XTC - Day In Day Out Lyrics

Clock in my head
Clock on the wall
And the two of them
Don't agree at all
Friday is heaven, Friday is heaven

Day in day out
Day in day out
Wish you were here
On the shop floor
And together we could
Count the dots on the wall
Friday is heaven, Friday is heaven

Day in day out
Day in day out
Friday is heaven [x2]
Day in day out
Day in day out

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XTC Day In Day Out Comments
  1. Dan Mc

    Just WoW 🔥

  2. David Bowman

    Greatest band ever -- eclipsed only by those four guys from Liverpool. Love them.

  3. J. A. Antón

    Damn good!! Im glad Blackmirror made me discover this band

  4. Colin Smith

    Love this song...it SO summed up how I used to feel...stuck in a dead-end factory job!

  5. Harry Flashman


  6. pavlovsunhappydog

    Stunned again by this phenomenal band...why nobody tell me?

    Jonathan Bennetts

    you needed an older brother in 1976..hats why,,just enjoy. you found them

  7. Olive Eisner

    The bass! Locks in a deep groove and stays there. Love when the time signatures overlap at the end. Bass/drums 4/4 & guitar 5/4.

  8. corkykab

    The best song from a brilliant and unrecognized band... I bought this on vinyl and got a limited edition 45 inside the album... I feel old.

  9. xtstevie

    Drums just thud out of the speakers & all this before Phil Collins eh......

  10. Greg Curran

    An absolute classic.

  11. Scott Bethune

    I wish they would reunite. I think they could make a splash on the music scene. for true music lovers.

  12. John Appleseed

    King Crimson detected

    Remi Bienvenu

    Captain Beefheart also, and even a little more...

    Emily Jacobs

    So very true .

    Qey Qashmal

    More kinda like Blur

  13. asxtc

    How fkin good is this...

    Jonathan Bennetts

    REALLY GOOD.. Floyed meets zappa

  14. Dennis Mazza

    This song is a perfect depiction of how I feel every time I start my work week at GM.

  15. Lorenzo Campese

    Best guitar solo of all times...haha


    +Lorenzo Campese Mmm check out Permafrost by Magazine

  16. mreinsmith

    This is our anniversary song, it's ironic and beautiful!

  17. Ian Gendler

    it really doesnt matter where you put your world...


    You are playing a complicated game there....

  18. cosmicdrifter287

    carpe diem.

  19. Untold_Beast

    @hiddenfire65 What are you talking about, it sits nicely.  I would be more concerned by the stereo laying of the guitar parts at 1.45 but still I find that quaint. Really what a silly bitch.

  20. Untold_Beast

    Friday is heaven indeed.

  21. Del Boy

    We few, we happy few.

  22. Callum Jackson

    I love the woody-sounding bass on this track! Colin is a hero.

  23. Cristin Forster

    It is a crime this remastered version has 263 hits in 4 months. XTC really never got the recognition they deserved - very unfortunately.

    Jerome Euxeb

    un scandale !!!!!!!!!!!


    isnt it almost always like that though?

  24. hiddenfire65

    Great track. BUT ... Lillywhite's grotesque inflated drum sound is horrific. Will never understand why these guys thought Lillywhite's production was preferable to John Leckie's.


    hiddenfire65 Drums sound awesome you plonker.