XTC - Are You Receiving Me? Lyrics

Are you receiving me?
You are deceiving me I know, see I know
When we're out walking
Your mouth ain't where it's supposed to do the talking
When we're in kissing
Your lips are missing, are they out on loan to someone else
Are you listening?
I put it in a letter, what could be better?
I put it in a note, one night I wrote
I put it in a telegram, just like the son of Sam
Babe there's something missing
Your TV's just hissing

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XTC Are You Receiving Me? Comments
  1. DJ Mojo


  2. Janet maynard

    I can't even !? I'm 50 really soon! This is my music!! ❤️

  3. Oliver M

    Awesome and I really remember this song in 1979

  4. pykkervots

    Bloody Branson was tight on his budgets

  5. one heaven

    That? It sounds punk. Was not it a new wave?

  6. heldapostiga

    Just got back into these guys &*%# they are good

  7. the five lucky stars


  8. Mystical Ninja


  9. Wyatt Podmore

    Andy's facial gurnings never cease to amuse me !

  10. t.y everything is good return


  11. Imogen Bebb

    This is now my favourite thing. Like, ever.

  12. Vicki Rebecca

    I was the "bubbley blonde" on this video - so delighted to find it - thank you whoever uploaded. What fun we had shooting that - thank you! I loved the band and the music.

    Florencia Bernales

    Vicki Rebecca 😍 💐


    Wow! or cool as they say now. Was this filmed at Virgins offices? In Vernon Yard if so as I remember?

    Mark ODay

    Wow thats awesome!

    Sempronius Densus

    I was liked that song Vicki I remember from the late 70s


    that's awesome, do you know what all the guys are doing these days?

  13. one heaven

    0:06 あたり 「おい、ちょい、待ってくれ」

  14. Dogz Liberator

    still have this on single

  15. Gregory Grieco

    can anyone find a better copy? this sounds like it was taped off of the tv in 1978.

    Bruno Chicha

    I have All the cd but l have à really bad english too

  16. Wanda Strubbe

    When I was a little girl (beginning of the 80's) I said wake me up at any time for listening a song of XTC (any song of them , whatever) I should have been waken up with this one


    wow thats beautiful Wonda

  17. The Whovian

    Andrews looks PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!


    +The Whovian I know.

  18. Sousaphony

    what a fun, abrasive song. With that suit and hair, he looks like a member of a 2-Tone band. Same era, even.

  19. Austin Lucas

    "Are you receiving me?"

    Well, On subject of the soldiers at the end? No; What gives?


    It's like a Monty Python sketch that the sergeant major has decided to halt for being 'a bit silly'. I found it funny, but it has nothing to do with the song of course.

  20. Jonnie Comet

    This is just terrific.  I don't think I remember this song from the time.

    The video is a picture of pre-computers offices-- note that in the narrator's mention of  'I put it in a letter/ I put it in a note/ I put it in a telephone' there is NO mention of e-mail!  :)

    And why does the ARMY come in to remove them?  LOL


    "I put it in a telegram" and there's no mention of email b/c its 1978

  21. adventuresinbelieving

    Xtc were a poonk band them just didne no it!

  22. BestSong Evah

    the reminder from nonparielled

    like those little straw tubes of cookies

  23. mondobongo9

    XTC never was a punk band . Andy himself said this many times....


    mondobongo9 He’s deceiving himself. 😄

  24. Chris Guerra

    I was in high school when Mayor of Simpleton was in rotation on 120 minutes which made me absolutely loathe XTC at the time. Early XTC is brilliant

  25. Rosshu


  26. 山田太郎


  27. ACrackInTheWall2006

    Back when XTC was a punk band.

  28. Billy Jango

    The Lead singer looks like the lad what got raped in the green house in the film Scum !

  29. Oyster2701

    GO2 marked my life!

  30. Jeremy Phillips

    Still makes me smile - that's enough.

  31. TheMightyHartley

    It's exactly the same version as the CD one. It's just been uploaded here in poor sound quality (240p) so it sounds thin and 'reedy'.

  32. Dan German

    Go2 was an underrated album, it has a frenetically turgid sound, very amped up. This song, Buzzcity Talking and Beatown make my bicycle go faster.

  33. Notecrusher

    Boy Barry and Terry did not get much camera time. Barry switches off his amp at the end, lol.


    Looks more to me like he's picking up a can of Heineken :)

  34. prematurelybald

    I only see XTC and Joy Division in the sidebar-nothing stompable thee.

  35. Tony Lovell

    The songs by lesser artists in the sidebar must be stomped

  36. Peter McIntyre

    Great song . The video would not be appropriate if it were used today in this age of mobile phonery I dare say.

