XTC - When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty Lyrics

When you're near me I have difficulty respirating
When you're near me I have difficulty concentrating
When you're near me I have difficulty standing upright
When you're near me I have difficulty sleeping at night

I used to stand proud like a sphinx
In a noble immovable state
Then your heart nailed me under a jinx
Now I'm feeling like a jellyfish
Just a spineless wobbly jellyfish
And it's great, great, so great

I used to stand high like a pine
Just a piece of emotionless wood
When you put your body near mine
Now I'm feeling like a jellyfish
And it's good, good, so good
I used to be an iceman
Living in iceman town
So I'm warning all you cool cool icemen
You'd better be prepared to be melted right down
When you're near me I have difficulty

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XTC When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty Comments
  1. Luc Gnomax

    Sounds a bit like Joe Jackon's first records. Love 'em

  2. karnubawax

    Steve Lillywhite's production makes this record. Listen to the hard-panned guitars all the way through. Genius.

  3. Robert Gee

    this is just too good to be true

  4. Joe Gabbard

    reminds me of Oingo Boingo.

    Rogerandmb Patton

    You mean Oingo Boingo sounds like them.

  5. TAR ICO

    Three people had difficulty hitting the "like" button.

  6. Black Cat

    I'm glad to of had them in my life......may they live for ever.

  7. pbaylis1

    Try playing this to your teenage boy and he just won't get it.

    Sergio Solorio

    17 year old guy here, and XTC is my favorite alternative band. I can’t seem to get into any of the R&B/Rap/Pop music trends that are in fashion nowadays. I naturally prefer most kinds of rock like Pink Floyd, ELP, Queen, Rush, or XTC instead of any of the sappy mainstream pop or stoner/salacious rap going on, and I’m not trying to be pretentious.


    Sergio, that's great to hear. Have a listen to The Stranglers for something a little more alternative, but equally good in my opinion:-)


    This is a pretty obscure song tho


    i understand it

  8. 311 Jazzy

    This should have been a hit :(

  9. Eric Rios

    Drums and Wires is my favorite album of all time and XTC is the most unique and catchiest band I’ve ever listened to honestly.

  10. jethrosketch

    How am I hearing this just now..

  11. Bill Ryan

    The whole record is amazing what a tremendously under appreciated band

  12. Katie Kanitz

    This song chokes me up. Not because it's sad, but because of its stunning brilliance. Masterpiece.

  13. Sueasaedeiz military

    Some basic can't enjoy music. What a loser lol

  14. tacticalbattledroid

    i used to play this all the time and it still sounds good now :-)

  15. Daniel Vincent

    My wife says that it doesn't sound like a jellyfish, but I disagree.

    Carol Mamone

    total jellyfish!


    stupid bitch. Slap that bitch


    Not any old jellyfish...a spineless wobbly one...

  16. Charles Natter

    So i listened to this band when I was in High School an literally thought their music was only funny not good, now like 4ish years later I actually gotta say they're pretty good. Interesting harmonies and melodies as well as lyrics that kinda remind of the Beatles more abstract lyrics. All in all I might have to get into them.

    Tiny canniball lollypop wiffee

    +Charles Natter xtc will take you on so many journeys with so many sound textures , keep trying other cds . i think your on the start to an amazing expieriance..... enjoy charles ........

    David Henderson

    could not have said it better, these guys are gold.....

    Dave Parry

    Yeah the older you get the more you realize you how amazing they are. I mean just this track -- so much going on and it all fits together beautifully. Drums and Wires kicked off an amazing run of classic albums that I still listen to monthly.

  17. don mainville

    this song just happened 

    Andre Theberge

    @don mainville this comment makes me smile everytime I read it. I'm here a lot