XTC - Collideascope Lyrics

Careful, don't look down the wrong end
You will see ships that fall out of the sky
Who put that nail in your eye
You make me want to cry with your...

Everything looks smashed and broken
You will see fishes that drown in the sea
If you don't alter your mind
I'd hate you to go blind why don't you

Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper
If you doze much longer
Then life turns to dreaming
Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper
If you doze much longer
Then dreams turn to nightmares

Everything looks topsy turvy
You will see one young girl split into two
One half who's false one half true
You better get your glue ready

Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper

Careful don't look down the wrong end
All the world's colours will crash into one
Monochrome living's no fun
You're staring down a gun with your

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XTC Collideascope Comments
  1. kerry quinn

    cant wait to see this next time im feeling the lucy, gr8 video mane

    Si Hopebgood

    YT on acid.   Nightmare!

  2. gatogreensleeves

    A masterpiece John would have loved.

    The piano motif at 01:49 MUST have been snaked for the theme music in the great HBO show Succession.

  3. Aydn of Astro-Action

    Killer video!! thank you!!!

  4. Gianluca

    Mothers of invention all'inizio.... Geniali!

  5. Mary Wealth

    Manchester, 1987. An adolescent male has been listening to some new music.
    (dials phone)
    "Liam! Liam! It's Noel!....Your brother - 'Noel Gallagher'?...You know that new sound you lookin' for?..Well, listen to this!"
    (points phone toward stereo)

  6. Francis DiMenno

    The world is begging you to compare this to some mediocre musician from after 1987.

  7. cybertronian- shitlord

    vocals sound like proto-Liam Gallagher

    John Heston

    Hahaha, so they do. But we know who Liam was trying to sound like.

    Mary Wealth

    Your comment almost pre-spoils the joke I'll be making elsewhere on the comments page.

    John Mavroudis

    Done seven years before first Oasis album came out...

    cybertronian- shitlord

    lol, hence why I said PROTO-Liam Gallagher!

  8. ganzigarro

    Great!!! Love this group.........

  9. Floraline

    Anyone wanting new music like this, give The Claypool Lennon Delirium a listen. Now, I have to admit I'm just now discovering the existence of The Dukes and I feel, well, deprived. Soooo gooood.

  10. soizic de st john rosse

    Totally tripping balls, man....fhjyrdbijgcbnhddnfdc

  11. Billy Shears

    This song is such an uplifting song, myself and my kids use to sing it all together and sing as loud as possible, we loved the chorus line: "Wakey wakey" I am sure people thought we were mad. They are in their early 30's now lol

  12. Dé Merè Official {Sargent Peppers}

    Yes ma'am

  13. Villa Baby

    Andy is a genius

  14. Magnetic Beggar

    Great Stackridge-style song!

  15. PSAV Del Coronado

    Wakey, Wakey, Wakey, Little Sleeper...

  16. The Applesauce Project

    After listening to The Move song "Blackberry Way" I finally understand why Andy has always said this was John Lennon-as-lead-singer-for-The Move.

  17. Milton Dooby

    Brings Oasis to my mind.

    John Mavroudis

    You mean Oasis brings Dukes to mind.
    This came out in 1987.
    First Oasis came out in 1994.

    burningrabbit acres

    This takes my mind to an oasis...

  18. 78Rudys

    "When I wake up early in the morning, Lift my head, I'm still yawning..."

    Mary Wealth

    No, that would be 'Shiny Cage'.

  19. Ian P

    BRILLIANT! Well Done Sir!

  20. arcanerhythm lennon

    this is dark cold and stark, like a bad flu, genious

  21. pop gun

    Even when Andy does his best Lennon (the verses), his inner McCartney rears its' melodic head (the chorus).


    LOL, you're so right!

  22. Sofía Kofoed


  23. TheWalrusWasDanny

    mr Kite!!


  24. David Frankel

    "Would.have done me proud.!."   -John from his grave,.....("don't worry,I'm only sleeping")


    +iconicshrubbery ...yep - this sounds alot like much of Lennon's solo stuff

    Mike Weber

    There's a picture of the recording session for this - he's standing there, eyes squinched shut, hands on the phones, looking as if he has a wad of gum in one cheek (even though he didn't). When he saw the picture, it took him a few seconds to realise that he was duplicating a shot of Lennon recording, even though he hadn't meant to.

  25. Steve Carroll

    Easily one of the best Lennon pastiches- on a par with Cheese and Onions. Has the sleepy casualness and finger wagging attitude of a classic Lennon song.

    Great Bowls Afire

    +Steve Carroll I have always felt, in the back of my mind... <3

  26. Fernando González

    One of the biggest pscodelic songs ive ever heard

  27. lifepupil

    cool video accompaniment to the song as well

  28. adqte23

    I sometimes imagine that XTC is what The Beatles would have sounded like if they were from the 80's.

    Christopher Donaghue

    Nah, the Beatles were never that good.

  29. Mark Bignell

    On par with The Beatles. Just because XTC didn't have the chart success of The Fabs, doesn't mean they aren't in the same ball park musically.

  30. Brett Olsen

    I adore Andy Partridge. Thank you for posting this stellar Dukes track.