XXXTENTACION - Hot Gyal Lyrics

Hot gyal
Girl, you wan' breathe for me
When I'm in your body, feel like ecstasy, uh
Why you wan' vex with me?
And, next, do you wanna have sex with me?

Late night, gettin' lit, going down, uh
Shawty like the way a nigga dick her down, uh
Got a nigga cummin' all on my drawers, yeah
I'ma beat the pussy, then it's sayonara, uh

Bad gyal, wan' see all ya
Your body bad like Rihanna
Playin' with your breast like Brianna
Girl, you're [?] for me like Teyana
Wanna wine up your body like Taraji
Shut down Instagram, untag it
Government contraband and flag it
Bring it to my maquilla, man, stop it
Girl, jump 'pon me body like rabbit
She want the D, and I, me, want of it
She addicted like a coke addict
Mission, fuck the [?], she call the dick [?], hey

Even when I'm gone, they want my love
The girls want my love
Can't leave on without my love
Even when I fly away like a dove
They carry on, I can't leave on without my love

[Tory Lanez:]
Girl, better not have no pics 'pon the Snapchat for you
I pour one Hennessy and back shot for you
You happ woman, wan' give it up, though
I'm livin' my life, you need fi live it up too
Some say the best sex come from big stress
And I need fi just fling off drawers and red dress
She a ball, call up, me say hello in text message, is stressin' to me
I break her off, the frame in the bed satiny, yeah
Me no one I know fi judge me
I'ma feel like every girl in the world love me
Feel like every girl in the world wan' fuck me
'Cause my money real pretty when I'm lookin' ugly
She want a wilder man
Rude boy done up the Taliban
No, boy, can never style me, man
Beat 'pon the ting like Energizer, no, no, no

Fuck yeah
Girl, you wan' breathe for me
When I'm in your body, feel like ecstasy, uh
Why you wan' vex with me?
And, next, do you wanna have sex with me?

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XXXTENTACION Hot Gyal Comments
  1. Michael Klootwijk

    “You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind, or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.

  2. Yosufy 777

    Oh thought you died man!

  3. david rojo

    The views on this are terrible. They shouldn't have a made a video for this song.

  4. Nathan Juda

    This is not what x would want this to look like and plzz don't listen to any of xxxtentacions songs that ate coming out they are just making so much money of this and most of it is features that x doesn't want on there lil nas x was talki g shit about him and he is featured on his album just cuz they are making money and x sings like 3 lines and the rest is features stop lisining to shity songs from 'x' that aren't even him

  5. Shawayne Grant

    Bad song

  6. sean mcclendon

    Cleo please take this down...

  7. Bailey Louise Newman

    x wouldn’t want this, this don’t feel like something x would want to post

  8. Sandra Maeots

    Stip this! Don’ t ruin his legendary, it’ s not meant to be so, let him rest in peace!

  9. Аниме Ха

    Кто он?

  10. Rø-Mãrïö Hïmsëlf

    Would y'all just shut up about the naked girls an jus enjoy the flipping song 🔥🔥🔥
    The song is jus too short fa mi...

  11. King Baghera

    X is a nice person i know he was bad before but i dont care cuz i love him a lot cuz he was the first rapper i listen to and i loved his songs cuz hes amazing :C i wish he didnt die cuz i love to see him one day cuz i love him more then my family and everything actually like everything in my life :CC


    he sucks

  12. HoroshiyBoy- Minecraft

    тентейшен жив

  13. Sandra Maeots

    This in not right so sad he couldn’ t fhinish it the way he wanted. It’ s so unfair, he definitely didn’ t want it that way

  14. Sandra Maeots

    If he only could come back and finish all his thoughts

  15. Yuvaraj Shankar

    I don't feel X in this video..this is disrespectful

  16. Darkshadow lp

    This is a shame to X

  17. psman 06

    You dont do that you use the force de xxxtentation but is died you dont do that

  18. Lil Candy

    Delete this

  19. _kristal _

    They killed you, as you posted the video, and maybe the wife hmmmh

  20. [C-OPS] ツEmBr0o

    Bu adam ölmedimi aq

  21. Gaara De la arena

    ??? No estaba muerto

  22. Jc Marin

    Idk why Cleo was good wit this, cuz she should’ve known jah wouldn’t do this

  23. Lilly Eilish Forever

    X would Never do this

  24. Kylian x -

    X isnt even singing in this...


    X puts the likes of Lake

  26. Jamaragon 242

    Like The Vids That He Didn't Direct Are Fucking Horrible

  27. Jamaragon 242

    I'm a dedicated x fan for two years from 2017 delete this bullshit ass video

  28. aaron23 gaming

    Stop using x channel because you cant be x

  29. Monkey Playz

    Merry Christmas xxxtentacion we will be up there sooner or later

  30. Chxrge

    This isn't what x would do EVER

  31. StartedDeer 2

    ewww wtf is this x wouldn’t what the kind of shit

  32. Godblake

    stop this

  33. Juanito Morán Music Channel

    ...I don't know.

  34. Вова Воробець

    You died?

  35. Unicorn B

    This is not XXX TENTACION he wouldn't put half naked girls in a video these are just some African people who took over him channel

  36. Leily Rivera

    X is way better than the wtf is this x did not make this tf

  37. Malyk Thomasse

    Ça représente tellement pas x, il est beaucoup plus créatif.

  38. Makbule Cal

    Thats not x...🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  39. Real Trap Life

    are getting hype on XXXTENTACION

  40. Alia Aitalieva

    In the future we will forget the legend ....

  41. Luis Plays&ReactsYT1

    X your alive or not

  42. Nat Herron

    What is this shit

  43. Matheus Henrique

    queria uma explicação explicavel ja que eles ta morto né?

