Xzibit - Best of Things Lyrics

I was voted most likely to have a psychiatric evaluation
Let's start the process of elimination
This dedication is for niggaz with the green buddha
The bandula, six-shooter to your suit coolers
Now how this feel? Cold black steel up in your grill
This hollow point lead gon' be your last meal
Say your prayers, say your graces
Pieces of your face is found in a hundred different places
Huh, so what we lookin like? We tryin to see some hoes to fuck tonight
and you just tryin to see the afterlife
Make a decision before we have a head-on collision
makin me spend the rest of my life in prison
See I can only play the cards I was given
Multiplication division whatever you got to break mines off
like the U.S. government did to Microsoft
Like Xzibit in some pussy with the lights turned off
It's like

I'm just livin to fulfill my dreams
I'm just tryin to have the best of things
None of y'all can't take shit from me
Life's a bitch she ain't fuckin for free
So I'ma ride til the wheels fall off
while all the rest get weak and go soft
Your petite style, can get you beat down
My heat's loud, have you huggin on the street now

Niggaz keep askin me how does it feel
How does WHAT feel? Not havin to scrape for a meal?
Not bein locked down to a fucked up deal?
The biggest man in Los Angeles is not Shaquille
We had to reinvent the wheel, draft new blueprints
Made a whole album, spent HALF what you spent
then sent the rest to my people to invest wit it
Custom fitted, if you want it nigga, come and get it
and I suggest you bring a million niggaz runnin wit it
Split it, feel it, hit it it's hot, look
I ain't gon' stop til everybody's shot
Muammar Khadaf's the dot, X mark the spot
with an infrared to your head, left for dead
Fuck the feds, flee the country then grow some dreads (ya mon)
I suggest you keep your distance, for instance, the same distance
it takes to get to the next solar system, motherfucker


Strike one, when a nigga talkin shit with his hands
Strike two, gettin caught in the wrong place with your pants down
Strike three, tryin to fuck with the D-O-double-G
D-R-E, or any of my Alkaholik family
Huh, Xzibit turn your vital signs to a straight line
Never seen a dog bite and bark at the same time
Restless, rugged, never relaxed
Permanently owe you motherfuckers backs like tax
Baseball bats and breaks upside of your head
Homey STILL gettin swoll off water and bread
I got this, retaliation, for any situation I'm facin
and leave the stage with a standin ovation, it's like


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Xzibit Best of Things Comments
  1. Oldskool Empire

    Dr Dre on the beat, X to the Zee on the mic.....Pure bliss 👌 👌 👌

  2. GBtha G

    Gangsta shet.

  3. Welid Zlapovich


    SK1Z Pubg_mobile

    Welid Zlapovich here too

  4. Welid Zlapovich


  5. ajjohnson07

    Listening to this right now takes me back to high school jr year I used to have this on repeat everyday

  6. Vuyo Mbambisa

    Dr Dre fucked this beat inside out lord have mercy

  7. Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten

    - + 40 Dayz and 40 Nightz album -

  8. Tony Mamales

    Sick album, I miss these days.

  9. Akain


  10. Merijn van keulen

    Xzibit made 3 classic in a row. At speed of life, 40 dayz 40 nightz and Restless.

  11. Nate

    "Life's a bitch she ain't fuckin for free" shit I'm getting this tattooed

  12. Christian Ribeiro

    2019 tmj ✌

  13. Collin The Trashy Raccoon

    Still beats most mainstream rap today.

  14. Nazar Dovhyy

    this is a time when rap used to be all about rhymes and clever lyrics

  15. dread head Keith world

    Still underrated

  16. D-Wigs

    Use to slap the hell out of this album.

  17. Mr.J Jdee

    Powerful 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑 real gangsta💯 music💥💥💥💥💥

  18. Luke Cory

    Bite a bark at the same time

  19. Erik Hansen

    Sad days in this time we in when x is sitting home no work but these new kids are popular wtf happened this dude with the dre crew was a force to be messed with they em an x did great collaborations on 2001 dre album and did other great duos but kids now don't kno talent fuck kids now can't decide if there boys or girls music nvr stood a chance

  20. Burley Hurley

    Stay on top but remain from the underground, any one who hasn’t grown up hearing this rapper has missed out!


    Xzibit alwayz went hard on the mic

  22. Sound Wave Savage

    what happened to beats like this

  23. Cantusaurus

    Great reaction to this song:

  24. Edwin Lopez

    This never gets old is 2k19 and still playing this bad ass jam,

  25. Arnold Shabangu

    2019 any1...? Still a hot joint...!

  26. Blake Drake

    "The biggest man of Los Angeles is not Shaquille"

  27. Tony Hendrickson

    this the west coast street
    believe night dreaming bleeding bloody ugly
    dogging you succas funny
    for the money I stay stunting dumping bunches
    of running from my drumming leaving you jumping on my fights
    crumbling them to dummies.

