie J Dio

    This is unreal

  14. Sothia Chhoeum

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers parody 😂🤣

  15. Oscar Travis

    Barney Rubble, what a little weiner lol

  16. dbsommers1

    What video isn't complete without Smilin' Dick Van Patten in it?

  17. Elijah Wilcott

    "Gotta Pterodactyl for a windshield wiper" unironically goes hard.

  18. Mental Mann

    Weird Al did Flintstones Parodies before it was cool

  19. B Elston

    whats any of this got to do with rhcp?

    Sophie T

    It would be good for you to learn to think out side of the box.

  20. Shawn Kotris

    Tonight, I am following the 3 hour long worm hole of YouTube that is know as "Weird Al Yankovich". Seeing videos I both forgot about and also some I somehow have never seen.

  21. David R. Davidson

    This is strangely neurotic Weird Al! Yabba dabba do!

  22. WDeeGee1

    "be the first Rolling Stone subscribah"

  23. Mamuana Hnamte

    2:18 kinda reminds me of Jonathan Davis

  24. Francisco Gonzalez

    We participated in a genocide Barney

  25. D J

    fuckin brilliant lmao !!

  26. Adriano Battista

    Weird Al Yankovic + RHCP = Rock. In Bedrock! The video is totally nonsense. Look at the drumer wearing a Mickey hat in the end. Crazy! HILARIOUS! 🤣

  27. 21st Century Mouse

    My cousins and sister and I had a lot of fun dressing up as the Flintstones and dancing to this song again and again and again and again

  28. Cliff Trainor

    1:47 - Been trying to master Al's dance here for years.

  29. Jaimee Dianna

    This song represents 2019 perfectly! #Idiocracy 🤷🏾‍♀️🥰😇💕

  30. Oftmol Farmisht

    Talk about an underweared video.

  31. Christian Stoleski

    omg feel something feel life

  32. Marlon Mosley

    09 &😂019

  33. ken karwoski

    Best RHCP Parody Al did!

  34. Juraj T

    Seeing weird Al shirtless ... that's probably the highlight of the year for me. Awe.

  35. LoLshark99 B


  36. Artoss Le linkiste


  37. WolfkinNorthclaw

    I always did wander how Bam-Bam was so strong, that was freaky.

  38. Alex Hand

    Some serious pre-photoshop era video editing going on here.

  39. hellhound47bravo3

    Definitely the weirdest thing Dick Van Patten ever did on screen.

  40. LoLshark99 B

    This is lowkey one of the best of Al's songs. Alapalooza is his best album

  41. moreno franco

    The sound effect for poking someone in the eye is Mad Magazine's Don Martin. The sound is: "POIT!"
    Then the insanity starts. AL is definitely an asylum escapee at large. LOL.

  42. Cliff Trainor

    Interesting to note that Flea from RHCP was not cool with this.

  43. TyrantBossMedia

    Nice cameo from Dick Van Patten.

  44. Gary Willoughby

    TRUE Classic

  45. Kevin Patrick Johnson

    Weird Al Flintstone.

  46. The anything Show

    0:48 reminds me of those boomerang bumpers for some reason

  47. joe jackson

    Poor lil girl

  48. NPC 145

    Official theme for Minecraft Bedrock

  49. Matt Hillegas

    The teeth at 3:04 lol

  50. Robert Dusoswa

    I have not found one song he made that I didn’t enjoy

  51. Grayson Antulov

    This is incredible, I’ve never seen such beauty

  52. Kurtis Dragosani

    Barney Rubble, what a little wiener?

    Kurtis Dragosani

    That's what Betty said

  53. jerry johnson

    better than the original song

  54. John Shacklett

    "Does anybody know what this guy is on? Whatever it is - send a case of it to all of my Generals..."

  55. Saya Scarlett

    Kind of intrigued by the random sumo guy in the video..

  56. madmoiselle007

    I miss the 90’s 😩

  57. Cody Queen

    I would love to hear his remix of thrift shop

  58. Wolfdragon92584

    He should have done Spoonman at one point.

