Yael Naim - Levater Lyrics

Combien de colères j'ai gardé spécialement pr toi.
Tu m'es cher.
Combien d'amertume j'ai accumulé pour toi.
Tu es ce qui m'est de plus cher.
Je voulais aprendre à renoncer à toi.
Combien de pensées.
Séparation, haine, mais dans tout ça l'amour fleurit.
Combien d'histoires au fils des ans,
si seulement j'avais su à quel point je suis transparente pour toi.
J'aurais voulu savoir te mentir...
Combien de fois tu m'as pardonnée, est ce que moi aussi je t'ai pardonné.
Justement ce sont les mots clairs, qui m'ont échappé de la bouche.

J'aurais voulu savoir te parler...
J'aurais voulu savoir te raconter
J'aurais voulu savoir être pour toi
J'aurais voulu savoir t'émouvoir
J'aurais voulu savoir t'aimer

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Yael Naim Levater Comments
  1. NOX IncXnnu

    i come from France. I like english

    Jade Lotina

    ThePEKKA Du13 c'est pas de l'anglais mais du Hébreu 😉

  2. אבי חן

    yael naim💕💕💕💕
    אני אוהב אותך!

  3. Prussia Agüesom

    ¿en que idioma esta?

    L L E S E N I A V I D A

    PDClatinoamerik hebreo ?? encerio???

  4. Leslie Canales

    que bonito

  5. Johannes Kramer

    Sehr schöne Musik, Ivrit klingt bei Yael Naim besonders gefühlvoll.

  6. Joyce Cesar Pires Pires

    Amo yael em qq idioma

    carina melo

    siiiiiiiiiiim! magnifica!

  7. truueindeedi

    Love how this song sounds.  No idea about lyrics/translation.  Sound is paramount to me though

  8. Sinapsi Corrotte

             כמה כעסים שמרתי במיוחד לך
    Kama keasim shamarti bimyuchad lecha
    How much anger have I kept especially for you?
               אתה יקר לי
    Ata yakar li
    You are dear to me
            כמה מרירות אספתי במיוחד בשבילך
    Kama merirut asafti bimyuchad bishvilcha
    How much bitterness have I collected especially for you?
                אתה הכי יקר לי                                  
    Ata hachi yakar li
    You are dearest to me
                רציתי לדעת לוותר לך
    Ratsiti ladaat levater lecha x4
    I wanted to know how to concede to you
                כמה מחשבות פרידה שנאה בתוך כל זה צומחת לנו אהבה
    Kama machshavot preda sin'a betoch kol ze tsomachat lanu ahava
    How many thoughts, parting, hate? In the middle of all this grows for us love
                כמה סיפורים לאורך השנים אם רק ידעתי כמה אני שקופה לך
    Kama sipurim leorech hashanim im rak yadati kama ani shkufa lecha
    How many stories over the years? If only I had known how transparent I was to you
              רציתי לדעת לשקר לך
    Ratsiti ladaat leshaker lecha
    I wanted to know how to lie to you
               כמה פעמים סלחת לי
    Kama peamim salachta li
    How many times have you forgiven me?
               האם אני סלחתי גם לך
    Haim ani salachti gam lecha
    Did I forgive you too?
              דווקא המילים הבהירות החליקו לי ממני מתחת לשפה
    Davka hamilim habehirot hechliku li mimeni mitachat lasafa
    It was the clear words that got away from me, slipping beneath language

                           רציתי לדעת לדבר אתך
    Ratsiti ladaat ledaber itcha x4
    I wanted to know how to talk with you
                             רציתי לדעת לספר לך
    Ratsiti ladaat lesaper lecha
    I wanted to know how to tell you
                           רציתי לדעת להיות לך
    Ratsiti ladaat lihiyot lecha
    I wanted to know how to be for you
                           רציתי לדעת לרגש אותך
    Ratsiti ladaat leragesh otcha
    I wanted to know how to excite you
    Ratsiti ladaat leehov otcha
    I wanted to know how to love you

    Sinapsi Corrotte

    כמה כעסים שמרתי במיוחד לך
    אתה יקר לי
    כמה מרירות אספתי במיוחד בשבילך
    אתה הכי יקר לי
    רציתי לדעת לוותר לך
    כמה מחשבות פרידה שנאה בתוך כל זה צומחת לנו אהבה
    כמה סיפורים לאורך השנים אם רק ידעתי כמה אני שקופה לך
    רציתי לדעת לשקר לך
    כמה פעמים סלחת לי
    האם אני סלחתי גם לך
    דווקא המילים הבהירות החליקו לי ממני מתחת לשפה
    רציתי לדעת לדבר אתך
    רציתי לדעת לספר לך
    רציתי לדעת להיות לך
    רציתי לדעת לרגש אותך

    Michelle Young

    Todah raba!