  37. Bob McIntyre

    This sounds sped up and off pitch. The single runs at 3:03 minutes.

  38. Yerutí Vázquez

    This band is so unfairly underestimated. They are true geniuses. Even among the 'underground' groups of people I don't see that many people know XTC, and I can't imagine why. They are brilliant!

  39. R. ROOKSBY

    @caparot111 IRONY.


    huge fan. what a brilliant band. maybe best ever?

  41. JohnnyLovelyOfficial

    BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT VIDEOOOOO I'VE WATCHED IN A LONG TIME, and I spend LOTS of time on youtube!!!!!!! i LOVE this song, it's absolutely brilliant. and it's a great video. my next obsession, after Blondie dies out, I'm sure will either be XTC or Gary Numan... maybe both. PS, i used to watch this video every day in tenth grade (2009)! it may seem a bit weird, but i just can not get enough of this song! there are a few songs that i like that are like that... difficult to explain...

  42. Shea Holmer

    @caparot111 He was "saluting" his tyrannical boss, I think. I highly doubt these guys are Nazis.

  43. Devilhead

    Hot Hot Heat owes So Much of Thier sound to XTC

  44. TheMightyHartley

    @moxie96 AP hasn't written an autobiography (yet)!

  45. moxie96

    my sister has andy partridge's autobiography and went to have it signed by him and he wrote above his name "The butler did it!" Andy is a very funny fellow and hard to get off the poduim when it was time for the Q&A session to end

  46. seriousmachines

    these early music videos shot on film are the best....xtc had a great sense of humor and pop...love this tnx for posting...ps check out our channel if you get a chance...G

  47. Tombstone Jackson

    @toadelevator I saw them a load of times in 77 when 3D EP and White Music were out, they were actually BETTER live, probably one of the tightest bands I have ever seen. However, they used to rehearse like madmen in the Affair club in Swindon, practice makes perfect.

  48. sugarandspice4815

    @carloslfc1892 What do current events in Egypt have to do with this song?
    As far as I know, this song is about a guy whose girlfriend is cheating on him.

  49. carloslfc1892

    Their stuff was ahead of their time! Look whats going on in Eygpt right now!

  50. TheVeroniqq

    i think this is a great song :)

  51. The Scriabin

    I love their early videos! Very innocent and funny a bit like Generals and Majors.

  52. TheRealCritique

    @paulgila22 He was the Ultravox guy, right. I dont know if he wrote the music, but I did like Dancing with Tears in My Eyes. The guy was an excellent singer.

  53. Paul Denton

    can ANYONE name a song midge ure wrote? NO!

    Merlin Audubon

    "If I Was"

  54. TheRealCritique

    wow, love the skin in this video. love the balls, something they unfortunately lost just as they were peaking. Dont slam me, I love these guys regardless. That keyboard is a sweet one. Ah, the past had its plusses. All the bullshit bands of the present that try to be 80s would give a testicle to come up with a song with this much vigor. YAWN. The modern generation needs less steroids and more nuts.
    AND brains, and practice. Fuck computers. Midge Ure - ok, but no XTC

  55. staygee1

    @supersweet your a fanny midge's version is a completey different song

  56. trex672

    God I love this song, but that's true for almost all xtc songs.

  57. Nancy Bisset

    The musical arrangments are brilliant, makes you joyful + laugh +full of beautiful energies. EVERYONE should KNOW of this magnificent Band of yesteryear that is RIGHT WITH THE TIMES Today. A band ahead of its time, for sure. Peace +Love. Thanks to the beautiful Being that shared the first XTC tune with me, I WAS HOOKED. :-)<3

  58. TheMcSomething

    I have been addicted to this song for about 4 years now. I'm not sure what it is, but I can't stop listening to it and it never gets old to me. Great chorus.

  59. Wèkan

    Genious ...

  60. therealsoulproduct

    A bizarrely wonderful tune by a bizarrely wonderful band. XTC was New Wave greatness.

  61. TheMightyHartley

    Great song from the wonderful XTC.

    The director of this video was Russell Mulcahy, who went on to Hollywood and films like Highlander.

  62. Gluemonkey

    haha hear hear

  63. Nate Sabat

    haha these vidoes were so awful, but so funny, and great band, my favs...xtc.

  64. James Govoni

    One of the very best bands

  65. Bob S

    I LOVE the whole Go2 this came from. I needn't say more, because it would all be about the personal impact these guys had in my musical progress... but wow, they were at their prime even this early on.

  66. numdmind

    Yeah, don't you just love it when people want to read into things...Ever think the attitude of the song required the angry look...Nah, of course you wouldn't, you want to make more out of something that is more than likely nothing at all so you can create your own little soap opera.