  44. Mohammad Adel

    I can't see x in this shit 🤦🏻‍♂️

  45. neymar barcelona


  46. Instinct

    Imagine pretending to be X

  47. Belly

    Stop using X for money ;(

  48. Stride Aless

    How did he prepare so many songs before dying

  49. فهد المطيري


  50. rp8r Gaming

    This is just auto tune and half naked girls. This isn’t X, this is modern day trash.


    "this is modern day trash." yeah thats x

  51. melifiluous

    I think people are using X's death as a tool for views. This is more upsetting than his death. Who said that these creators can use *his* unused lyrics?

  52. Жêня ŸŤ


  53. Bwakey 34

    You guys ruined x's career even if he's dead

  54. LiL LiL

    Sooooooo disrespectful on x

  55. Świat Oli

    He la died?!

  56. Just guy

    الحين انت ميت ولا عايش ؟ لو سمحت حدد 🙄

  57. SlipkNot

    R.I.P XXX

  58. Jfj Ufjfj

    Do they even know x properly?

  59. Brandon Bentayga

    You guys don’t understand . He is Jamaican this is their music and style . I don’t see anything wrong with this and I’m a huge fan of x . Big up JA🇯🇲

  60. SNTGX

    X would never drop this song, the original was with Vybz Kartel and it was 100 times better.

  61. BroomzToobz

    But who can imagine x there what would he be doing

  62. Vatan Bozkurt

    Omg love to x

  63. 但Focus

    These peoples are so rude, using X s name and making cash, doesn’t feel like X s song, almost 90% of this song is naked girls, cmon! X respects his fans
    And 1 thing.
    Im not dead until im forgottom
    Old man from flim(forgot the name)

  64. Putra Jaya

    Udah mati kok buat lagu mulu

  65. John Turner

    They really out here milking his death wth

  66. A_Y_R_E_M ,ಠᴥಠ,

    😭успокйте меня

  67. Mirabelle Kaida

    It's been forever since I listened to his music, and uhh...yeah this just doesn't feel right. It just feels...pretty cash-grabby, yknow? Pretty disrespectful imo

  68. Raspii Perez

    Well now im pissed, i spilled my fruity pebbles cause of this.

  69. Raze YT

    X had never used auto tune! 😡

    Ryan Bailey

    That's a lie


    he used auto tune in everyone of his songs so stfu


    get your facts straigth

  70. SlimTrimTim


  71. Envy SoulZ

    X alive?

  72. See jew later Sheet deek

    His mom cashin in on all his music lol

  73. xDaito Nigga

    dude wtf is this

  74. JaimeIsGoated _

    X wouldn’t want this....smh

  75. Youtube Papas

    These people need to stop just let him rest in peace

  76. lucius kun937

    XXXTENTACION Weren't you dead?

  77. Omarie Brown

    Long live X ... But this is bs he wouldn't approve of this at all

  78. ِpatricia torres

    this video is fucked up so bad

  79. Weirdo o

    Wait- who runs this account now?

  80. Kaitlynn Peterson

    this is disrespectful to x and what he worked so hard, this should be taken down to be honest. x would never post something like this, this is another one of the industries way of making a quick buck instead of remembering him there exploiting his name on random shit for money its fucked up and wrong i understand there's a child to support but like c'mon your telling me hundreds of thousands of dollars isn't enough on top of what the mother makes like just let jahseh R.I.P. already we can at least give him that right ? just let his legacy live on forever and never forget him as he was don't let them go and fuck it up now after hes worked so hard just so they can make sum money

  81. kaiden

    Bruh wtf is this x is way better than this

  82. Rice

    Take this shit down

  83. G R G L L

    I just have 1 question. if X rote this, what message does this music video give us

    Ryan Bailey

    Does every song have to convey some sort of message

    Ryan Bailey

    What message did I'm sipping tea in your hood convey huh?

  84. FiveNightsAt Puppet's

    Dis-fucking-respectful take it down

  85. The LichKing

    Hmm x dont sing this shit

  86. Jakegachas gachas

    Xxxtentacion just comment ed he's still alive

  87. Steve Mercury

    For all the people saying this isn’t X it certainly is his vocals and his lyrics. This song was supposed to feature vybz cartel and was a different vibe but whatever makes money makes money. Y’all have to remember he signed a deal worth millions of dollars before he died. So his family and team making what’s left of his music have to do what that can to pay back that advance and make the income to support his child and baby mamma

  88. Delano Bignall

    y the fuck is jamaica's just making x's channel die slowly its bad you can see from the views

  89. Delano Bignall

    no no no x is more creative than this shit man if x was alive he will be more creative i hate the changes of x's channel its total shit and it suck so who is control x's channel please give us the old x please

  90. blackout 001

    Pourquoi j'ai l'impression que xxxtentacion et encore vivant 🤔

  91. vampireofthesun

    to be real this hot garbage but i hear his voice in a new song so thats a sign he alive thats all i care for to be foreal

    Unicorn B

    He is dead ;( He is not alive :(

  92. UTK Crazy

    Bro my friend show me this wtf this is not X 😭

  93. THE Little mokey brat monkey

    Juice world said this him self

    WHat the fuck is this about

  94. SΣ •Goddlyy

    everyone is worried about juice wrld we forgot about x

  95. Kristian Bryan

    Take this down. This isnt X in my opinion

  96. Thairon Carrero

    woman is with vybz kartel


    Bad Vibes Forever


    Here before gone


    Here before 500 replies

    hoe for ATEEZ

    X would never use such a mv. Rip legenend.

    Pop Raul