Yamin, Elliott - Warm Me Up Lyrics

It's snowing on this cold December
And it's just me and you
You know we belong together
All that I do, you know I'm true

Come warm me up, it's cold outside
Let's bundle up by the fire
Come warm me up, it's Christmas time
I want to know what's your desire

This holiday we'll celebrate
With candlelight and champagne
So come a little closer baby
I've got something for you
Won't stop until we're through

Come warm me up, it's cold outside
Let's bundle up by the fire
Come warm me up, it's Christmas time
I wanna know what's your desire

Kiss me underneath the mistletoe
I need you to know that I'm not going anywhere
I'll never leave you, you know it's true
On this Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve for you

Come warm me up, it's cold outside
Let's bundle up by the fire
Come warm me up, it's Christmas time
I want to know what's your desire

Come warm me up, it's cold outside
Let's bundle up by the fire
Come warm me up, it's Christmas time
I want to know what's your desire

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Yamin, Elliott Warm Me Up Comments
  1. Deryl Wayne

    What I wouldn't give for the karaoke track of this song!!

  2. Val Shelby

    Beautiful just beautiful :)

  3. Val Shelby

    Wow! He's got a. Nice voice :)

  4. Anna Nasario

    Getting excited!

  5. Duck Man

    Is this copyrighted?

  6. Sarah McKay

    elliott: come warm me up by the fire

    me: on the way!! :D

  7. TV Cat

    listening in October ready for December :)

  8. Charnelle Jones

    i want a man like you

  9. Charnelle Jones

    i love him i wish he can come to the bi-lo center and sing he has the best voice

  10. lalalabananification

    still listening in 2o12 <3

  11. Stephanie Roberts

    I personally preferred the way he looked near the end of American Idol, to me the dental work and long hair, ruins the "guy" who made me fall for him so to speak. He looks fake to me now, he looked average on AI

  12. CathyEM

    Had to post this on my FB page today -- Elliott's voice and this song are such a yummy combination. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  13. Chantal Love

    one of my fav christmas songs but its so unpopular boo america

  14. JorLen

    This is literally the best christmas song iv ever heard

  15. FamilyCasting

    Be still my heart..................

  16. Martha Moore

    love this song

  17. taratova

    Elliott warms me up with his beautiful voice. I can't wait for his new cd in a few months . Elliott is releasing it in Japan now and soon @ March 2011 it will be released here in the USA.

  18. Kimberly Hansbrough

    I LOVE this song!!!!! ITs my favorite xmas song!

  19. Chantal Love

    i love elliott but he dont have the famous look the only pic close is the one on 1:34

  20. Chantal Love

    my favorite christmas song

  21. finsfan13

    @sairudey He's 31.

  22. taratova

    Elliott sounds so good..singing live Elliott is consistently great!!

    Seeing Elliott singing live is the best gift.

  23. shellcad

    This song gives me chills- I just love his voice...hope the radio gives this song a play this year for the holiday season.

  24. FamilyCasting

    geez this is good!!

  25. Wally Martins

    elliot yamin+brian mcknight shud make a duo
    would love to see how two heaven-made voices wud sound like together

  26. 09bolivar

    this my fav christmas song they always play it in memphis tn by christmas

  27. selmaf

    im actually listing to this song middle of june, how cool am I, huh?

  28. princesscurly72

    nice song..
    i love his blue eyes= =]

  29. shelovesmusic54


  30. fdsa234567

    Good vocal performance for the song, ya it might not be his regular flow that he has in his music but i actually liked this song... really catchy and very good vocals!!

  31. MrProdigy555

    this song was with his other music...so what are you talking about dont become a cookie cutter.....thats stupid...just say you dont like this song!

  32. Dan Bartake

    this isnt elliot, where the f is his funk. he sings funk so phenominal,this is cookie cutter stuff. Yamin is becomming wack. Stay true to yourself elliot dont be a cookie cutter.

  33. Rasheda Boler

    i love this song! he can warm me up any time that he wants!

  34. trapper561

    Love this song of his just gorgeous!

  35. David Asphalt

    At first i thought, he was black, cause of the voice... don't know...

  36. Mel P

    love this song!

  37. taratova

    Wow, Elliott warms me up with that warm tone. Rich and soulful.. romantic...

  38. NatchoDorito


  39. Textaddict678

    dang u rite

  40. nanassetta

    Can't wait for some radio play! Love this song.

  41. Passmore.

    fucking awesome love this guy his music is great xXxXxXxXxXx

  42. taratova

    I want to listen to this song all year round.. WOW!

  43. archsimmusic

    Love his voice beautiful!

  44. hayngel

    this song is cool

  45. taratova

    I didn't hear it on the radio at Christmas .. oh yeah, Elliott is an independent artist so we have to request it for them to play it ..this song is awesome..

  46. CathyEM

    I LOVE this song -- sooooo sexy -- and you found some fantastic photos to accompany the song!!!

  47. sherreed

    this song could be played all through the year

  48. Mikesmoke

    oh man i want him to sing to me while we're in bed cuddling

  49. TheHighRoad7

    The best voice I've ever heard.

  50. ali1058

    I get to see Elliott in concert the day after Thanksgiving! I hope he sings a few of his Christmas songs.

  51. FamilyCasting

    Elliott you have to stick around for many many many years to come.

  52. Lorna Boyle

    I'm hoping to make a special journey down to the US this weekend so I can buy this... Just hope the nearest Target has it in stock. I just LOVE this one!

  53. Andria B

    I got the cd at Target this a cool song