  28. David Mc Crossan

    Needing to listen to real hip hop has me here..it's 2018 and the music is trash 🙈

  29. Some guy with Glasses

    i havent heard this song in years. but suddenly "lifes a bitch ya aint fuckin for free" popped in my head and i couldnt remember where it was from and now im back

  30. Shady

    Only 350.000 views? Wtf!!!

  31. Joshua Warner

    Xzibit is my all time favorite raper the man is rap maziah

  32. Don Corleone

    - West Coast Classic -

    Don Corleone

    First album my brothers bought me in 2000, what a memories, when u didnt knew u witnessed a classic

  33. Viktor Poyasnik




  34. Bacefor

    2018. Best ever

  35. Макс Дольский

    Я думал на таком охуенном треке будет хотя бы под 10кк просмотров

  36. Guy B

    Xzibit turn your vital signs to a straight line"
    Never seen a dog bite and bark at the same time" jesus that line got me hyped!!!

  37. Davy Rohart

    Its god rappeur

  38. Bojan Mastikosa

    I am so happy, i have this album🙌🏼😎

  39. Bojan Mastikosa

    I am so happy, i have this album🙌🏼😎

  40. 00cjak00

    for all the 80's and early 90's born keep this alive.


    fuck the feds!leave the country and grow some dreads...lol my favorite line💯💪👊

  42. Jun Jun Gatbos

    Underrated azz kutt

  43. Jun Jun Gatbos

    Damn, i almozt forgot about diz one

  44. This Is Boone

    Xzibit x Dre ! One of the most underrated hip-hop duo !


    I'm just living 2 fulfil my dreams

  46. Habi


    OlDirty Baker

    haba baba they called FUKBOIZ that’s who.

  47. Marko loco Rozco

    This was my favorite album from xzibit damn this was hard . 2018 still riding

  48. nemoz_wrx

    Spit that shit X 🔥🔥🔥

  49. JOHN WOLF9

    XZIBIT should really get the recpit that he dis suvers

  50. Creole Supreme

    Dude can rhyme and flow he was a well rounded MC not sure what besides pimp my ride that could have made him blow commercially he's a rappers rapper

  51. TRUTH TELLER 310

    still bumpin this in 2017, favorite song by X to the Z !

  52. Alexander Komyakov

    Who came here after watching Pimp my Ride?

    Rap Music

    Alexander Komyakov no one :-[


    Чего так мало просмотров на этом шедевре?

  54. FREE

    вау, охуенно

  55. goddammitgary

    Came from Infected Swarm... but also haven't heard this in forever.


    same had to check it after hearing the infected swarm version lol

  56. Conceited Hamburger

    He's in my opinion one of the most underrated lyricists. This is real rap.

  57. benon paul

    diz ma best song i lav d beats

  58. Darth Revan

    One of my biggest hopes is that Eminem grabs Xzibit, dusts his broke ass off, and gives him a few features on Em's new album.

    kaseene oliver

    N7 Slayer. Stop xzibit got tv money


    X has mad money, have you seen his cars, house, and his other stuff?
    He may not have an enormous net worth but it's big enough for him to afford nice cars, nice house, and expensive things.

  59. some random Deathcore lover

    infected swarm is still better

    Á_L Hásháshín

    some random metal lover this song is for hip jop in 90's swam cover is metal rock which ain't gonna suit.eat my shit swam cover.


    infected swarm is not "metal rock" it's a slam brutal death metal cover


    Love infected swarm, but no, x to tha z bro

    OlDirty Baker

    That shit was trash haha I couldn’t get pass 40 seconds 😐

    Dre Has the Best Beats

    some random Deathcore lover Nah, Xzibit is better.

  60. Serialkiller813

    Does he still rap🤔

  61. Warsame Jaamac

    Sad that Xzibit is underrated and doesn't get the respect he should.


    He's not underrated.
    He was a household name a few years back.
    His name just died down a bit since he stopped making music and isn't on "pimp my ride" anymore.

    Merijn van keulen

    heads know him what are you talking about

    οιωνός boom bab

    Yo! Cause hi not shell his mom like em do!

    GBtha G

    u fuckn wrong. X is respected.

  62. eastleigh 7th

    Last meal

  63. eastleigh 7th

    Strike 1-3

  64. AaroN62Gost

    \m/ But in all honesty, this song flows.

  65. theghost hayes

    yo unique other just natural knowledge process against unique other just wanted including Hart involved in your hood it's Luke gives Hart involved in the sky in internet involved in your hood it's just wait for God that in your hood it's dollars should uniqueness products high everything begin the game things up in the world of differences between the two sides of evil and goodness God and Satan are trying there hardist to keep peace too bring the cash down bra mad then everything.Nice unique other kind offers should unique other just found coming here in your hood

  66. Vincent Delacruz

    Here cause of the Infected Swarm cover

    josh smith

    me too haha


    same haha

    Ian Inskeep

    Hell yeah

  67. Никита Лубин

    Who else came here to listen to original after Infected Swarm's cover?


