Xscape - Tonight Lyrics

[Verse One (Kandi):]
Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes,
If only for a moment, boy don't be surprised.
I want you right here next to me,
So tell me we can spend some time.
So I can hold you softly,
In these gentle arms of mine.
And the moonlight's gazing,ooh,
Shining on my window pane,
Beaming down on the midnight hour,
I hear the sound of rain.

Tonight, tonight, ooh...
Tonight, tonight, ooh...

[Verse Two (Tamika):]
So why don't you stay awhile,
I can't help it if you put me in a daze boy.
But you look so good to me,
In your satin PJs.
So let's make love by candlelight,
And listen to the quiet storm.
As I kiss you in the places,
That make your body warm.

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm holding you
[Repeat x6]
Holding you tight all through the night
[Repeat x2]
Looks like it's gonna rain
[Repeat x4]
Holding you tight all through the night
[Repeat x2]

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Xscape Tonight Comments
  1. Tammy W


  2. Tori Dominick

    Tinys voice gives me chills! T.I. Is a simp for sleeping on her music

  3. sexy dee

    Girl stop u messing up the song

  4. Detroitman.

    Did not know that there was a video for this song.

  5. Gloria Fleming


  6. Kynissa martin

    Its 2020 and this still the shit

  7. Michael Mcgill

    Who is listening to this in 2020????? Real harmony!!!

  8. Joey Levenson

    Tamika absolutely BODIED THIS!!!!! 2:03 onwards all the proof you need

  9. Fatima Foster

    2020.. I'm still riding.. Them vocals tho

  10. Chantel J

    Kandi teeth is white. 😳

  11. Mahogany Speaks

    Tiny’s voice really makes this song.

  12. Enrico Anderson

    It's 2020 tap if u slappin

  13. Deangelo Mains

    How can anyone in their right mind dislike this song?

  14. Tanae'

    Tiny on this song melts my heart everytime

  15. Rakeem Alexander

    Still listening to this in 2020. I wish this type of music was still being made.

  16. Queen

    The KILLED this 🔥

  17. Queen

    The 90s are UNDEFEATED

  18. Porchea Wesley

    2020 still listening to this song

  19. fabiejd

    Who would dare give this a thumbs down one in a lifetime Talent #haters

  20. J Jonz


  21. sisco Williams kamba

    2020, I'm a deep Xscape fan from Africa, 2020

  22. ImJustSerious 0107


  23. Brandon Bowles

    Oh that's it right there, take a deep breath...

  24. simply kendy

    01/19/20 yasss

  25. simply kendy

    This song here wow

  26. syrena mcgee

    2020 listeners where y’all at? ❤️

  27. Mrs. Sanders

    This is REAL UNISON & HARMONY at the same time..


    Why Maxine Shaw in the thumbnail?

  29. Andrique Broughton

    They all look better today than they did back then🍷

  30. heather greathouse

    Ti wife can sing still in 2020

  31. BrownSkin Cutie0088

    what did tiny do to her face now?.... she was cute back then

  32. shymickey6

    Yeeerrp! 🙌🏾

  33. Marvette Cox

    what did Tiny do to her face? she was so darn adorable. plastic surgery? she shouldn't have.

  34. Christina Parker

    2020 and i can’t get enough!!!🙌🏽

  35. Newchel cdard

    Go Kandi

  36. Junior& Luisitaa

    2020 anyone?

  37. Neisha Johnson

    When people say kandi can’t sing and I’m like 👀👀 she sung lead on most of their hits they even sound like a whole choir

  38. Flamicity

    2020 and it's still 1 of my favorite r&b acapellas!!

  39. Beatrice Tolliver

    I love this song you rock tonight

  40. CeeCee

    Man, these ladies are so amazing 😍 always powerful voices

  41. Valerie Boynton

    ☔ ☔ ☔ ☔
    2 O 2 O💿📀 -

  42. A'Najai Robinson

    People that say Tiny cant sing must've forgot how she killed it on here


    Tiny used to be so cute

  44. Tori

    Tiny killed it

  45. Brandy Shafer


  46. Kim Striving Anderson

    They better sang!!!!! Tiny is my fav

  47. Breezy Godiva

    Impressed. Accapella is a challenge.

  48. Antoine Knight

    Classic material

  49. Fannie Wright

    Throw back to my girls Kim, Kris and Tori... Memba us doing this ❤️❤️❤️

  50. Neisha Howard

    Tiny part always gives me chills....
    love this song

  51. Ashante Carroll

    The vocals on this record are classic 👏😍

  52. D B

    Tiny so pretty

  53. Olof Olofersond

    Max from living single in xscape

  54. I T

    Tameka Scott daughter Niyah looks like her right here.  And King looks like Tiny

  55. Brit Brit

    Tiny looked so hilarious with black hair😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    Love them braids 💗👩🏾‍🦱👍🏿
    Bring it home 🏡 tiny 💗🎶🖤👱🏿‍♀️

  57. Liliny23

    This is real music 2019 never going out of style

  58. Annette Posante


  59. Felicia Johnson


  60. Chris M

    Tameka.\\ Tiny get at lets think knew for MaPiggy.tamera

  61. Jessica Jenkins

    I love Tamika's braided bob.

  62. George Edwin Jones II

    Man they can sing. Give me old skool R & B any day over the crap they are making today

  63. Kimoraa - TV

    Tiny : Looks like its gonna rain ohhh baby..
    Me :Omg😩🤪😭

  64. La Tasha Black

    I like Michael Jackson version better

  65. Robert Pate

    Love the song!! Tiny part is my favorite

  66. Miina_ Dreams

    Here 2019 @miinadreams

  67. Derrick Hobbs

    and folks says Kandi CANT SING

  68. Wanda Veasey


  69. Wanda Veasey

    I metalovethissong

  70. Gabriel Hazzard

    i'll never understand the dislikes

  71. 2witty4u slayer

    "Looks like its gonna rain" Um it's already raining ☔🌧

  72. Thessa Hardy

    I love them I love their music

  73. Kenya Campbell

    Who’s listening in 2019??? 💕💕

  74. Courtney Martin

    Tiny looks 100% better here than now.

  75. Erica Bryant

    I need more music like this lord...Make RNB Great Again

  76. Marquita Shiver

    They damn sho did that!

  77. timothyy pearson

    i never seen this video

  78. Rita

    *Lawd they DID that! Come THRU vocals!*

  79. Ashanti Stack

    Those scott sisters Latocha & Tameka my goodness as well as Tiny and Kandi! Love their Harmony! 2019

  80. King Kami

    Tiny tore that shit up!

  81. MrsNukNuk

    This is your night

  82. Enrico Anderson

    Tap in 2019 Tonight



  84. Altonis Stembridge

    I love all of that music

  85. Andrea Lockett

    I'm holding you I'm holding you

  86. Matthew Aultman


  87. Tenal Alston

    If this ain't the most banging ass interlude ever. It's a song but on my playlist, issa interlude...lol. Gotta come up for air sometime.
    These ladies killed it. I listened to when it dropped and I'm still doing so this very day. I love this song! #Tonight

  88. Destiny Swopes

    I've replayed this song so much I could sing it in acoma.

  89. Braceface Bandit

    Tiny yesss

  90. squicey5161

    but tiny killed this shit even though big girl is the best Singer out the gtouy

  91. squicey5161

    I am so in love with candy I don't care how fine another broad is if I had her I wouldn't want nobody else fuck her money just to be with her would make my life 100

  92. LadyStrawberriz

    Tiny 🔥🔥

  93. Sindy Garner

    This is my shit 90's baby foe sure 😎😎😎😎😎🙋🙋🙋🙋