Yankovic, Weird Al - Another Tattoo Lyrics

Beautiful tats
All over my back
Makes me so proud
I'm gonna shout it out loud
I got another tattoo baby
Yeah another tattoo baby
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo)
(noth noth nother tattoo)
No part of me is blank I'm really ink obsessed
Its like an art show the moment that I get undressed
At every job interview they're just so impressed
Cause I got all my ex-wives' on my chest
Over here is Clay Aiken
There's a side of bacon,
And a minotaur pillow fighting with Satan
Next to hello kitty and a zombie ice skating wait
It's Ronald Reagan

I've got these dragons
I've got these dolphins
All inscribed on me indelibly
I've had bad reactions
Bad infections
Even Hepatitis C
My friends think that I need therapy
Maybe some laser surgery
For the flaming goat skull on my knee
Knee (knee) knee (knee) knee hey
Beautiful tats (yeah) all over my back (all over)
And I've got some space here
On the side of my face here
For another tattoo baby
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo) another tattoo baby
(noth noth nother tattoo) another tattoo baby
No I'm not high (high)
I'm really OK (OK)
I just love these scribbles (haha) that won't go away
I got another tattoo baby
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo a noth noth noth nother tattoo)
Another tattoo baby
(noth noth nother tattoo babe)
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo)

Yes there were a few
I got from a losing a bet
I misspelled a word or two
Still there's nothing I regret
My shopping trips are no sweat
There's never stuff I forget
Check out this rad boba fett
He's playing clarinet
Beautiful tats (yeah) all over my back (all over)
And what the heck (haha)
There's still room on my neck (waa)
I'll get another tattoo baby
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo) another tattoo babe
(noth noth nother tattoo)
I don't know why (why)
But every day (day)
Whenever folks see me
They just back away (wo)
I got another tattoo
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo babe)
(noth noth nother tattoo)
Another tattoo baby
(a-noth-noth-nother tattoo babe)
(noth noth nother tattoo)

Dehh...OK right there by my elbow. see?
Yeah I got a couple of square inches left
So maybe a squid or a tarantula or something
I dunno surprise me

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Yankovic, Weird Al Another Tattoo Comments
  1. Andey Kurniawan

    his creativity is unparalleled

  2. george floorman

    What is the point of branding yourself

  3. Fixit Mann

    Just think, if public buildings were painted like some people's bodies are deliberately scarred. I'd have another reason to never leave my house.

  4. Speedy Steve

    Tattoos are for losers

  5. random block

    this is actually sad man

  6. That Guy Again

    Bruno Mars: Let's sing about the perfect girl.

    Weird Al: How about the imperfections of singers literally coated in ink?

  7. jeffreymk 2ruger

    1:32 if I drew tattoos

  8. Jim Halpert

    So happy to have no tattoos!!

  9. Dat Boi

    Tony Montana tatoo is best

  10. tyler wilhelm

    i was going to get 1. now im going to get into heaven.

  11. a m x r a n t h i n e

    I like how the first one says Karen

  12. antedonian 2

    he's a tattoo

  13. the rogue doge genji

    a ok he just needs to show the world his permanent scribblez

  14. Merrin Guthrie

    The moment when a Weird Al parody is better than the song he's parodying.

  15. ChingChongMan

    my man looking like if a high school bathroom and a school detention desk had a human baby

  16. MultiGamerClub

    This is so good.

  17. jmoney Scarbrough

    Weird A

  18. Cups on my ears

    get out of my head weird al stop having catchy songs >:(

  19. Shaq eel O kneal

    I though he was pulling his pants down from the front for a sec lol

    Adrián J.

    mee too, but if you look close, his hands are in the opposite way

  20. 《ImpastaSoundsGood》

    The best parodys are made by Weird al! :)

  21. ken karwoski

    GREAT Parody!

  22. grandluaxe

    i came to hear this song because Michael Knowles Dumpstered Clay Aiken, and i remember this song rhymed Bacon with Clay Aiken

  23. MistyPlays

    I love this song, and the art style

  24. cosmicpinkk

    my guy got that .gif tattoos

  25. Red Dead Journals

    600 people with "No Regerts" tattoos downvoted this video.

  26. Bevy Fortin


  27. Stevey Strikes Again "Typo Intended"

    are those tear drops

  28. necro nerd

    This is legitimately really good
    Weird al actually has an amazing voice

  29. DarkstarAndrew01

    Scarification is more hardcore than Tattoos :)

  30. Matt Lufcy

    2:02 ABE VIGODA, BABY!

