XXXTENTACION - voice memo 3: Moonlight Lyrics

That's fire
First wheel
Yeah, uh

Spotlight, uh, moonlight, uh
Nigga, why you trippin'? Get your mood right, uh
Shawty look good in the moonlight
All these pussy niggas so bad mind
Spotlight, uh, moonlight, uh
Nigga, why you trippin'? Get your mood right, uh
Shawty look good in the moonlight
All these pussy niggas so bad mind

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XXXTENTACION voice memo 3: Moonlight Comments
  1. Jeanny Marte-Vasquez

    Anything just to hear his voice just one more time🗣🍃💔

  2. Rafael Borges

    kkkkkk mc fioti caralho!


    ;-; ;____________;

  3. crappy X

    My everything❤
    GOAT X

  4. default e salty

    I like how he mumbles it first and then adds the lyrics

  5. Bruh Moment

    bruh my deadass said yeah in the beginning lmao

  6. arden gonzales

    X said in an interview that he would be dead before 25-27 or before his kid alive...he was smart to record his recording process in order to teach his son how to carry on his sound and legacy without being here...very deep. #LLJ

  7. Minecraft Is Better Than Roblox

    1:49 that X laugh, ahhh😍😍

  8. stuartwardell1

    dis fuckin x wasn’t supposed to die

  9. Tvsuperior

    Spoonlight moonlight niga way chkblpm moonlight

  10. Barış `

    everyday here 😪 ily X💔

  11. xxxtentacion

    Xxxtentacion that your son

  12. QICK

    Ну реально это уже перебор, вам денег не хватает? Ну реально!

  13. DEMIX :3

    it's amazing bro!)

  14. Irving Moreno


  15. Cooker Legend

    X: u produced this?
    Producer: yes
    X: ur a fucking genius
    Producer: your more of a fucking genius
    His energy will never die

  16. Aarian B

    man really started speaking Cartinese.

  17. FA Webs

    0:46 to 0:52 got me stank-facing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. G͓̽E͓̽N͓̽E͓̽R͓̽A͓̽L͓̽


  19. Ian Rodriguez

    I love the fuck outta x but this is garbage!

  20. Khali Harden

    Shit gave me chills when he found the words to the hook 🔥

  21. Dizzy Devil

    1:49 oH mY GOd

  22. Ariadna Palma


  23. Bombixo

    The ultimate trash unleashed upon the world my god, how he ever was an appreciated artist with talent.

  24. Anaci Passos Freires


  25. Phrame

    forever missed❤

  26. Stefan 1234

    Moonlight uh

  27. Bape

    1:48 “Oh My GOd” I swear I miss this man😭

  28. Rip Rappers

    X is reminding me singing moonlight for the first time lol


    Roblox OOF | Lmfaooo

    Rafael Muniz

    If you're gonna make an alt account at least change the pfp bro


    Bro it’s true I can relate to this

  29. lil_dixk_girl_hill_ 666

    thats fire🔥💯-xxxtentacion

  30. Angel Sanchez

    I just made my YouTube channel

  31. Angel Sanchez

    I’m only 11 can you guys please sub to me

  32. אדיר זכריה

    I wish we could get evey single version of this song x thought about. miss u KING

  33. Vikas Balhara


  34. Naim Azizi

    Nobody has Seen this. LLJ. miss you man. See you

  35. vi5ion

    Wait is that dj vlad talking?

  36. Ghoul

    Can't believe these don't have more views.

  37. Xtro l

    They are like 3 minutes long but feel like 20 mins I love it

  38. Oxxy


  39. Multiverse Arc - Chigo Senpai

    Long Live Prince X


    Its all fun and games until jah starts riding his unicycle


    I love this shit:(❤️

  42. Erlinda TV

    Rip 😭😭😭😭

  43. loukman jiggolocco


  44. just editss


  45. xSkrrrtx

    These give a deeper meaning to the songs.


    1:49 I love x's laugh.💔

  47. Noki Man

    We miss u X RIP

    And those people that dislike this vid are just haters

  48. x.Lesia.x

    Crazy bc we’re listening to voice memos of a diamond certified song

    lina safar

    Are you sure it's diamond? I don't think that's right 😂


    lina safar in France it’s diamond certified, you can look it up


    In America it’s platinum.

