Yankovic, Weird Al - Achy Breaky Song Lyrics

You can torture me
With Donnie & Marie
You can play some Barry Manilow
Or you can play some schlock
Like New Kids On The Block
Or any Village People song you know
Or play Vanilla Ice
Hey, you can play him twice
And you can play the Bee Gees any day
But Mr. DJ, please
I'm beggin' on my knees
I just can't take no more of Billy Ray

Don't play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
The most annoying song I know
And if you play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
I might blow up my radio, ooo...

You can clear the room
By playind Debbie Boon
Or crank your Abba records until dawn
Oh, I can even hear
Slim Whitman or Zamfir
Don't mind a Yoko Ono marathon
Or play some Tiffany
On 8-track or CD
Or scrape your fingernails across the board
Or tie me to a chair
And kick me down the stairs
Just please don't play that stupid song no more

Don't play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
You know I hate that song a bunch
And if you play that song
That nauseating song
It might just make me lose my lunch, ooo...

Don't play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
I think it's driving me insane
Oh, please don't play that song
That irritating song
I'd rather have a pitchfork in my brain...

Don't play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
The most annoying song I know
And if you play that song
That "Achy Breaky" song
I might blow up my radio, ooo-woo...

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Yankovic, Weird Al Achy Breaky Song Comments
  1. Rose Ross Xb

    When you really hate country music

  2. - Buehmann

    I know Achy Breaky Heart is probably not as popular as it was back when this was originally recorded. But does anyone besides me think there should be a new version, about all the overplayed music you hear nowadays? (Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Let It Go from Frozen, ect.)

    He probably could include some of the overplayed stuff that was popular in the 90s, like Ace Of Base and Los Del Rio.

  3. Baskerville Bee

    The best response to a really bad song.

  4. Caroline Pope

    This song describes my sentiments about Baby by Justin Bieber

  5. Dave Micklon

    I actually like most of the artists Al mentions.

  6. harrison bragg


  7. Eric Rakestraw

    Lyrically, this song is very similar to Weird Al's "Brady Bunch" song. Both songs have an "anything but that" motif.



  9. DeJay Meyer

    Really? People acting like Achy Breaky Heart was a bad song but I honest to God really love that song and this song... I don't understand the hate of Billy Ray Cyrus's song.


    He was everywhere and sold double digit album sales.

    DeJay Meyer

    ​@TheDinoKitteh Why does that make people hate the song? How does that effect the song?



  10. Joseph Beach

    I feel like this every time I hear "Old town road"

  11. roxas davis

    who is Debbie Boone

  12. HEYitzED

    Damn Al, what did Billy Ray ever do to you lmao.

    Brian Mccauley

    Apparently, he recorded that song, that achy breaky song......

  13. Dimension X Tuber life

    once at karaoke...i sang this song and then turned around and sang achy breaky heart back to back

  14. SrColeccionista

    I think he went to far.
    That he would prefer nails on a board, I can understand.
    But is he really saying it is worse than Yoko Ono?

    Linda Thetford

    He's only joking tho lol he actually stated he loves this song

  15. Kevin Towns

    Block is misspelled

  16. Cat Daddy

    they used to overplay that achy breaky heart by billy ray wayyyyy too much when it came out.it drove me nuts.

  17. Railen Herman

    I can't decide which one I like better.

  18. VoyageOne1

    🎶Oh please don't play that song... that irritating song... I'd rather have a pitchfork in my brain🎶 - How everyone feels about "Sicko Mode" after the Spongebob debacle


    Sicko mode sure went away fast

  19. MegaMetalManX

    This is pretty much how everyone feels about Despacito at this point


    Old Town Road as well

  20. argel bargel

    Needs more cowbell, I mean accordion.

  21. Trixie Trueblood

    I love the kazoo accompaniment!. Just right for this song. Way to go, Al! I love you!!!

  22. Raptuza

    Better than the original...!

  23. Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau


    Parker Heinze

    MUCH better than the original

    Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    he who is tired of weird al is tired of life


    That's a pretty low bar.

  24. El Grande

    Yoko Ono marathon XD

  25. 58straps

    The title reminds me of the game my uncle used to play with me:
    *W r i s t y T w i s t y .*

  26. LOAblue

    This is perfection.

  27. Motor City Man

    I'm a LYFT driver, I picked up the Doctor yesterday, he's still going strong and looks good!!

