Xscape - Tonight (Live Comin' Mix) Lyrics

Hey big baby,
Girls grab your guys,
And guys grab your girls tight,
'Cuz everything's gonna be alright tonight.
Kindly put your hands together,
For the sensuous sounds of Xscape.
Lay back, kick it, and enjoy the ride.

[Verse One (LaTocha):]
Now that the rain is falling,
Down on my window pane,
I'll make you feel so good,
And you'll be happy that you came.
We'll have some dinner,
And some candle light,
But first make love to me,
Until the morning light.

[Bridge (Kandi):]
I know you've been waiting,
To get inside my world.
So boy let me show you,
That I can be a special kind of girl.
Baby don't you know,
That tonight is the night baby...

Tonight, tonight, oooh
Tonight, tonight, oooh

[Verse Two (Tamika):]
Come on baby,
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
I think the time is right,
To give you all of my love.
Even though this love's a gamble,
It can be so right,
Make sure you're love is true,
Before you turn out the light.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Break (Tiny):]
Because tonight I want to give you all of me,
So just take it slowly,
And make sweet love to me,
Give me your hand and let me lead the way,
Guiding your heart to ecstasy.

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Xscape Tonight (Live Comin' Mix) Comments

    I was 16 yrs old and I had both of the Tonight remixes on a cassette tape. I truly miss the 90's.

  2. Antwamesha Jenkins

    three versions and all of them are good. I'm inspired

  3. Shaundrea Phillips


  4. Robert Jackson

    Never knew about this version until a couple days from the other one and I cannot believe my ears it's incredible!

  5. Kelvin Middlebrooks

    2019 this my ish 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Jamil The Songbyrd

    I would love to hear this version a cappella

  7. I'm the KING

    Who’s listening in 2018 ?

    Tobias Hills

    I'm the KING me this should of been on humming coming at cha album

    Kelvin Middlebrooks

    I'm the KING me!!!!!;

    Kelvin Middlebrooks

    I'm the KING me!!!

    Key Tho

    Me I can’t stop

  8. Jay West

    The original is better, but I like this version. It's very different from the original.

  9. Tobias Hills

    This should of been the original tonight in the other one should been the remix this sound more like 1992 than 1994 I wish this would came out in 92 cause it got that 1992 vibe.

  10. Courtneyisdifferent Harris

    This song is lit

  11. Jai Jackson

    THIS... THIS is the version I remember digging. The original is good, real good,.. but this version is Magnificent!

    Key Tho

    It’s golden !

    Tobias Hills

    They should of put this on the humming coming at cha is cool they stole that from cypress hill

  12. LaChele

    I've never heard this before. Looks like it was available as a promo cd and not an official cd single. DAMN! Pero anyway, this is really nice. I'm feelin' this remix. And they sound great, as always.

    Kevin Contreras

    Correct. It's on a pretty rare promo.

  13. Evangela Smith

    thanks for posting! I recorded this off the radio and played it until my tape popped! One of my favorite remixes...

  14. Key Tho

    I love this song

  15. Mr EX

    So much better than the original (which was good in its' own right).

  16. Talkin2Me4000


  17. Jennifer Robinson

    Heard not hard!

  18. Jennifer Robinson

    This remix was everything for me! Hard it on the radio once or twice when I was younger and like to killed myself trying to record it. LOL

  19. Dawnee Hicks

    I've been lookin for this song on youtube for soooo long glad to see it up here!!!

  20. MissLala Staxx


  21. Michelle Bee

    How can I download this song?!

  22. Dre you

    I've been looking for this song every where thane