XV - Now Look Lyrics

[Hook: XV]
They try to say that I won't make it to the top
And now look
They try to say that I won't ever get my spot
And now look
They try to hate while they all wait for me to drop
And now look
I just think that y'all should stop
Now look

[Verse 1: XV]
See, I'm dope like Ves Saint Laurent, cause you ain't gotta say why
My home team was hating so my ear is all I play by
Music keeps me down to Earth, but I still hope my fame rise
Cause no one wants to be next to a black man unless you J5
See I'm trying to be J tall, you could be in gate high
I take it to the max like a student that goes to Bayside
Get counterfeit markers, all these niggas giving me fake fives
That want to put a dot on my head, like lower-case I's
The game is crazy cause I know in that they try
To have a nigga looking dumb, promoting like St Ives
I ride till the wheels fall off, you ride till the paint's dry
And I know success is like a stopwatch, it takes time


[Verse 2: XV]
I'm just like that's all you, on you
I ain't tripping, stacking chips in Palms Room
With a latin chick to put my calls through
Play some X-Box, read some comics, honest, that's all hoff do
But haters still want beef knowing I'm sick, raw food
And my ex girl texted me saying I saw you
Found out that I got another partner like Saw II
They done seen how I developed from that dark room
And sharks came out that water like you caught 'em with a harpoon
They dropped the ball too, now Vizzy got it
I'm a clock tower, I got my city watching
So little time, so many options
That girl is fine, but I know she plotting
Got bullied by the jocks and now I stop as they broads jocking
That front row filled with all they girls you know that's karma knocking
Freeze frame, picture it
Check your '03 yearbook, they predicted it


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XV Now Look Comments
  1. Kyle Elliott

    Went in a little lol

  2. Ryu Date

    (: not bad

  3. itzmekno

    This would be even better if B.o.B was on this.

  4. J A

    this crid

  5. MrBilyanRemixer

    everyone follow @XtotheV on twitter!!

  6. Carter Delacroix

    boiiiiii -111111da!!!!!!

  7. Angel Banda

    so nice.. gonna make it

  8. Louis Guthrie

    now look

  9. Mike Griffen

    flow's not the greatest but lyrics are tight

  10. seemeden

    nice shit man
    now look
    now look

  11. Kai V

    XV class of '11

  12. Jay Bee

    Noisey Cricket! LMAO HOT SONG MANE

  13. Joseph Dumornay

    dude is really good i've been bumping him for sometime and he reminds me of like the perfect mix of kanye and cassidy
    mainstream might hurt him but hey we need someone to be there that is good/ lupe is coming out wit l.a.s.e.rs check it out

  14. kristobal1229

    @kingtottiswe just because he got a lisp lol!

  15. GDofoo

    XV sounds like XV, fuck the mainstream.

  16. runN909

    @kingtottiswe ya dude does sound like young kanye..but damn i never heard of this fuu . hes kinda dope

  17. Fygurez Folkes

    why haven't I heard of this dude??? he is ill..

  18. howardmciii

    xv is that fucking dude...but j. cole is really dat fucking dude!!!!!!

  19. Jazzfeezy

    Heavy track!

  20. Muniro Sellitali

    thanks i will

  21. 1999yanks

    look up his song undeniable. its from one of his more recent mixtapes. its really good

  22. movado86

    dont worry u bound to get signed wit them skills

  23. Lawson S

    This dude XV is sick

  24. Muniro Sellitali

    undeniable talent