  28. Chris dennis

    this is Cletus t Judd not weird al

  29. Chris dennis

    this is cletus judd singing

  30. Dan Geiger

    The shocking thing is that Billy Ray Cyrus approved this parody


    Most of the original artists do. There are some that do not. He apparently always asks them first before doing so... Go Weird Al :-)

    Nigel De Conceicao

    Prince unfortunately didn't approved any of his song to be made as a parody, weird did ask Prince but Prince said no.

  31. Ted Nugent

    I caught skabeez to the Dr. Demento show. In a Jacuzzi. True story.

  32. dasbakon

    Tie me to a chair and kick me down the stairs lol

  33. Caitlin Brooks

    I still recall the time my friends and I sang and danced to this song in my living room at my 10th birthday. We would all yell “POW!” after the lyrics went “I might blow up my radio.”

  34. Kyle Dechau

    Billy Ray Cyrus handled Al making fun of him the same way Trump handled Alec Baldwin making fun of him.

  35. Peterm2652

    I still laugh when he says "Tie me to a chair and kick me down the stairs" :D You really have to hate a song if you'd rather be kicked down the stairs! LOL

  36. Marina Smith

    I hated this damn song, I agree with every lyric in this parody!

  37. Troop

    Weird Al is a legend.

  38. Candice Perry

    This is a funny song

  39. Madelynn

    Is it just me or does anyone else like this song but they still like Billy rae Cyrus's achy breaky heart


    It's not just you.

  40. ThatGuyWithTheTripod

    You know wouldn't it be awesome if a person Weird al parodied performed the parodied song out of tribute for Weird al's talent or just for shits and giggles. Like if Billy Ray sang this song for example. Has that ever happen by the way let me know if it has.

  41. The Lazy Vegan

    That is SO funny!

  42. C W

    I heard the original a few days ago & I am still traumatised. Weird Al is the only way to get relief.

  43. Billy Altavator

    he must really hate that song cause it sounds like hes farting during the instermental part lol

  44. JaneFokster

    The Yoko Ono marathon cracks me up every time.

  45. Watcher of the Skies

    Achy Breaky Heart was the second worst thing Bill Ray Cyrus created. The worst thing he created being Miley (obviously).

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    Watcher of the Skies except Billy Ray didnt write it

  46. Manuel Delgado

    yoko ono marathon, no fucking way.... you are dead to me weird al!!!

  47. Super whatever gamin'

    A roast and a parody at the same time...
    Weird Al rules.

    TheNightWolfie Official

    Railen Herman no he doesn't

    Railen Herman

    TheNight Wolfie To each their own

    TheNightWolfie Official

    Super whatever gamin' this is not a roast you stupid wanna know I roast I got couple of them

    was you born on a highway cause accidents happens on highways
    I would roast you but my mom say I'm not allowed to burn trash
    I would roast you but it look like you already roasted

    Oscar Manzano

    @TheNightWolfie Official why are you here then?

    D. C. Keasling

    @TheNightWolfie Official What, exactly, have you been SMOKING, dude??? Weird Al is da man when it comes to parodies/funny songs!!!

  48. joe Beatty

    sooooooo anointing

  49. ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo

    I agree with this song

  50. Kobe Marion


  51. Genny Leonard

    "I'd rather have a pitchfork in my brain." BEST LINE EVER!!!!!

  52. Jacob Witmer

    This isn't the only "Achy Breaky Heart" Parody on youtube! There's another one called "Don't smell my Farts"! It's even funnier! LOL

  53. Southern Oregon Cat Mom

    I love this!

  54. Billy Altavator

    LOL the instrumental parts sounds like farts. weird Al is really giving his opinion

  55. N P

    Frozen songs

  56. Brian Johnson

    i can relate since i know the song by heart this comment goes out to billy ray & toutube

  57. Kaylyn Owens

    First Weird Al I ever heard.

  58. Joe Dubya

    I find some ABBA songs quite enjoyable.

  59. Curtis Robinson

    the farting and burping really helps

    Trixie Trueblood

    Curtis Robinson I think you mean the kazoo music.

  60. Eman Khan

    2:38, i was like, what will you do if i play that song?

  61. Eman Khan

    How dare he insult BILLY RAY CYRUS!!!!

    Caleb Dunn

    Weird Al thought this song was kind of mean and apologized to Billy Ray after it was released

    Jacob B

    book lover forever the song is good the fact that the radio almost played it on loop all year is what annoys everyone

    Kyle Dechau

    Please tell me that was sarcastic.


    I love Billy Ray Cyrus and i love achy breaky heart it's an awesome tune

  63. Farrah Teague

    I like me some country music, and this is by far the funniest country song albeit it' a parody, that ever was!!!

  64. destroyer badass

    I just love how weird al make fun other people songs

  65. Samuel Mauldin

    i personally liked achy breaky heart

    Douglas Roth

    I like it as well.

