XTC - Making Plans For Nigel Lyrics

We're only making plans for Nigel
We only want what's best for him
We're only making plans for Nigel
Nigel just needs this helping hand
And if young Nigel says he's happy
He must be happy
He must be happy in his work
We're only making plans for Nigel
He has his future in a British steel
We're only making plans for Nigel
Nigel's whole future is as good as sealed
And if young Nigel says he's happy
He must be happy
He must be happy in his work
Nigel is not outspoken
But he likes to speak
And loves to be spoken to
Nigel is happy in his work
We're only making plans for Nigel

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XTC Making Plans For Nigel Comments
  1. FMZ101

    Ni-gel or Mi-chael.

  2. Chris Johnson

    YouTube has just sent me to Bandersnatch

  3. Francoise Amethyste Bosshard

    Coventry and Cadsky - thanks for the introduction xx

  4. Matthew Franklin

    Super er🇬🇧❤️🥂🌹🙏

  5. hanora buchan

    These guys toured in an old double Decker bus in the late 1970's. I spent some time with them in the bus after one of their gigs in Wales. Had a great time. Nigel.

  6. Jon Lander

    This only made it to the U.S. later, and I'm so grateful to have ever discovered it. Brilliant tune.

  7. Ray Barnes

    Whose here just because we can be

  8. Ida Vega-Landow

    The ultimate helicopter parents, planning their son's entire life without bothering to consult him. "And if young Nigel says he's happy, he must be happy..." No, he's just agreeing with you so you'll shut up. I'm willing to bet he's got plans of his own, but he's not letting you know them until after he's left home, far enough away for you to be unable to do anything about it.

  9. yumalation

    British Steel after brexit?

  10. John Schober

    If I remember correctly I think Sir Richard Branson is in there video for General's and Major 's

  11. Christian Phoenix

    * (c)1979

  12. angela green

    Just love this song, Ellie your Mum just making plans for Nigel wish best for you both!!😁

  13. jane oughton

    Iwonder if plans were made for Nigel? fab genius band so diverse xx

  14. Nigel Fuatimu

    Legendary song 💪❣

  15. Auronfan02

    here because of farage <3

  16. pedro flores

    GIT en ingles

  17. Jeffry Willis

    he must be happy

  18. urasai101

    "Grab a pen"

  19. Gruagach. Eire

    I've gone back to listen to music of the past I missed and it's better than the polished turds released these days, this song is epic and has aged amazingly, whoever produced this was 3 decades ahead of his time.

  20. Gruagach. Eire

    I'd like to make some plans for Verhoffstadt to dump him in a canal.

  21. Mary Moran


  22. George Proctor

    Nigel Farage saviour of the nation.

  23. nadia marie

    stefan just needs that helping hand, y’know?

  24. Marie Lou

    Who is Nigel???

  25. Alter Ami

    British independence brought me here to listen.

  26. Malcolm Price

    32 he Ra the best

  27. Rich murphy

    For the longest time I thought Primus wrote this song.


    Wrong path...

  29. jean-louis Berlatier

    Today the long goodbye

  30. rrr330

    Styxhexenhammer666 sent me here.

  31. press

    Great song, the only song I ever knew by them was dear god. Thanks for the recommendation YouTube!


    There are 100's of XTC songs on YouTube that you should acquaint yourself with :)

  32. Craig Brexit

    Thank you Nigel Farage.

  33. kevin braid

    ...Swindon's finest

  34. illiterate thug

    You can really really iritate people called Nigel with the last 25 seconds of this song

  35. tim jones

    sir nigel the original disruptive eu soldier, he got the job done....fuck the eu.

  36. Joe O'Connor

    I read somewhere that Andy Partridge did not want to admit that he liked the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, lest they lost credibility with the punk/new wave set. He need not have worried!

    Bill Barry

    Yeah that force was huge back then. I actually had to face it.

    Joe O'Connor

    @Bill Barry well Glen Matlock felt the angry force of John Lydon when he was kicked out of the Pistols

  37. νικος νικολαου

    Remind me someone who first sang this song.


    Colin Moulding

  38. J R

    Should be the song of Brexit surely? His future in a british deal? Farage?

    retard fuckhead

    steel like the metal

  39. Rafael Willems

    They're only making plans for poople who come here from somewhere.
    Because they are the poople caught in the matrix.
    They watch and get caught, watch and get caught.
    Just like, once upon a time, Nigel was caught.

    It is a sad affair, innit.
    To come from somewhere into a guilded cage.
    Unlike Nigel.
    Did he ever get out?

  40. L Fezzer

    Reminds me of my cousin he not a bad lad our Nigel lol 😂

  41. Andrew Reynish

    She is hideous,nah she's top shelf

  42. Andrew Reynish

    My mother's name is Nigel.

  43. Julius Ebola

    Nobody had a future in British Steel, as it turns out.

  44. Lavinia Boyd

    fuck Nigel degenerate fuck in his fuking crappy capitalist mixed up fucked up world (anyway any fucking parents that Christian there son fuck me Nigel want a good fucking talking too eejits )

  45. Gordon Lancaster

    It's absolutely necessary to listen to this every day as a father of three boys.

  46. MachineThatCreates

    XTC were definitely ahead of their time. If they released today they'd be a smash.
    (and yes.... our every behavior is being observed ,we are constantly profiled).

