XTC - Pale And Precious Lyrics

So pale and precious is the light that will shine
Out of the windows in her head
So pale and precious like the sun as it climbs
Up every morning on her bed

If all of her moments were put down in a book
Then I could read it 'til I went blind
If all of the tears she cried flowed into a brook
Well than I'm sure it would taste like wine
Don't care what the others might say
As far as I'm concerned they can all fall apart
Fade away

So pale and precious is the light that will shine
Out of her perfumed golden hair
So pale and precious are the steps that I climb
Up to her room so bright and bare

If all of the things she said were flowers and tress
Well then her garden would always be green
If all of our time together fell on one day
It would be like every Christmas there's been

Don't care what the others might say
As far as I'm concerned they can all fall apart
Fade Away

Up she rises each and every morning
She blows the stars out of the sky
And lights the sun with her bright eyes

The smell of the pinecones
And the sea in her hair
Silver Gentle

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XTC Pale And Precious Comments
  1. shirly jones

    So Beach Boys,
    so Andy, 
    so XTC 
    so beautiful so!

  2. thewordlove4316

    Beach Boys



  3. valiant971

    1984, wow!

  4. Dan Nájera

    This song never ceases to amaze me. Blown away every time I listen.

  5. Mike Brodie

    if you like this you probably weren't made for these times.

  6. Christopher Thomas

    That coda is just sublime.

  7. Surrealms

    I feel like this album has a better feel than most XTC stuff. Then I read that they limited themselves to a few takes of each song, and it made sense. Didn't overcook it.

  8. Richard Albert Henderson

    Andy Partridge said that Dave Gregory thought this song should have been saved for an XTC album cause it was too good.

  9. Florian Decros

    If it was on "Pet Sounds", this would be my fourth favorite song of the record, and would be in my top 10 Beach Boys songs, easily. Partridge & Co. are some of most talented musical artists of the century, period.

    Michael Brodie

    Florian Decros if is a mighty big word.

  10. burlingtonbill1

    They played this in the pre-concert canned music over the PA while we were waiting for Brian & band to take the stage in Wichita, KS on 4-2-17. His 2017 North American tour is just getting started -- GO SEE HIM this year. He will be 75 in June and you just never know how much longer he will be out there for us. What a terrific show !!!

  11. Cale Lorenzen

    No thugs on this channel

    Mike Steinmann

    We made that clear (not channel)

  12. Joseph Clift

    Go buy their stuff. Some brilliant stuff out by these guys.

    Mike Steinmann

    Their worst albums are only good; the rest are stratosphearic. Drums and Wires, Black Sea, Oranges and Lemons, English Settlement, White Music, Skylarking ... damn! what a collection!

  13. TheFashionbugs

    I heard Mike Love hated this and they almost didn't make it because of his bad attitude

    Gary Thomas

    Ergo Mike Love is a tosser

    Kevbo Obvek

    I bet Mike Love didn't like it because he couldn't handle an outsider being better at writing Beach Boys songs than he was.

    David Nicholson

    I hope Mike Love doesn't get back together again. Like him much better broken up.

    Mike Steinmann

    @Mattydigs Surfers suck buttholes? That has a familiar wring to it.

    Nathan Parsons

    Good one!

  14. Mike Yaffe

    pretty damn brilliant, no denying

  15. pmoyer50

    This is the greatest tribute to Brian Wilson that I ever heard!

    Gareth Fairclough

    I heard this being played in the background at a Beach boys gig last year. It was Brian's personal play list.


    "Brian WIlson Said" is 10x better.

  16. TheHeathenSquirrel

    This is just awesome. The whole album is spectacular. To pay homage to so many great songwriters and bands without once sounding twee and contrived is a work of genius. I only discovered this yesterday and have listened to the album about 10 times. That hasn't happened for years. Also fell in love with Skylarking recently - why this band aren't talked about more is beyond me. So skilful.

  17. D Alexander

    I thought I had heard all of the beautiful AP songs - "Easter Theatre", "I Can't Own Her", "Humble Daisy", "Chalkhills & Children", "Rook", "Ladybird", "Wrapped In Grey"...and now this little song is the cherry on top. But why am I probably the only one within a 10 mile radius who's a fan of Partridge & Moulding? Geez, this music aught to sit right alongside The Beatles and The Beach Boys in everyone's record collection.

    Christopher Thomas

    I guess you don't alphabetize your records! ; )


    thanks for the laugh Christopher

  18. Chris Nelson



    Haven't seen him for a while now.

    her I mean.

  19. MyFlippinValentine

    Sounds like a lost cut from the original Smiley Smile album co-written by Paul McCartney. Which is pretty amazing.

  20. haggidubious

    One of my all time faves.

  21. Kevin Enos

    Wow, he nailed "Pet Sounds" right down to the cheesy sleigh bells, wood block, and traditional sea chanty lyrics. Brilliant!

  22. 19canada67

    I wonder if they were influenced by GASTON DE LA PLAGE??

    Ken Mattsson

    Les Garçons de la Plage?

  23. blopsblops

    it's obviously a Beach Boys soundalike but I hear also a lot of Macca there

  24. TheFashionbugs

    Brian would be flattered

  25. macxtc

    Ooooow I love this, have a copy and the beach-boy parody is most welcome... my boyz making merry with the history of music

  26. PigletVanGogh

    @armandbourgoignie Much agreed, much agreed.

  27. armand bourgoignie

    Words can't express how I adore this!!! XTC are just the most brilliant band ever...humour and musical genius combined..they made my life a little more bearable.(really, no irony here).

  28. Google stop it

    @ChayCarle They also released one other song as part of a charity album for the MS Society. The album is called The Wish List and the song is Open A Can (Of Human Beans)

  29. gardengrove0

    this song is so poetically driven and epic.. i love it!

  30. MOJOPIN1960


  31. KingKaitain

    Well, this *is* supposed to be a direct pastiche of the Beach Boys...

  32. stumptacular

    this song has the best example of the huge influence that brian wilson of beach boys fame had on andys song writing.... its in there... especially at the up she rises...bit at the end...

  33. itsreallynotacat

    Just found this band....just got a little smitten

  34. MoveOverCasanova

    maybe the best album in the world!

  35. splankhoon

    This is by far the finest hour of Andy Partridge - the best song Brian Wilson never wrote and I even daresay : I like this more than Brian Wilson's songs. There's a beautiful "Englishness" in the lyrics that blends wonderfully with the tune. Pure bliss!! In a perfect world record labels would throw sacks of cash at Andy to have him record more material.

  36. stumptacular

    listen at the end of the track to the brian wilson beach boys harmonies ...andy has stated in interviews that he totally loves brian wilson... and they totally emulate the beach boys sound in this song starting with the "up she rises, each and every morning" all the way through to the theramin which was the signature sound on "good vibrations" by the beach boys. andy partridge and xtc have been my favorite musicians since i was 13 years old in 1986. muiscal and lyrical genious

  37. Sentimel

    Is that song on the 25 o'clock album? I don't know it?

    A crying shame they didn't go for this artwork for the Chokolade compilation, btw.

    Elmer Homero

    Actually this is on "Psonic Psunspot"

  38. VictorConMalvaviscos

    Yes I'm posting Braniac's Daughter Right Now!

  39. almadora english

    this entire collection is exceptional. someone should really post all of it. it needs to be heard by large masses of people.