  49. ronal bonilla

    This is so cringy but it's lit anyway

  50. b3 bands

    R.i.p 🖤🖤🖤 LLJ

  51. Luuuke

    kinda crazy how wise this kid was


    Es el único video donde canta moonlight live

  53. xLEWA

    cool to see how the song could have ended up

  54. DatJohnsterRayBoi

    X loved to play with frequencies a lot


    We know

  55. YBN robbery

    Love u so much jah

  56. Lil Brelok


  57. Evil Flufkins

    Wow, this song changed a bit ;=;

  58. Abel Polo FC

    Forever X 💥🇦🇷😢😓😅😓😓😅😓😢

  59. Run X


  60. TheCoolnado1076

    Do they have a voice memo for train food? release it now please


    this is the deluxe for ? not skins


    @misagi That's not what he asked.


    @officialkotor but train food is on skins and this whole album focuses on ? so misagi technically did answer their question correctly


    @NJBrandon No, techically they didn't. He said "Do they have a voice memo for train food?" there is no dis-acknowledgement of the fact that this is focused on ?, just a simple question that if there is skins memos for train food to be released faster.

  61. Ale z

    1:42 he was right

  62. Craxkzy

    These voice memos are the best thing so far in September 2019

    I 5 P

    Wait till september 20

    Vhill Domina

    there Are 8

  63. Craxkzy

    Only 12k views?

    Dominic Canizares

    Craxkzy Bc people thought it was gonna be new music lmao

    remy butler

    Dominic Canizares fuck the haters

  64. Nhlanhla Ndlamlenze

    This version of Moonlight has a better flow than the final version in my opinion 💯💥💣

  65. Imraanf12

    Yooo that flow would've been sick!

  66. Xx_ajzj_xx

    Rip x miss ya bro I will take a bullet for you I will die for you

    Nahum Montoya

    Xx_ajzj_xx 2 welp it’s to late isn’t it


    Nahum Montoya ya

  67. Dylan Sirimanotham

    bro this is why he is the best he plays around with his music and to get the best sound for him and us rest up x rest easy

  68. Hugo Pinto

    tenias una voz hermosa bro

  69. Young Dagger Dick


  70. XXXPLR The good more JaDwRiOn


  71. uhok

    his voice. you can tell what im going to say.

  72. Cameron Babcock

    His lil laugh

  73. watheeqkamiez too

    Isn't it nerve wrecking that the beginning ideas aren't the original


    watheeqkamiez too i get u. it’s interesting to see all the ideas they had for these songs.

    Bobby Lawrence

    What do you mean “sing the song right?”
    This is how music is composed. You don’t just magically have a full song recorded out of nowhere.


    @Bobby Lawrence fax

    watheeqkamiez too

    Obviously, but I was just comparing the lyrics and the tune to how it is how we hear it, it's just weird hearing other tunes and words


    You trippin its actually real cool how you get to hear a slightly different version of how the song could have been different lines and stuff

  74. Ary_Noir 42

    1:36 1:49 such a babe🖤

    Elijah Callahan

    Ary_Noir 42 agreed no homo tho

    Ary_Noir 42

    @Elijah Callahan I wouldn't thought you were a homo anyway

    Elijah Callahan

    Ary_Noir 42 ight lmfao

  75. Luks

    spotlight uh

  76. Domous CZ

    Come back X

  77. Unhappyboy.

    Jah we love u bro...🖤

  78. Lamond YT


  79. icy

    I want voicememos of his scream songs


    @Satya Kuro nah there has to be 1 voicememo of a scream song he got so much

    R.I.P Avicii

    Like "1 minute" right 👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻


    Slitwrist one more like until 666 likes


    I love floor 555

  80. 11 : 11

    gekyume circumcision 😢😢😭

  81. Long Live Jah

    rest easy prince jah🌎

  82. Gabriela Morosan


  83. Sebălaina

    Duuuuuuuuudeee dat crazyyyy

  84. soda pop

    when he said “this is a hit” i felt that

  85. Nathan Tiffen

    It’s crazy to see how much it changed from this to the final version.

  86. Bandido 500

    "Thats fire"

  87. Daan Sandhu


  88. AMB _Carlin14

    ❤️ i wish you were here with us all ❤️

  89. Uzi Hellrising

    X: this is a hit !

    Everyone: It is a hit !

    Rng XBRO

    He also GOT hit


    @Rng XBRO edgy


    @Rng XBRO gay