    Shards of Shattered Halos Lacerate My Skin

    With your Gene Simmons picture...you liked achy breaky heart? It's worse than the songs on gene's solo record [cover of 'When you Wish Upon a Star'!]. Heinous.

    Samuel Mauldin

    fuck you i hate it whenever someone disses my favorite singers (Gene Simmons and Ozzy Ozbourne)

  66. rzombi666

    Just saw his live show here in San Jose last week. Best show ever! This man is a comic/music genius!

  67. Aimee Ward

    True story my husband was supposed to sing karaoke of Achy Breaky Heart and sang this instead. He won first prize and the host said they were wondering when someone would do this.

    Indifferent Centrist

    Your husband is a good man. The original made me want to suck-start a shotgun.

    Jayson Raphael Murdock

    I've never done the original version at karaoke. Just this one.

    marianne mccrank

    that's awesome!

    Linda Thetford


  68. Paidmason

    He's a genius

    Laurie Fladd

    ...in France?

    Sarah McMann

    Yeah he is

  69. Brian Lowe

    I Like This Versone better

    Ginger Souless


  70. Jamie Fleury

    I Love the original song acke breaky heart but I find this verision so funny. How can you not laugh at it.

    Michael Hradil

    Cause he is making fun of a legend

    Luis Espinoza Ramirez

    @Michael Hradil: no he's not

  71. Andrew Toone

    This parody was funny. And even though I hate country music with a vengeance, "Achy Breaky Heart" is actually not too bad of a song. Billy Ray is A-OK. His daughter on the other hand, well... That's a whole other story...

  72. Jess Young

    I didn't know he could do country! This is pretty good :)

  73. Emily Myers

    Never knew Weird Al did a parody of Achey Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus.

    ThatSkynyrdKid 70

    +Emily Myers Me neither till I watched Weird Al LIVE! 1999

  74. Some Icelandic Dude

    it's funny to think that Al always asks for permission to use the songs. Then again there was also Nirvana


    Some Icelandic Dude he asked permission for the Nirvana song as well

    Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    According to Fair Use laws, he does not need a permission to record parodies. But Weird Al asks for permission with the actual artists to maintain good relationships with them.

  75. Rhys Wollam

    weird Al its Abba pronounced ahba not abebah that bugs me to no end.


    +Rhys Wollam It's just a silly mistake. A lot of people mispronounce names on various occasions. Even I thought it was abba pronounced like abs instead of Ah-Ba. It's kinda like the Tomato Tomahto thing.

    Malcolm E

    It's pronuced like that in the US

  76. mo county

    This is very rude and very disrepectful. I'm sorry weird al.


    Hello I am Mr. Joke did you not see me in the video


    +Elijah Sheafer He shows the parody song to the original artist before he publishes it. The fact that this song is on YouTube now clearly contradicts the fact that it's rude to Billy Ray Cyrus, as he previously held off publishing some songs (Eg. Perform this Way) before he gets/got an artist's express permission.

    mo county

    +Adam Taylor (Red498) oh I guess that makes since


    +Elijah Sheafer I read somewhere that the joke of the song was how the song had been severely overplayed on the radio. Al has never had anything personal towards Billy Ray. And interestingly enough Billy Ray and Miley are the only father-daughter combo that Al has parodied.

  77. Tanya Roman

    So funny

  78. Aydan Aydan

    The song is an insult to Billy Ray Cyrus


    Dude, take it easy. If Weird Al does a parody if your song its a badge of honor.

  79. KentuckyWallChicken

    Wow, I think I found a country song I actually like!

    Then again, I like almost all of Weird Al's songs, so....

    I'm so glad I was born after the Achy Breaky era.


    the laughs on you......you got his daughter!

    Bryant Langmuir

    +rahowhero Shit! You've got us there.


    The laugh's on all of us, jackass! *sigh* She's the closest thing to blackface the music industry can give us since Rebecca Black.


    What's so great about the post-Achy Breaky era? It's also filled with trash like bro country, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc.

  80. Derpy Hooves

    1:14 #Dying  ROFL

  81. MeLiSsA HaLfOrD

    I went nuts when they played it non stop.

  82. Zombie Killazz

    We done this song but different lyrics in school for a line dance

    Zombie Killazz

    Not really

  83. Idan O'Reilly

    Kinda a catch-22, given this IS that song with just modified lyrics!

  84. Tre B

    Man, I remember back in the day, they used to play Achy Breaky Heart every 30 fricken' minutes.  And that was on regular pop stations.  God knows how much they played it on country stations.  Very similar to Macarena, it was one of those songs that just wouldn't die.