    Never listened to the original track so I thought that I'd come here and give the original a listen.


    Никита Лубин I did


    yeah i did lol

    Truett Lehmann

    Никита Лубин meeeeeee

    Daelen Guyer

    I thought I was the only one

  68. Murvin Espinoza

    love the guys flow

  69. coned

    haven't heard this song since 2002 or 2003. some how this popped into my head today and i still remember all the words. what a great song.

    Viktor Poyasnik

    Yo I just woke up at 1 am to smoke a ciggy and just said to myself the best of things by xzibit
    And now I'm in tears til the wheels fall off it sounding si damn good!!


    Aint heard this flow in like 10yrs but i still rem all the words.”so,imma ride till the wheels fall off...👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  70. Ezra Sky

    40-2-40 I get shots fired here send me another UNIT.

    Andrew E

    Ezra Sky... yea I can drink a whole Hennessy fifth! Some call that a problem but I call it a gift, Xzibit make the whole continent shift!

  71. vinman haines

    this is just badass!!!

  72. EMdoubleU

    I wish Dre still made beats like this

    Fancisco Ayala

    Yea Dre is cool

    Hendo 85

    Dre Has the Best Beats. Got shut down

    Dre Has the Best Beats

    @Hendo 85 Eh.


    @j m could you make some suggestions of new dre productions like this/?

  73. Kris Rutana

    this song is sick

  74. Name Unknown

    Badass song!

  75. Hayko Ayvazyan

    I'm just livin to fulfill my dreams
    I'm just tryin to have the best of things
    None of y'all can't take shit from me
    Life's a bitch she ain't fuckin for free
    So I'mma ride til the wheels fall off
    While all the rest get weak and go soft
    Your petite style, can get you beat down
    My heat's loud, have you huggin on the street now

    dan coolinism

    Quality lyrics very underated hip hop artist and rapper , great style


    Is this all you can say? I have seen the same comment in a post above haha.

  76. Io Drippy

    its 8 years ago and im watching this in 2016

    TotalѢ WarѢ - GALIZIEN

    +Isaac Olivares 16 years song realize ;-)



  77. Vixa

    Xzibit is very underrated. The mans a lyrical machine.

    Á_L Hásháshín

    crash muzic thats why she's a certified bitch now.

    dan coolinism

    He's in my top 10

    Andrew E

    James Ervin restless went double platinum

    Ricky Cecena

    Isis Cruz couldn't have said it any better FUCK THIS LAME SHIT WE CALL RAP TODAY


    The classic X!

  78. adnoun1

    a mix of "what's the difference" by dr dre and "triump" by wu tang


    adnoun1 Holy shit, that's actually a super accurate description of this instrumental!

    Hytham Alkhamsa

    WOW, can't believe someone else thinks that too! Spot on dude!

  79. KDoubleU Music

    X to the Z! Dope

  80. A T

    my cup is mine, fuck all else. 

  81. Anime Prince

    you'd have to have good taste in order to have made it here\/

    Á_L Hásháshín

    Agent 74 to record ya use CD's to play in a car ya bum


    Agent 74 I still use CD's too.
    I burn my stuff onto CD's and sell em.
    $7 per cd sold gets you paid if you know what you're doing.

    tony Bonie

    We just trying to find some hoes to fuck tonight

    Some Guy

    "crushing Xzibit with that tough talk. That's like Christopher Reeve doing the Crip walk."

  82. Anime Prince

    "while the west gets weak and go soft"

  83. Grenyas24

    that snare!

  84. candyrain009

    This some high school shit right here.

    George Zarate

    candyrain009 thats right my boy😆


    College music, for me.

  85. rascal256

    Real hiphop mathafakaz.this shit is dope nigga.dre on the beat to the z on the mic u know the rest.old shit man,who now kan kam up wit samthng lyk dis.

  86. Tyler James

    anyone know where I can get the Instrumental to this?

  87. skase re

    the whole restless album is produced by dre so all these beats are made by dre


    I don't know where you got this from, but Dre only produced 3 out of 16 tracks on Restless.

  88. mahku94

    Sounds more like a Scott Storch beat to me

  89. mahku94

    Sounds more like a Scott Storch beat to me

  90. 420TREELOVER

    West coast left coast best coast

  91. Marvin the Martian

    It is a Dre beat

  92. mixinupthemedicinee

    instrumental on my list

  93. Andrew Flood


  94. Dimi F

    Life is a bitch and aint fucking for free. <<

  95. Tyler Munday

    ive had psychiatric evaluations before... and yes im psycho so yea haha