  59. thebanjoman1963

    Dick Van Patten.. OHH Boy.....

  60. The Doctor

    Freakin me out man... freakin me out...

  61. super geeky

    if i ever have to explain the flinstones to someone i will just send them this!

  62. R4kd05

    Who's the grinning guy in the suit who appears at 0:54?

  63. ominous thoughts

    Your songs make me smile.

  64. JABoyle3875

    The eye poke sound effect...I know I’m going to hell for laughing so hard but I can’t help it.

  65. Gitfiddle 7766

    Man he even got the drum sound right! Always funny.

  66. jerry janik

    I've seen weird AL so I've seen the song Live Twice and it's awesome and every time I hear the Red Hot Chili Pepper song the Weird Al version and I hope it's a weird Al version I'm the last person that commented below me has it right just like Homer Simpson did whoever is tired of Weird Al is tired of life

  67. Sco Bos


  68. ChesterStewartDrawers

    The best thing about this song is that flea didn't like it

  69. Mike Mashburn

    Perfect classic

  70. Eli Egbert

    What is it with weird al and sumo wrestlers

  71. Daryl Wolfe

    I love how flea got mad and said it wasn't funny. He didn't get that ALL the chili peppers songs sound like this . It's genius

  72. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 NAUTTP

    Give it away, Give it away now!

  73. joe jackson

    Poor little girl

  74. Venus Axe

    Who else having a Weird Al marathon?!

  75. Gustav Gnöttgen

    When weird Al looked like an elder guy. You know, a quarter century ago. 😊

  76. Evilidea

    Wonder if Al knew the Flintstones movie was filmed within 20 min of the location Give it away video was filmed?

  77. dulce De limón

    Whats sheet? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  78. Ikey Ilex

    True theme of Grand Dad.

  79. FlipperDoigt703

    I wanna yabba-dabba-die

  80. ted rebel

    lol i thought this was gonna be no rain by blind melon for a second

  81. jayquan grant

    A mix of No rain and Under the bridge intro? That's genius!
    Got a baby elephant vacuum Clean eh!
    I like this dude's music.
    What can I say

  82. Raisa Cherry


  83. Animation Maker

    Insnt he making fun of cave men

  84. bane skull

    The child

  85. Chasity

    I was just singing this song. I had to look It up lol.

  86. LegendOfAvee _

    SiIva: I made funny flinstones first


  87. Abigail The cat girl

    I saw weird al last night at the fox and it scares me how long I’ve been a fan of weird al it’s been 10 years some people would think that isn’t long but I’m only 14

  88. Old Man Nabors

    Never heard this one.
    Just wtf.

  89. a a

    Ha!! Never noticed that he said "be the first Rolling Stone subscriber."
    And I never wanna feel, like I did that day, they day, the day Weird al was offline.
    I wonder if bedrock had any stoners.

  90. Barbara Tobias

    This would have been the best theme song to the Flintstones ever.
    I loved the blind melon bee girl at the beginning.
    The time that is put into every song and video is outstanding

  91. Jamie Collett

    Good Reference for Blind Melon lol
    Red Hot Chilil Peppers mixed with the Flinstones, great combo. :)
    This would have been the best theme song to the Flintstones ever.

  92. Faisal alha

    Weird Al is the most underrated artist of our time.
    Yabadabadabadaba doo now!

  93. niels pieters

    Good Reference for Blind Melon lol
    Red Hot Chilil Peppers mixed with the Flinstones, great combo. :)

  94. J P

    @2:52 ... Best line of the entire song... But that line is so true.

  95. MrTony002

    Absolute brilliance! 🤣🤣🤣

  96. Reuben Brown

    2:37 Pull the Birdy's Tail!. That is very Cruel to pull tails Bird screams agony from The Flintstones theme shows?

  97. Hanna Carter

    This is funny as sh%t!

  98. Mari Carmen Diez Garcia

    Que acabo de ver