  47. Max Mart

    Worst song that has ever existed. Thank you

    Underground Fights Anonymous

    Why you say that?

  48. Mufnstuf

    Nigel isn't interested in your 'plans'. He's moving out and never looking back!

  49. Nepal Guide

    Saw them live at Plymouth Poly in 79 to be honest despite this being a great track not much of a live band

  50. kirtdavies

    I herd baby yodas name is nigel from taika waititi himself

  51. Mack Haddock

    Thank you XFM

  52. Duke Theedam

    Graham loved this, rest in peace Gray...

  53. Jeanne Griffin

    Soundtrack to my crazy weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the early 1980s

    Bill Barry

    That must have been a rough place to live then?

    Closest I ever came to having to live through something like that was I went through the Riots of Los Angeles in 92. But that only lasted for a couple days and my life was never in danger. I thought it was at the time, it was pretty scary when it was happening but nothing happened.

  54. Neno

    Hi, I just named you newborn son Nigel!

  55. Bruce Blackburn

    Last song before Thatcher stopped all plan making.

  56. Silent Singer66

    Still sounds as good today as it did 40 years ago !!!!!!!

    Bill Barry

    It does.

  57. Domonic Lott

    Making plans for nigel......shouldnt bother nige.....theres no hope in british steel! I shoild forget it mate and stay in your lazy bed!! Great track!!xtc!!

  58. Andy San

    I see people saying their here becasue of black mirror whats that? Im here because of shows like night flight and 120 minutes among others.

  59. Tom Jackson

    nigel's making plans for brexit!

  60. Kokatris

    we are making plans for cocatrice

  61. Alicia Coatl

    This song hits

  62. Imlazydwi

    I'm defrostin' mince

  63. Jon Clark

    This is from 40 years ago. Where the hell did that lot go ? They were happy days and I'd go back in a flash !

  64. Ronnie O

    I wanted to name my son Nigel but his mum nixed that nonsense...

  65. Jim Tem

    man this is great!

  66. Edward Bickers

    Proper tune

  67. Jimmy 1867

    Only making plans for JImmy

  68. btm380

    Intro cut off. WTH?

  69. Bom Trown

    Nigel Short, right?

  70. Fuck Tard

    This song helps me get out of the hole

  71. ThatOneGuy

    "You're not laughing anymore..."

  72. Richard Scott

    Glad they didn't record the original version, Making Plans for Nige. Doesn't have the same feel.

  73. Daniel Scott

    Primus. Covered this. A bit faster. Though

  74. donnybrooklads

    You must watch "This Is Pop" the 2017 XTC doc.
    Helps explain a lot you may not know about the band.

  75. Sandrine Rousseau


  76. Donald Howard

    I added my own lyrics for the L.A. Feds. Thanks for nutten.

  77. david green

    Saw this group in Canterbury kent, in the 80,s with andy gilbert and matt davis ,in one of the 2 cinemas ,the odean perhaps

  78. Francesco

    Vote for Labour


    Ha ha ha. Yeah right!

  79. Justin Németi

    Nigel. We just want to know if things turned out all right. Please tell us if the plans worked out in your favor.

  80. r b

    I hope Nigel appreciates all that work you do for him.

  81. Joseph Murphy

    I'm in XTC listening to ecstasy!!!

  82. Geemonster

    Classic i was only 10 when this was played on the radio, but i loved it and still do

  83. jean-louis Berlatier

    Wir sind nicht able to macht planz für Trumpie

  84. Gamatee

    Ive started marking down my choices in Bandersnatch. Hopefully I dont end up like Stefan. Or worse, Nigel who cant make his own plans

  85. QUEST


  86. simplesecretof

    I was 19 in 1979 and this was ground breaking. Heads up to XTC.
    Happy Christmas.
    Shanti Shanti.

  87. Lilith

    This song was so ahead of its time. I swear if this song came out right now it would be so popular?

  88. David Brownlee

    Did Margaret make plans for Nigel?

  89. kanyekaze 0

    A song from the 70s that has a 90s feel. Amazing

  90. Mike Poitras

    Still recall buying this lp in 1979. I was but 17. It remains one of my favorite lps,easily one of the best ever. It was ridiculous,crminal even that ROLLING STONE didn't include it on its list of 500 all time best lps. Still pisses me off.

  91. Andrew Deighton

    Is the song about a boy who is autistic and has overbearing parents?

  92. Arthur Mascret

    marre d'être un putain de français qui comprends pas l'anglais, je suis vraiment né dans le mauvais pays

    Margaret Winn

    Il y a des profs d'anglais qui peuvent t'aider...comme moi !

  93. Michael moore

    1979 40years ago in the WORDS of victor meldrew I don't believe it,BRILLIANT SONG TIMELESS. 😀😁

  94. da funkster

    Nigel Farage walk on music.

  95. NOT ME!

    tragically overlooked band. partridge-moulding, true heirs to lennon-mccartney

  96. isaac vasquez

    I’m an amazon delivery driver and I bump this shit everyday. #XTC . Id rather have these guys get back together than the smiths 🔪

  97. Steve Fortney

    We still only had AM Radio but that little station played EVERYTHING! However you got here, (It doesn't really matter how you got here), Welcome!!!