    Bryan Kay

    Todah yadid

  9. Shay Maor

    the word dearest can also be interpreted as expensive, expensive on the mind and heart in this context...

  10. Adirah le Robinson

    I loveee this song even though I can't understand it it touches me so much

  11. Narsilion098

    nope, Hebrew

  12. cumensu

    This is Yiddish? yes?

  13. Roo HOBBINS

    i love this song i hate the fact i cant understand the comments even though i know there good :( :)

  14. Kori Collebrusco

    I don't speak a word of Hebrew, but this song is still beautiful.

  15. Gita Savitri Devi

    so beautiful...

  16. ABH1212

    @210719981 bien - parce que ce n'est que une parcent XD on voit que le monde sait bien ce qui est beau. :D

  17. Angélica Pineda García

    qué bonitaaa

  18. Sarai M

    My finger violated the replay button :D

  19. litmibimi

    toda raba! <3

  20. nippofilica

    Such a beautiful song and such powerful lyrics! Thank you so very much for the translation. Obrigada!!! (thanx in portuguese)

  21. moral

    no , lol
    It's in hebrew

  22. Baloo

    lol French or Italian

  23. nehdar

    i'm in love with this song.

  24. MsHeyoka

    @pacyfa12 It is most definitely Hebrew. The modern dialect that is currently spoken in Israel

  25. Karolina Nowak

    most bful lanugage ever ;)

  26. Qual Quappe

    @pacyfa12 uuuhm no.. it's not yiddish.. it's hebrew..

  27. o0TreeGirl0o

    Is this Chinese? I thought I could understand parts.

  28. Fl0werp0werz

    toda raba!
    (I know some words in hebrew, but I don't know how to write it ;) Haha.

  29. Jo Ko


  30. chessbug3


  31. Kasara Shontae Nighitngale

    so what is she talking about?

  32. Camp.Spaceship

    thank you much
    wish anyone could translate!
    eh?eh?eh? eh......

  33. vanana10

    yeah it was "new soul" for the add for the macbook air

  34. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    "I wanted to give myself up to you and for you"

  35. evolvingandroid

    This song is so beautiful. I don't have a clue what it's about and I don't want to know. The mystery keeps me wondering and coming back. That's whats great about listening to a song written in a foreign language.

  36. nehdar

    than you a lot

  37. AiLoveMusic

    This song is so beautiful, and all of her other songs too

  38. daniel christiaens

    Indeed, I think Apple used one of her songs in the ad for their new laptop or something

  39. freesonger

    thank you or toda ^^

  40. freesonger

    can you write the hebreu lyrics please ? Because I don't find it anywhere on internet. I think hebreu language is beautiful

  41. Didleeios88

    levater lecha does mean 'give up to you' like you translated but does not mean 'give up on you'. It means that she wants to give up some of her anger and bitterness towards him. I think it is pretty clear from the rest of the song that she isn't giving up on him

  42. CholTaaim

    My grandfather and my mother speak Yiddish, my father and I speak Hebrew. They are not the same language.

  43. CholTaaim

    What aren't?

  44. CholTaaim

    Um, no. Hebrew and Yiddish are two very different languages.

  45. Avy Noman

    one of those stars that start's to shine on our way... Her voice make me feel good her music makes me feel in peace with my self.
    Thank you for those songs that are just the sweetness of my days

  46. Hila Greenboim

    yeah it's hebrew

  47. nehdar

    thank you

  48. Sergey Vlassov

    Toda raba!!!

  49. nehdar

    i adore this song

  50. Kade D.

    i cannot find the lyrics to this song ANYWHERE

  51. diff fidd

    Does anyone have the translation?

  52. shmaria