Attention, attention, hey
When you see me, please stand at attention
Real lie, realize
Try me, I'ma send you back to real life
Attention, hey, attention, hey
When you see me, please stand at attention
Real lie, realize
Try me, I'ma send you back to real life

Oh my God, I've been up, I've been dead, yeah
Put a show on, take it off, get it wet, yeah
I might drop a bomb on your head, Funk Flex, yeah
Blew up, no Saddam, I put money on your head, yeah
Shawty, I'm an asshole like Charlamagne
Please excuse this cash, yeah, I am fresh out the bank
Put one in the head if you charmin' like a snake
Bible on the dash, like I'm fucking Gunplay, ayy

Attention, hey, attention, hey
When you see me, please stand at attention
Real lie, realize
Try me, I'ma send you back to real life
Attention, hey, attention, hey
When you see me, please stand at attention
Real lie, realize
Try me, I'ma send you back to real life

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  2. BOB Games

    Algum BR aqui vei ?

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    I can imagine x walking down a row of rappers in this song

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    I’m glad this song wasn’t fucked over by some shitty unnecessary feat like some of the other songs

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  7. Lil Numb

    I​ love.x

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    Это же настоящий голос тентасиона?
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  12. Adam Stokes

    X you are a inspiration, you are the reason I do what I do and take pride in it thank you for that, I’ll see you up above.

  13. KIWI-MIX

    Feel like people just wanted to grab fame of x's death in this album. Let's be honest would x really sing with some of these ppl?

  14. Yung Bug Spray

    All I wanna say is thank you x for helping me through the thick and thin

  15. Ulkyokin

    “Attention ,attention
    When you see me ,please stand at attention
    Real lie , realize
    Try me , ima send you back to real life”

  16. Demon rising YT

    “Try me ,ima send you back to real life “

  17. Marko

    Yeah xxx is live🤩🤩🤩

  18. Quentin Calix

    Finally talks about his money 💰

  19. Blaze Ratking

    I miss x. ps this song is lit I had to get the album when it was realesed

  20. RicasKiller Yt

    Atention !!!!

  21. Piggie Bonita

    This is the best song best song honeymoon but the best song😇🤬😭XXX love 💗 you

  22. OtakuGodKLM

    This is the best song on the album.

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  24. Quentin Calix

    This the song X should have sang to every rapper bc he was the king of all.

  25. Itz Clap_Z

    Am I the only one who thought it was weird that he died in 2018 and this is posted now?

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    2017: LIL peep died
    2018: x die
    2019: jucie wrld

  30. random guy

    0:14 wtf

  31. marko polo 2

    nice song

  32. Ragtag

    This seems like something 2016 21 savage would hop on

  33. Pro_gamer_

    This should be his theme song rip brother

  34. supremejokes._ ig

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  35. スカーロード

    I love it so much, the way he says attention it sounds like he says attencion

  36. Augustine Villegas

    How did this song get released one month ago and xxxtentacion died almost two years ago


    Augustine Villegas | his mom and label released it

  37. Andrew Cook

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    2020 people?

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  40. Shogun76_nitram

    These are some good features but I wish X did every song alone.. or with Ski.

  41. Valeria Rodriguez

    One question did he write theses?

  42. Sins Life

    This Sounds Like Xxxtentacion

    Sins Life

    @WashierHawk 399 wtf nah your a joke not trying to be mean lolll

    WashierHawk 399

    Sins Life lol but you know it’s x right

    Sins Life

    @WashierHawk 399 yo you need fucking help x is dead you know that right lol

    Sins Life

    @WashierHawk 399 and stop liking you're comments

    WashierHawk 399

    Sins Life Lol I know he’s dead but he made this before he died

  43. Hemz Ahmad


  44. michael zenisek

    tell me if my lyrics are fire or trash
    chemical imbalance in my brain
    smokin on them big pills heavyweight
    smoking when I don't want to
    to maintain
    smokin, sippin slippin 
    s game
    overdose and take the same pill the same day
    at the end of the day
    then put a bullet in my brain
    tell my momma that I'm ok then I finish it
    the blunt thats double laced
    tell em all I'm sober when the pill is in my waste
    what the fucc did I say theres a chemical imbalance in my brain

  45. FlamyPlayz

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    But still i cry cuz of his death😞

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  47. Caique Gabriel

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  49. Silas Christiansen

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    U ARE GAY!!!!

  52. Pheonix Morales

    Why is this so fire🥺🔥I miss him to much

  53. FalconYT

    how is X comin out wit all dis music if he dead like fr fr he alive somewhere guys

  54. Cloud King

    Another minute or 2 and this song would be so fire

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  56. Leonard Segal


    WashierHawk 399

    Leonard Segal he did?

  57. 6ix9ine 69GMZ


  58. TTV_ Nooks

    x dosent need features he can do it himslef

  59. ahmetcnn67 hesap2


  60. Moylen


  61. Juanito Queintin


    I appreciate you giving us all the mind soothing frequencies you’ve created. You have changed the world your dream of changing millions of lives work 10 fold.

    My condolences to your family love you & miss you LONG LIVE KING XXX

  62. SG Luzvert

    eu lanço “ZAINZ” 👹🐐

  63. Andrew Merlino

    10% of the comments: "press the like button= 1 prayer"

    90% of the comments: GuYs pLeAsE sToP aSkInG fOr lIkEs iTs dIsReSpEcTfuL

  64. Alex Robinson 14

    Thought he was dead he is still making songs

    WashierHawk 399

    Alex Robinson 14 lol these songs were already starting to be made before he died

  65. Phoenix Wolf

    Very nice song tbh..

  66. Luan Ferlinpe


  67. Lanai Mcwashington

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  69. Ameny Aye

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    Happy birthday x we miss you💔

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  80. NextWolf

    Yes Sir

  81. Donovan Phillips

    happy Birthday X we miss you dearly real legends never die rest easy.

  82. Lamar Morgan

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  83. Flori Gashi

    Miss for him 💔💔

  84. Elijay gohard

    happy birthday x love u bro

  85. Alessio Patrol03


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    X alive in our hearts! ❤ 😢
    Today 2020 but i'm still cry!

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    *Long Live X*