Oh my
Oh my God, Ronny

Hold my dick, woah, woah, woah
Flood my wrist, woah, woah, woah
She gon' fuck, woah, woah, woah
On some dick, woah, woah, woah
In her pussy, she gon scream, like the Slasher movie, huh
You should have Charlie Sheen, you fuck dirty groupies, somethin' bruh
I want your shawty, please
She got big ol' boobies, huh
Hey, boo, hold my Draco, huh
She don't got no payroll, huh
You wan' fuck for clouty, shawty
Bitch, why ain't you stay so? Huh
Take flight, red tomato, huh
You boys soft like play-doh, huh

Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up

Okay, uh, uh
Eat a plate, eat a plate
You look like you need a steak, yeah
Bitch you need to gain some weight
Two houses, do real estate, yuh
Throw the pussy on me like a battery, huh
Run them on the track, get kidderin'
Shawty wanna fuck, how flatterin', huh
Dove in the pussy, call the battery, huh
Batter up, uh, hey, throw it at me, uh, hey
I'm your daddy, huh, huh, grand-papi, huh, huh
I'm your father, I'm your grandfather, I'm your father's father
Pull up on you like I'm Darth Vader, bitch Luke Skywalker

Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up

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