Yamin, Elliott - Self Control Lyrics

Well, let me tell you, girl
Every since the day that we met
I never have the second guess
Of a single regret

Now about the way that you're making me feel
Well, alright
I see you move, see your body groove
No, I just got cold

Baby, what you're doing to me
My body is burning in the third degree
Well, alright

You make me feel like I'm gonna lose it
You make me feel like I'm gonna lose it
You make me feel like I'm gonna lose all of my self control
Well, alright

I'm tired of wasting time
Going now and chasing that
Your body so fine

Got one question on my mind
I wanna know how it feels to be mine
Yes, I do

I gotta tell you, baby
I've been around the world
Seeing a lot of different girls
Ain't nobody quite like you

Girl, I think I always knew
Ohh, I just can't confront the truth
Ohh, yaa

You make me feel like I'm gonna lose it
You make me feel like I'm gonna lose it
You make me feel like I'm gonna lose all of my self control
Well, alright

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Yamin, Elliott Self Control Comments
  1. Nancy Green

    Elliott should get some serious airplay.

  2. DaPipeliner FromMo.

    Real, real nice Elliot!

  3. Wolfsong420

    Way to go, Elliott! Happy to hear a new one from you. Looks like you're having a blast.

    Chris Matsumoto

    +Wolfsong420 Actually his new album is "As Time Goes By", a japan exclusive. It's really good Youtube "What Can I do Right" I freaking love the song!!! I'm still waiting for a U.S. release of his new album because it's really good!

  4. john newson

    Elliott great music.  This man is so consistently good.  Loved listening to him ever since he nailed Moody's mood for love.Hope you find more success in the future.  I still want to hear the music.

  5. hawaiidream1

    Still so in love with your voice, Elliott!!

  6. RayInChrist

    He's one of my all-time favorite male singers! His voice just sounds really nice to my ears!

  7. Yvonne

    Is this an original by him?


    Yes, it's from his last album "Let's Get to What's Real."

  8. rozjazz

    Fantastic song and Elliott's voice is the ULTIMATE!   He is THE BEST male vocalist ever!  Just can't stop listening to all of his music!!!  Once you've heard the BEST, you can just skip the rest!  ;)  I truly mean that.  Looking forward to his 4th album!  Y E S !!!      

  9. Juanita Walter

    Still no idea how Taylor Hicks beat this guy Daughtry and Kellie Pickler???? -__-


    I know! :(

  10. digitalassets

    That is some impressive dental work! And as far as what's coming out of that mouth? Pure jazz, baby, pure, unadulterated soul!

  11. David TOLSON

    Not sure what the Planet is missing/not getting with Elliott?. But more than this. I'm 100% convinced that I will never hear a better voice again..... Stay true : )

  12. Maron Jaenne

    He needs to make a comeback! 

  13. More Hands On Deck

    Love this new song dude! Super fans all the way

  14. Emdie

    Love you Elliott, your voice is amazingly good as always.. keep on singing :-)

  15. Ie Agcaoili

    Ridiculous voice. UGH. <3

  16. nadloms

    Love from the uk come here x

  17. Emme M

    I love Elliot he is so talented. 

  18. cookiedeeh

    Elliot your voice is sooooo awesome! Keep singing!! Loving this song!

  19. Daria Kapralova

    Elliott is awesome!!!

  20. Arlene Rounce

    Love it! Would love to see a new cd from you Elliott! Love your voice and the realness of this jam session :-)

  21. Mag

    Love the song! And it's so awesome to see you in your natural habitat hahah

  22. Tatiane Oliveira

    Amazing, people from Brazil like it!!!

  23. ocheezy hall

    I love this song! Elliot is the best

  24. Carol Diehl

    Love this , i'ts one of my fav's from his latest CD !

  25. Carol Diehl

    I was there too . My God he was AWSOME !

  26. JustChillinMary

    This song ROCKS! Came back for more... :)

  27. LadyDuck106

    Saw him live at The Hamilton in DC. Outstanding show; the man gives it all he's got. He sang his ass off and the band was tight. Great time had by all. Thanks Elliott!

  28. Micaela Roblez

    Great song!!!!!

  29. Brlebleu

    And THAT is how you do it! And NOBODY does it better than Elliott Yamin!!!!

  30. Donna Kohl

    Miss seeing you in person, come on to the Holy City and we'll make you feel right at home. :-)

  31. Cathann Smith

    I love this video more over I love your voice!! You have so much soul!!

  32. videoutube100

    I love your music. I think you are a wonderful artist.

  33. Carol Diehl

    This is one of my favs on the CD...Go Elliott !

  34. Brenda Bryant

    That's what I'm talking about!

  35. Clemente

    Great feeling

  36. Debbie

    Still love you, Elliott. You always deliver a fantastic performance. BTW, How's Mini E doing?

  37. iDazzle

    So Bangin'

  38. Carol Padden

    awse double awse!!!!!!~! Is that Aaron at .0:09?

  39. Keith Stix Mc Jimson

    I second that!

  40. Keith Rivers

    that's an amazing idea. send this to idol folks

  41. Peggy Morgan

    I LOVE this Elliott! As I said on FB, you are one funky white boy!

  42. Tatiane Oliveira


  43. Yuka R

    Love it!!!

  44. CathyEM

    Artists who perform their latest singles on Idol typically see an exponential growth in sales -- what's wrong exactly with that?

  45. Torben Fugger

    Sweeeet! :-)

  46. JustChillinMary


  47. Sean Coons

    Fantastic tune all around. Those backup vocals are golden.

  48. Ging EYz

    wOw......love it!

  49. CathyEM

    Love this! I remember seeing you perform this live at the Mercury Lounge in NYC!! Do we need to start a Twitter campaign to get you a performance slot on Idol? Just say the word!!

  50. Debbie Umel

    no one does live better!! You killed it as always E!! Now THIS is music...♥

  51. Graham Saunders

    You're amazing man! I have been a fan since the American Idol days. I saw Marty got to jam with you, what a lucky guy!

  52. M Koepp

    Heard it once and it's already an earworm (in a good way!) Love the Stax/Motown vibe. You are so talented and underrated!!

  53. shellcad

    Elliott "Soul Man" Yamin... I'm picking up what he's laying down! Sweet sound !

  54. Stevor Compton

    Nice, got here through Carson Henley, Love those funky horns! Great stuff, any chance you'll be up Seattle way?

  55. Keith Stix Mc Jimson

    was such a honor to be apart of this, sounds so good man

  56. fayemcg

    This should be all over radio! Love it!

  57. Penny Young

    Great song Elliott, I just bought it on iTunes!!! LOVE IT!

  58. Camille Santora

    Best thing all day..... Want to continue to hear it over and over! Awesome!

  59. AvryR09

    Love Love Love it. :) You are such a talent and have so much going for you. I love your music and the soul in this song and your music in general. This is a great song and video. Love you, Elliott! <3

  60. Mike McDonnell

    Well done E! Love it!

  61. 300meadowview

    Outstanding, funcky and some great music...need I say more!

  62. Andrew Greenberg


  63. Carol Diehl

    He's GREAT Live !

  64. Millie858

    Fastastic jam session!!

  65. GuitarJamz

    Ya man, awesome job old friend!!!

  66. Keith Rivers

    i'm still in awe that this is LIVE