XTC - Little Lighthouse Lyrics

She's a little lighthouse when she
Opens up her huge eyes
And streams of diamonds shoot out
'Til we're wading waist deep in her brilliant love

She's a little lighthouse when she
Opens up her red mouth
And gold word ribbons rope and rodeo
The dark clouds in bouquet above

For how long will this dark age last?
For how long must we wait to learn?
Across the black and fossil ocean vast
I spy love and she doth brightly burn
Love sure lives in the right house

She's a little lighthouse when she
Opens up her huge mind and
Thoughts descending spears of crystal
Build a Jacob's ladder up to love

She's a little lighthouse
When she opens up her red dress
Show skin of rubber marble
Lit by knowledge and the fireflies above

And can others see this splendid beam?
Or do they navigate in dark?
If you ever want to dock your dream
Well you'll need love to guide your fragile ark

Love sure keeps a bright house
She's a little lighthouse

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XTC Little Lighthouse Comments
  1. Gluemonkey

    Looooovely guitar tone

  2. AlbertoVO5

    Wow! Had no idea. It's a great alt version. Sounds to me more like a take from Wasp Star sessions than Skylarking.

  3. Marshal Tenner Winter

    Wow, i've only heard the Duke's version of this!!

  4. Brian Newell

    The 5.1 mix by Steve Wilson will bring tears to your eyes. To hear Skylarking in surround is a stunning experience. Get the Blu-ray.

  5. waspstar7

    This is f*****g beautiful!!!

  6. peter reynolds

    cool version

  7. Jacob James

    The Dukes version is more aggressive. Me likes mo better.

  8. The Phantom

    You can't lose with a great, well written song .

  9. Jeff Truzzi

    The Dukes version is great retro 1966. This version is contemporary for both 1986 and 2016.

  10. Tyrion Lannister

    I love this version. The throaty guitar is awesome. Very different from the Dukes version, but very cool in its own right.

  11. Mushroom Gods

    The John Leckie produced version is much better. I'm not keen on this version.