XXXTENTACION - Kill My Vibe Lyrics


Okay, kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah
Kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah

[Tom G:]
Smoking high, it don't lie
I been that nigga like this whole time
Alarm clock, nigga was sleep 'til I iced my wrist
Now my charm's up
Street shit, that's my genre
Sippin' this drank like Starbucks
'Less you sharin' them cookies, babe, what the fuck you got in this car for? We grown
I keep a secret, fuck it, send you back home to your people
My nigga's trappin', and swipin' the Visa
Stackin' and flippin' you know the procedure
Now he shakin' like a seizure
Say you ballin', but we don't believe ya'
Bought the champagne for achievement
Shoot the pistol, just give me a reason

Okay, kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah
Kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah

[Tom G:]
I'm so high, I'm so fly, I'm so lit
Man, my jeweler ice me like a game of freeze tag, and I'm it
Y'all niggas duck-duck-goose
Your bitch love me, and I love her too
She text me heart, ass, and a tongue emoji
I bend it over, enjoy the moment
Then catch a flight
Hating on niggas like bugs, the crib full of pesticides
I'm gettin' extra racks, I rep the set for life, yeah, yeah
We got the streets on lock, eternal sleep for opps
Tell me to pull up and and cock
V12 what we slide, they wanna kill a nigga vibe

Okay, kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah
Kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah
Okay, kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah
Kill my vibe, yeah, yeah
You gon' die, yeah, yeah
Wrist on ice, ain't it nice?
Fuck the price, yeah, yeah

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XXXTENTACION Kill My Vibe Comments
  1. Danny Franks

    Fuck Tom G, he killed the vibe of this song (except X's part of course). X should've done this song himself.

  2. Icy_boi_411_ _

    Bruh what If x's vocals for kill my vibe and I changed her life were originally supposed to go to 1 song? If so it would probably sound like this:

    "Kill my vibe yeah yeah
    You gon die yeah yeah
    Wrist on ice, ain't it nice
    Fuck the price yeah yeah

    Whip with the peanut butter inside
    Dip if you tryna kill a n*gga vibe
    Slip to the crib I'm in her insides yeah
    She said oh my god I changed her fucking life"


    Im picking up what you are putting down. Completly!

  3. Daniel Okonski

    Tom g needa gtfo this song X go in hard tho but that feature killed my vibe 😬

  4. Maria Estrada

    Xxxtentaclon was my lite but He is he is not in this world anymore and now it’s dark and I can’t see


    Here to help! ;)

  5. fledi [1000 subs no videos?]

    “Please don’t kill the vibe”

  6. Чон Чонгук


  7. Knock Knock

    One of the best Tracks on the album

  8. Chicky Peep

    *let me know intensifies*

  9. typical advance

    This song isn't bad it's just the vibe which wasn't what anyone would want

  10. DM DownTown AnkleBreakrr

    The beginning sounds like someone’s alarm goin off

  11. zna jt

    I lke all his song

  12. Roberto Dynasty

    Sempre vou lembrar de você X

  13. zedgrant

    I didn't have a problem with the inclusion of Tom G, at least the song is complete now. Stop your bitching.

  14. William Scott

    “Tom G sounds like a vampire” said my friend

  15. Kd The goat

    Tbh song would be better without tom g his voice is annoying


    Common srsly can we have a song with just xxxtentacion

  17. Gafy Erte

    I miss you x. I miss your energy

  18. Matt Cavanaugh


  19. Dávid.

    this song was ruined by tom g

  20. Dan

    Get Tom G off this shit

  21. TxG TeMPeR

    "now you shaking like a seizure"

    oh god...

  22. Nette Castillo

    Here for TomG 🤷💙💙💙

  23. Nqobile Mgquba

    Saw this on my crushes status

  24. Diogo Faria


  25. Bad Vibes Forever


    🇧🇷 Brasil - ♡♡♡


    TomG killed the vibe 😬

  27. DannRoo

    This is not x,fuck this


    he sings the hook

  28. 808 808

    Tom G killed X’s vibe

  29. Dezmon Zuniga

    The most underrated song on the album

  30. Weeb Gød

    Tom G sounding like Danny Towers dad

  31. Your boy Kyle

    If u didn’t put this other guy it would be way better

  32. Fever

    X : sings
    tom g: *prepares*
    Lung cancer : "no."

  33. Rollthug Records

    miss you bro

  34. Chippers Cheetos

    Yeah yea kill my vibe 🤟🏽🖤🤍🔫

  35. Crysto

    I really wish they would of chose someone who actually complemented the melodies of the song to feature on this one. Could of been a banger if we didn't have a chain smoker ruin the melody.

  36. J.R Junior

    Can anyone do a remix of this song, Tom g is just ain't cutting it

  37. Casual_Dropout

    Tom wasn't bad he went kinda crazy

  38. ART with HEART Production

    Tom G killed vibe of the songs it would be great if X did it by himself his melodies are just awesome

  39. Hencity

    This beat and x's hook is fucking amazing i wish they got a better feature

  40. Officialugalaisbon

    Tom G killed my vibe

  41. UnknXwnYeet

    it's called kill my vibe because who ever the fuck this tom.g guy is, he killed the vibe for this song.