  67. therealsoulproduct

    XTC were such an underrated band.

  68. Austin Lucas

    2:42 to 2:52 LOL...

  69. xnonsuchx

    Yes, but Barry wanted to write more songs and Andy and Colin didn't feel his songwriting style fit XTC enough, so it was kind of an amicable split. Just listen to SUPER TUFF from GO 2! ;-) But Andy worked with Barry again on MONSTRANCE a few years ago.

  70. Tania Dottie

    correct me if im wrong, but i do believe that andrews went on to shreikback.... now they were and uderrated element of some fantastic work early in their piece. and not forgetting way ahead of their time...

  71. paul4003



  72. dynamohums

    A band of lost geniuses. Just as well we know how brilliant they are.

  73. Rusty Trombone

    ... because they WERE so young! Barry Andrews was just 22, while Colin Moulding & Terry Chambers were 23. Old man river Andy Partridge was 24 or 25. Simply amazing how they evolved from a punk/new wave band into the band that would produce Skylarking, Oranges & Lemons, Nonsuch, & Apple Venus I/II.

    I was turned on to them by a friend (a former college DJ) when I was in the US Navy. Hard to believe its been 30 years. Next to the Fab 4, my favorite band of all time

  74. FunkyWorm3288

    At the time, it was released as a non - album single in 1978. But it was recorded during the "GO2" sessions and is now included on the CD reissue of "GO2".

  75. OlGravyLegs

    @PanamaCityBeach: It's from the U.S. version of 1978's "Go 2", XTC's second album.


    The whole song is great but the last 30 seconds of this song is fanfukkintastic!!!

  77. Khareena

    Andy can do much better than that Ho Bag with that nasty fart that shoots out like smoke. This is one of my favorite XTC songs thanks for posting.

  78. MuzieKliek

    you stupid it is New Wave/Post-punk much older then that pitiful Green day

  79. G G

    have discovered the band almost 10 years ago... fel in love immediately... just excellent... unfortunately no live performances anymore... and no DVD releases... :(

  80. döm

    You kids stop crying and listen to what you want to.

  81. tokaicarl

    you should be elected musical president of england- sadly good music is no more(well not much anyway)- theres no good songwriting anymore either or any diversity- sad really


    Um, not quite.
    Colin called it a day.....
    Andy is talking to Dave and Barry again but XTC as a band are pretty much done..

  83. eoinh1

    You miss them? They're still going strong!

  84. alberthoffmans brain


  85. jimbo9998823

    Hh??? Yeah - Dear God is great - but so is everyhting else XTC did too :)

  86. oogie11

    i agree with u mate, bands these days sound so dull and bland to hell.....i'm supposed to like these avearge bands like the kaiser chiefs since i am 19 years old, but let's be honest, XTC is way above bands of today

  87. glammer

    Ha, XTC are nowhere near as generic as the rock by numbers bands abounding these days. The Kaisers, Razorlight, the Killers - it's not that I don't like them (except for Razorlight, who are wankers) it's just that I've heard it all before and done so much better.

    The 80s did suck though. The decade when producers took over and the sound of your snare drum was more important than having a song to record.

  88. miaastro

    Sorry but I've just picked myself up off the floor as I fell over laughing at whoever commented that XTC sound like an 80's Kaisers!!
    Andy, Colin et al built a time machine obviously! Who said they weren't talented!!

    So feckin funny! Best laugh I've had in ages! I love idiots!!!!

  89. Bettiri Sants

    In my opinion your opinion is shit. What is it you don't like, the excellent songs or masterful musicianship? And not to impugn your considerable musical knowledge but this song came out in 1978.

  90. Bettiri Sants

    well put!

  91. Amber_Nickel

    That should tell you something about the Kaiser Chiefs

  92. John Garry Kerr

    sounds like an 80s version of the kaiser chiefs

  93. BaddaBigBoom

    I always thought Andy Partridge bore a slight resemblance to River Phoenix.

  94. TighelanderII

    Not too long ago I drew a similar comparison with Boingo.

  95. BigDeanoSyd

    I had that album 'Virginity' as well in my teens and loved it, still think about it from time to time, introduced me to so many other great bands as well, Magazine, PiL etc. The cover was a bed with one corner of the blanket turned down if I remember correctly?

  96. charles mcdonald

    depechevery, it's never too late to learn grammar. Cuteness and youth will only get you so far baby.

  97. monkeytrousers

    A Young Lydon/Rotten was verrrrry impressed!

  98. Arvel Perry

    For a band that wrote and performed some of the most innovative, influential and pleasing-to-the-ear music ever, they sure made some silly videos.