    The irony of course is that outside of weddings, nowadays I never hear it.  Thank god.

    Alex S

    +Tre B I had to laugh at this comment because it is so right on. Neither of my parents ever listened to country music when I was a kid, but I distinctly remember hearing both Achy Breaky Heart and Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks ALL THE TIME, and I was only 2 years old when Achy Breaky Heart came out. For me to remember those two songs as distinctly as I do, they had to have played them both CONSTANTLY into at least 1995 LOL.

    Warren Webber

    Ugh why is it played at weddings? To curse the newlyweds?
    It's far better to play Al's rendition!

    Kyle Dechau

    My parents played this (the original) at their wedding in 95. Wish music was still this good.

    Josh Richard

    You definitely had to be around at the time to know that this song was NOT exaggerating. It was EVERYWHERE.


    Wouldn't die? Will... NEVER die :-P

  85. UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick

    My friend and I used to go to a country western bar, and they would play the Billy Ray Cyrus version like 10 times a night. I just got soo sick of it. this song captures that sentiment so well. Don't get me wrong, I really dug Billy Ray and his music at first, but you can listen to the same song only so many times, before you feel like jabbing a Ice pick in your ear LOL


    Unless it's Weird Al, but then again usually when you listen to his songs it's because you really want to. Maybe I listen to him too much :3


    I liked Achy Breaky Heart


    @STARR HARDY There's no heart, you know.


    STARR HARDY same I get mad when people make fun of it

  87. Wolfie713

    I like how you misspelled "across" in the lyrics.

  88. Stagnating

    Yoko Ono marathon :D Thats fucking hilarious

  89. kay daniels

    My favorite parody ever! And I LOVE the song Achey Breaky Heart!


    kay daniels so do I I like the original song but I still like this

  90. Rhodorn

    In order to write these parody songs, Al has to get permission from the artist and/or their label. So Billy Ray consented to this. To those who are hating on this song, stop being so closed minded, do a little thing called RESEARCH(yes, that involves reading and THINKING) before blasting out your one-sided comments.

    Kyle Dechau

    Consent? You made that sound sexual.


    Actually, the Courts have held that parody constitutes Fair Use of copyrighted material, so Weird Al does not need permission from the copyright holder to make his parody records. But he usually asks anyway, out of politeness; and most people say "yes" because (1) it's better than being ignored and (2) it's not a good idea to piss someone off who writes songs for a living.

    As I understand it, Al thought this one was a bit below the belt, even although Billie Ray Cyrus seemed not to mind it too much, and ended up donating some of the royalties from the song to charity.

    Rusdani Budi Wicaksono

    Well, there's one guy who consistently refused to let his song parodied until his death, and Al respect his wishes. However, as you said, you don't piss off song lyricist without getting a jab or two

    _And you should never_

    _Write words using numbers_

    _Unless you're seven_

    _Or your name is PRINCE_


    Joe Hintz

    Exactly!!! Copywrite laws make it a mandate, but it's worth the work!!!

    Northern Pagan

    He doesn't need to get permission to make his parodies, but he does it out of respect. That's why he's never made a song from Prince. Prince is the only artist to say no.

  91. ramses bams

    I feel insulted...

    richard mitchell

    wow i didnt even know goku could spell insulted lol

    ramses bams

    @Kruegerisgod because I actually like that song XD

    ramses bams

    @richard mitchell wow I didnt even know people couldn't tell the difference between fiction and reality lol

    richard mitchell

    @ramses bams there is alot of dumbass people that cant...

  92. Devon Luimes

    I like billy ray but this is fucking amazing

  93. truefriend 23

    how i feel about justin faggot i cant even stand to see his face and everytime someone tries  to put a song by him on i was out evertime like nope not havein it and not im not talkin about justin timberlake he is awesome im talkin bout jb 

  94. izak1347

    596 retards along with one more called Weird Al... Bieber's the right boy for your ears! Keep loving him... never grow up!  

  95. james Morris

    this makes me laugh every time i hear it rofl

  96. Jim Payne


  97. Abelhawk

    I lol'd at the weird instrumentation at 1:00 XD

    Trixie Trueblood

    Abelhawk That is kazoo music - perfect for this song!!


    I mean his name is “Weird” Al

  98. Maddy Groves

    Sadly my grandpa plays the guitar and this is the only song he knows "that achey breakey song" ughhhh...

    Leigh Sophie Phillips

    Please Release Me was the only song my grandpa played. i can't stand that song ughhhhh...