XTC - Roads Girdle The Globe Lyrics

Am I asleep
Or am I fast
You every race
You first, you last
Roads girdle the globe
We all safe in your concrete robe
Hail mother motor
Hail piston rotor
Hail wheel
Roads girdle the globe
Am I tied in
Or do I turn
Your sacred incense
You tyre burn
Steer me Anna
Am I get there
When is A, B
Oil, iron, steel
You holy three

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XTC Roads Girdle The Globe Comments
  1. Johnny Bravo

    Andy and Colin.....wired up differently from the rest of us......which is fabulous...

  2. bigreed43

    Favorite song on a great album.

  3. Rudy Overlord

    I love this quirky example of pure pop! Songs like these separate XTC from other groups!

  4. bigbadbillb

    The fretless bass work from Collin Moulding here is phenomenal.

    Dirk Yarborough

    He's absolutely astounding.

  5. John Bliss

    I have a harder time with these types of songs than Nigel. Tough listen. Not pop at all.

  6. Lars Turms

    Puro Amore :)

  7. Bruno Bartra Bazán


  8. G-plan9 Future

    His lyrics almighty again

  9. woundedhorse

    I owe Partridge big time for writing this.

  10. Kevin Mottram

    The best album cover ever.

  11. KwakZedRider93

    I'll tell anyone who'll listen....the greatest ever XTC recording! A fucking monster of a track.

  12. Sueasaedeiz military

    There is no chance of me being able to be friends with anyone who doesn't like this song.

  13. Cesat Garciabueno

    feels like the world is festooned with all kinds of machinary

  14. Dave Wilson

    Its one of the top 3 greatest driving songs which should be on all of these so called drive-time CD compilations. Along with 60 miles an hour by New Order and Trans Global Express by the Jam. Can you think of 3 better songs to drive to??? From a lifelong XTC/Jam/New order/JD fan. Peace and luv.

    Hans Brickface

    Panama - Van Halen.
    Radar Love - Golden Earring
    Highway Star - Deep Purple
    Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
    Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
    Little Red Corvette - Prince
    Highway To Hell - AC⚡DC


    Dave Wilson I completely agree with your choices. I’d like to add ‘Out On The Highway’ by Kula Shaker.

    Rudy Overlord

    English Roundabout - XTC

    Chris Baker

    'Fast Cars', Buzzcocks . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW49tFZPCF4

  15. Chris Lopes

    a big musical shift for the 2 guitAr rock band

  16. Olive Eisner

    Loved this for 40 years. how is that even possible? Such an epic track on an album full of epic tracks!

    Eric Hoberg

    I love them more 40 years on.

  17. Sugar Free

    2:30 - a great bridge

  18. pio primo



    pio primo già

  19. bones jackson

    why does andy partridge hate the highway system so much

    Austin Lucas

    You may be taking it too literally, Andy said he wrote this to be ambiguous. However, he also said in the same interview that he never ever got a driver's license.


    Andy Partridge is the ultimate unreliable narrator to be fair.

  20. Svatopluk

    This track and probably 'Complicated Game', give some sign of the band's future greatness beyond 'quirky pop'—which they'd already mastered by this time.

  21. tacticalbattledroid

    so relevant even now :-(

  22. Genericyoutubecommenter

    great bass


    Great: a lot of things!

  23. 131 flora

    'Ford's in his flivver,' murmured the D.H.C. 'All's well with the world.'


    Brave New World

  24. shrew972

    2:30 <3


    Andy always puts a bridge in his songs - kind of a lost art these days. That's why his songs are never boring!

  25. mikeisamovie

    i always thought the line "...we all safe in your concrete robe..." was "...we sail via concrete roads..." thanks for the lyrics/words, too!


    Your line is better..can i steal it?