  31. Matt Lufcy

    0:15 The world famous shitty tiger

  32. One spooky dude 619

    I prefer the original, but this is still great

  33. Nentardes

    Gonna get the football player from 1:21 as a tattoo

    Liam The Great

    please don't

  34. Wolf Pack Production

    who listening in 2019

  35. Sindri Guðjónsson

    Really nice bass in this one

  36. KAYLEE Smith

    I'm Boba Fett playing clarinet

  37. pbean2


  38. Jim Halpert

    So childish to put pictures and scribbles all over your body. Looks ridiculous! 😄


    shut up jim

  39. Degl420 warner

    i feel bad cuz this songs are good af, but adpocalyps has everyone by the neck

    Malcolm Mckenzie

    Weird Al yankovic is worth millions. I'm sure he'll survived

  40. mahazzak mahazzak

    Hey weird al, I hope you come to my area for another concert. You’re one of my favourite artists since I was a child in the late 80’s. Mad respect for you
    I often like your parody more than original songs ha ha

  41. James White II

    1:40 Every kid ever: Perfect place to get that tattoo. 😁


    ok james

  42. Anex

    this is literally my father

  43. WackyW3irdo

    I guess Weird Al was the inspiration for all these wack soundcloud rappers to get their faces saturated in tats lol

  44. Mo 2k

    Knowledge is powur is unironically a great tattoo

  45. Matt Grillz

    Rappers be like...

  46. AFTA Comics

    I think I saw this guy walking down the street the other day...looking for a job.

  47. majooismajor

    Weird Al has a really beautiful voice. His delivery is pretty amazing too.

  48. TDS seventy-five

    There is a removed part where he says "Mother!" which probably means that his mom tattoes him :|

  49. Furlow Torent

    And he still doesn't have even half the tatoos some folks I see have o.O...

  50. Rudolf

    Funny how the guys that did this animation (augenblick studios) did Ugly Americans as well.

  51. Loki Deus

    I think tattoos are cool...on other people.

    Because Comics

    You never getting tats I guess

  52. Because Comics

    Does weird al have any tats?

  53. Andrew Hager

    0:40 In case nobody in the comments section knows, that green dragon at the bottom is Puff the Magic Dragon as he was animated in 1978.

  54. Karen Williams

    I don't know if I like this one...

  55. TacoBell Call911

    Literally getting my first tattoo in 30 minutes. Then I find this song. Fucking awesome

    Because Comics

    What did you get?

    TacoBell Call911

    @Because Comics a red 13 tattoo. Just in time for the reamke of Final Fantasy Seven

  56. cigarfsh

    I feel like all of these tattoos are ones people actually got

    Because Comics

    And knowing weird al they are probably ones people regret

  57. DeQuan Rabb_diizy Peeples

    Wait.... it’s Ronald Reagan

  58. Tide Pod Pad Thai

    I heard Nothin On You playing at a shop and this version played in my head

  59. Nick Alemán

    I wish I knew what he wrote in Japanese. Most likely something bizarre or funny.

  60. D Mal

    Thank you for this song.

  61. FairyLad GT

    Deep breth

  62. Ashton Eslit

    I thought this video said uploaded 8 hours ago but it was 8 years ago

  63. ThePeopleOnTheCouch

    Still, he's nowhere near the woman with the world record for most tattoos.

  64. Gurdo

    why do I love this song?

  65. thịnh trần bá

    How many tattoo you got?

  66. Adam Kajji

    All rise for mumble rappers anthem

  67. claykid12345

    travis barker theme song

  68. Zakayria Anderson

    Bro. I heard his voice and i just see milo murphy 💀💀

  69. Jason Richardson

    The original sounds like ass compared to weird Al s

  70. John Smith

    Some of these tattoos are actually really rad

  71. Dimondenderskull Skit’s, Lego’s and Stuff

    He’s worse then Post Malone

  72. Hank The Tank

    The dislikes are from jealous tattoo addicts that ran out of space.

  73. bassy chan

    I would probably get half of of these tattoos 😂

  74. Raze

    When he pulls down his pants, his thumbs are backwards.

  75. Keith Cripps

    Oh god..... WEIRD AL 4 EVER! MOM!

  76. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Want more tattoos? Shave your head, use the soles of your feet, tattoo your eye balls...

  77. Kick It

    wheres thw white

  78. Kick It

    dark brown

  79. Kick It

    for got brown

  80. Kick It

    that what i heard ... rainbow race ..

  81. Kick It

    ask a f4g why did you pick the rainbow what dose it mean... means all the race... hahahhaha

  82. Kick It

    you should have put a rainbow be funny as hhell

  83. CheezSamurai

    i liked the squid geisha.....hentai flag lol

  84. CheezSamurai

    animation style just like Ugly Americans👍

  85. Bryce McKenzie

    I really like this song. The video is so cool

  86. james' youtube show

    that sound at the beginning tho

  87. Miranda Hampton

    I’m getting inked

  88. Paul TheSkeptic

    His wives get progressively uglier. I actually think "Stay in skool" and "Knowledge is powur" are kind of cool.

  89. Oklfwod

    This is Maui’s younger pubescent cousin

  90. ThePonyDalek

    I just love how even he can't tell what some of his tattoos are.

  91. Aztec Patrick

    1:43 #NoRagrets

  92. _•Bubble_Gum_Baby•シ

    I remembet watching this with my sister when i was little

  93. SoundCzech

    I love the super deep inhale at the start for some reason

  94. Sexy Bunseed

    Why are stupid people more famous than Weird Al?! Oh...yah...cause he's actually a good human.

  95. A wild Filing cabinet

    I’ve never seen this one before... how?

  96. Hugh Tahoob

    chuck 1:10 & bruce 1:54

  97. g7thebeatmaker

    Tat slave at 1:12