XTC - Ten Feet Tall Lyrics

Happy I'm floating
Around on my feet now
You make me go dizzy
I'm weak at the knees
I feel like I'm walking
Round ten feet tall
Well you say I'm faking
And I say don't worry
The way that I bubble
There's something in the make
I feel like I'm walking
Round ten feet tall
Right, the chemistry is right
This boy has reached his height
The feeling just goes on and on...
From strength to strength
I'm ten feet long...
I feel like I'm walking
Round ten feet tall

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XTC Ten Feet Tall Comments
  1. heccin boop

    Bandersnatch got me here after Making Plans For Nigel, I'm loving it.

  2. Countered Snow

    club penguin cart surfer

  3. karnubawax

    Sorry Andy. Colin's as good as you are.

  4. Jonathan Bull


  5. Ron Rousselle

    Strictly genius

  6. Maria Hayward

    And the album graphics are ace - they influenced a decade of young graphic designers

  7. Maria Hayward

    Love these guys since I first heard them in 1979

  8. gata sucia

    is that Dave saying "Now why stop there?" Anyone know the story behind it?

    wendi makrianis

    gata sucia It is Dave, though I don’t know anything beyond that.

  9. John stairs

    Audio cashmere

  10. jelt110

    Andy, Colin, and the guys were simply pop gods. Not even bother comparing the to the Beatles. The Beatles were great. XTC were greater.

    Eric Hoberg

    I'm with you. One of , if not my favourite band.

    secret police

    That’s quite a statement. I don’t think AP would agree with you . They are a brilliant band perhaps as good but not better .

  11. KeLokiura

    Thank you Steven Wilson for making me listening to this deliicious music band!

  12. Chip Schmidt

    You keep forgetting the YES

  13. Jonathan Bennetts

    my brother me into XTC when i was a 3 year old. Never looked back. the best band of the 80s right through to the early 2000's not one of the most underestimate band,, THE MOST UNDERESTIMATED BANDS OF ALL TIME FULL STOP. Also i lodged in Newport with a guy called Ray Ennis( they shoot horses don't they) in the late 2000's and he had in his attic a hard case for amps he bought from Andy in a service station on the M4. That's how skint these guys were.

    Lee Sayers

    Colin and Dave were working for a Swindon car hire company to make ends meet in the mid eighties....Terribly mismanaged......🇬🇧🎸

  14. A Face in the Crowd

    They were so good it makes my teeth hurt.

  15. Ивангай

    Уууу, восьмиклассницааа))))

    Vadim O

    Ноги уносят мои руки и туловище,
    И голова отправляется следом.
    Словно с похмелья, шагаю по улице я,
    Мозг переполнен сумбуром и бредом!

  16. Nicolás Moreno

    Damon Albarn for Blur takes his singing style of the Andy's voice here. I specially say it for the part of "from strenght to strenght...oh-oh"

  17. Katie Kanitz

    The only band truly comparable to The Beatles. So many masterpieces recorded. If you're just hearing this stuff for the first time, then welcome, and you're in for a wonderful ride. To the rest of the fanatics out there like me, well...you just "get it".


    I can't take it all in ...i'm genuinely stunned how brilliant they are.

    Dan Gómez

    new to this and loving it!

    John Ferry

    Katie Kanitz this stuff is great. Discovered it 15 years ago. My only warning for newbies is this band has two radically different periods.

  18. Jon Burrows

    Guitars are genius on this.

  19. Diego Palacios

    soy el único que lo escucha como G.I.T La calle es su lugar?

    sebastian figueroa

    No eres el único...

    Pablo A.

    También creo que Instrucción Cívica "tomó prestado"bastante de acá

  20. Thomas Perez

    Reminds me of when I met my future wife (although she didn't know it at the time).

  21. Rob Agg

    had this on a Smash hits(!!?) flexi disk. omg, I am that bloody old..(sigh)

    Jonathan Vernot

    You certainly are. As am I, and many XTC fans on this side of the pond.


    @Jonathan Vernot I'm 16

  22. Andy Gilbert

    Great song from a great album. Anyone unmoved by this pop genius doesn't have a pulse.


    Andy Gilbert well I can't have then cos it's a load of shit and I grew up in new wave music which a lot was great

    david gold

    its an aquired taste sam

  23. karnubawax

    One of the most beautiful songs ever. Drums and Wires is one of the 10 best rock records of all time.

    John Foxx

    I second that.

  24. Hahahahaahaehaha


  25. Charlea Clarke

    Another MASTERPIECE .

  26. youiti2nz


  27. ralph

    it sounds like there is a light that never goes out by the smiths


    @swaglord I like the Smiths but I hate that song.. It's B.O.R.I.N.G! Ten Feet Tall>>>>>>> Light that Never Goes Out

    Niall McGrath

    But was probably written before it.


    swaglord Other way around! this was recorded five years before the Smiths song. :-)

    david gold

    I cant stand The Smiths lol


    Hmm....I'm not hearing it.

  28. Nigel Bagley

    genius. love the solos. colin moulding wrote some stonkers for this LP . they smashed it with this, the so-called "difficult" third album.


    i agree

    Will Francis

    How are those plans turning out for you Nigel?

  29. Mark Medellin

    Great song. Every time it pops up on shuffle, I rush to turn it up.

  30. Trunks Del Futuro

    La calle es su lugar

    Sebastian Kauer

    Al vesre, este es mas viejo :o

    liceo gonzales

    la calle es su lugar e mejor tema, claro.. temon diria yo.


    thank you spotify radio, for once, your suggestions worked out.

  32. Huija

    One of my favorites