XTC - Shiny Cage Lyrics

Hiding faces turning pages
Still they read and read
Double deckers full of smokers
Look who's gone to seed
Well the sun's getting higher
Think I'll take a flyer
The thought of it's causing me pain
Talk a walk under the subway
See an old school chum
Window shopping for a short while
Then we'll have some fun
Well the shops closing early
Everywhere's deserted
Hello and down comes the rain
We'll do the town tonight
I know some girls then stop off for a bite
No strings to tie my kite
Well living for the night
No way to spend a life Ooh!

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XTC Shiny Cage Comments
  1. Knickertwist Copperby

    Ah! One of Colin's - pure genius!

  2. Knickertwist Copperby

    Ah! One of Colin's - genius!

  3. Rudy Overlord

    Sounds like I’m Only Sleeping!


    Rudy Overlord ~ You bet it does, but with credit to XTC, they did take it in a somewhat different direction, so it wouldn't be a completely obvious lift.

    Paul Phillips

    @slimshine918 Colin admitted doing so. Twenty years later Oasis did the same and ended up recording the very similar The Importance Of Being Idle.


    @Paul Phillips ~ Actually it was 18 years later to the month for the Oasis release, but no need to quibble over a couple of years.

    In any event, I always go back to I'm Only Sleeping for the song that hits my sweet spot. The Oasis track sounds less like it than Shiny Cage. I appreciated XTC and the Dukes projects, but wasn't hot on Oasis. They were listenable, some clever moments, although a highly derivative band, and the songs didn't stick with me the way Beatles do.

  4. metronommie

    such Beatles-esque