XTC - Have You Seen Jackie? Lyrics

Have you seen Jackie?
He's a strange strange strange little girl
Make up on his face and his hair in curls
Have you seen Jackie?
She's a strange strange strange little boy
Her long black beard is her pride and joy

And all the children follow him around
And all the grownups try to drag her down
So we sing
Hey, leave Jackie alone
Hey, his pigeons have flown
Hey, she's never at home at all these days
Leave Jackie alone

Have you seen Jackie?
He's an odd odd odd little fish
To fly around is his only wish
Have you seen Jackie?
She's a queer queer queer little bird
Shy and quiet neither scene nor herd

And all the rats will follow him around
The dogs and cats will chase her from the town
And we sing
Hey, leave Jackie alone
Hey, his mind is all blown
Hey, she's not on the phone at all these days
Leave Jackie alone
Jackie couldn't decide if he was a girl
Or if she was a boy
Have you seen Jackie?

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XTC Have You Seen Jackie? Comments
  1. rundoetx

    One of my favs. Thanks for posting.

  2. Stephen Garratt

    QUITE...a topical song for nowadays..don't you think?

    Rhys F.

    Oh yea...got lots of jackies around these days...

    NOT ME!

    hey, leave jackie alone

  3. Born This Way MUA

    reminded me of the Robyn Hitchcock song 'The Man with the Lightbulb Head'

    Austin Lucas

    That's a song? Huh. The Flipron song "Mess It Up" has a line similar to that, I wonder if it's a reference: "But my umbrella has flown off to leave my head a naked lightbulb."

  4. The Other Doctor

    Not on 25 O'clock!

  5. ThreeHeadedThreep

    This is a perfect cover song choice for "Laura Jane Grace" and Against me!

  6. bunnyman13

    The mellotron in this reminds me of the Stones' '2000 Light Years from Home'

  7. TheRollingBeachFloyd

    HEY!!! Leave Jackie alone!

  8. Yonah C D

    his pigeons have flown...

  9. shrew972

    Just spotted Jackie!

    Jim Forsythe

    These days Jackie is everywhere! At least that's what they are pushing!

  10. Glen Smith

    It sounds a bit like Split Enz from the 1970's. Listen to the albums 'Dyzrythmia' or 'Second Thoughts"

  11. EmptyMindless Spectre

    thank you.


  12. 3salamanders

    It's like if the Bealtes and Pink Floyd's love child and Frank Zappa and XTCs love child got together and had a love child named The Dukes of Stratosphere.

  13. Dennis Mazza

    Great song by XTC as a tribute to Pink Floyd's "Arnold Layne".

  14. therealsoulproduct

    My favorite song on Psonic Psunspot.

  15. MoveOverCasanova

    i heard rumours that he was a girl, and she got married to syd barrett, and they had two kids named arnold and emily...

    Magnetic Beggar

    And they eat apples and oranges and swim in the green sea with octopus and terrapin

  16. krakaow

    this must have been a blast to play...

  17. MoveOverCasanova

    @ePhilosopher9 way back then, but what a smart entry

  18. Molly and Benb

    a song to good to explain. it's got so many anthemic qualities that i don't even know what. the singing across bars is irresistible. "shy and quiet, neither scene nor herd."

  19. ppauly

    hahaha silly

  20. Ivan Schmidt

    Jackie de girlie boysie girl withe de thing in her and the pooofs in his

  21. ppauly

    wrong album cover

  22. MoveOverCasanova

    so little calls ?? haven´t i been here before??
    ..or am i a lonesome rat who follows jackie around)))