  42. justin sooroojdeen

    Tom sounds like he is trying to pass a kidney stone

    humble fox chan' yt


  43. Cristi

    this instrumental is really relaxing imo

  44. ツRaposa Gamer



  45. Not Your Cereal

    the hook and the beat are the only good things in this song

  46. Somnath Mandal

    People who disliked this song are really not humans.

  47. _ SYDER _

    Tom are you sure that you don't want a glass of water?

  48. AnImAnDo E dEsEnHaNdO

    ele não tinha morrido? kkkkk , como que ta fazendo musica ?

  49. MotherFkerrs

    Fans: Tom G have smoked 30 sigaretten in one day
    Also fans: this song it litt
    Me: please just make a choice

  50. ChampingYamper

    tomg kinda killed the vibe for me :/

  51. KAYG0D

    2010: guru
    2011: heavy D
    2012: adam yauch
    2013: lil snupe
    2014: speaker knockerz
    2015: chinx
    2016: trey the kid
    2017: lil peep
    2019: juice wrld

    Who tf gonna die in 2020?

    Rahaman Awelenje

    Thank you For saying ALL the ones we lost 🙏🏾not just from the soundcloud era

  52. LeYandelroxx LX

    High key miss X ngl

  53. këtlyn !


  54. Hansu

    That nigga Tom G sounds disgusting

  55. Yes Oat meal

    Ok I ain’t gonna lie

    This album is sorta garbage

  56. Полина Персидская

    Кто русский лайк (а ты же умер год назад) 😢😢

    # S1MPL1E

    Он жив ептаааа!!!

  57. Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    And I tbh y’all just givin him money just by hatin. Dummies

  58. Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    Y’all mad disrespectful

  59. Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    This song go hard tbh

  60. Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    Tom G my uncle bums

  61. Toom Recall

    I found one of my favorite songsss

  62. Lazy

    The beat is fucking insane on this one

  63. DIL DIL


  64. DIL DIL


  65. UnWoundTub

    I lived near him too :( I live in Miami so that was sad for me

  66. Mars CannonPlayz

    This is indeed his best song

  67. Ирина Осипова

    Я не пойму как икс выпускает песни он же умер

  68. Gabriele Milani

    Who is the producer of this song?

    Cam'Ron Billings

    John Cunningham
    Who produced a ton of X's songs


    John Cunningham aka John Cuminhand


    We will all see u in heaven my bro hope u are listening and just letting u know that who ever killed u x u will get your payback


    Rip x rip lil peep rip juice love all u bro

  71. Artëm Ro



  72. baaby b0

    I'm so mad, all of these songs in this album wouldve been good without any of these people on his features they ruined all the songs I'm so disappointed.

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    baaby b0 hater


    hard agree

  73. Tomtom Nuckles

    Lmao that feature killed the whole fucking song

  74. AG Vector

    This song makes me wanna join the UFC

  75. Kuritusan

    i dont know but this song seems unfinished i would like more x verses it just sounds like x is only singing the hook u feel me?

  76. Zefrix

    Why I thought that xxxtentacion raps this song like: in my vibe yeah yeah you gonn die?

  77. Frosted /

    Who’s idea was it for Tom g to ruin this song


    X said he wanted him on the album when he was alive


    Love u x


    Rip love u bro

  80. Darshana Bhigroog

    I love you when you die and now

  81. Youth

    am i the only one who liked both xxxtentacion and whoever this Tom G guy is verses? both were awesome

    Silviu Marian

    Me too mate, they all sayin Tom killed the vibe but I prefer that way, it's way better lmao, Tom went crazy af he's good.


    @Silviu Marian thank you! his voice has a tech n9ne mixed with mystikal vibe to it! i love it!

  82. griffith

    I rather x repeat the chorus multiple time than to hear that verse from Tom G

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    griffith hater

  83. Lilb Wright

    See nun but hating ass people in the comments fuck em put on fa our city 813 rip x

  84. Takaî

    It was a vibe... until I heard TomG

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    Takaî hater


    @Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming how am I hating, I'm just saying that adding Tom G was kind of ironic because that's exactly what Tom G did lol.

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    Well that’s my uncle and I’m being truthful

  85. Tarrin Jackson

    I low key like Tom G’s part.... don’t hate on me plz🤕

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    Tarrin Jackson Frl that song is food

    Xxvibezxx Sports and gaming

    And Tom g my uncle

  86. vimxl

    Tom G ruined this song

  87. Beata Beata

    2019 ukraine with u x😢🥺❤️

  88. XXX xxx


  89. Supreme Kirby

    Does anyone hear that tune x played in the beginning it kinda sounded like a tune in whoa mind in awe

  90. Alfry Liguori


  91. CrypticlagsHD

    Terrible feature

  92. J Kole

    tom g sounds like rick ross' bother

  93. Garrett Sampson

    Tom g ruined this song whyyyyy