Xscape - The Runaround Lyrics

But you been sleepin' and you're creepin', babe,
But you been creepin' and you're sleepin', baby.

[Verse One (LaTocha):]
It's Friday night and I've been freakin' out,
900 times, I know I called your house,
So many times your momma cursed me out,
But I'm not sorry.
Saturday morning, I ain't slept at all,
I smelled her perfume and your alcohol,
They say that you and her have had a ball,
Don't you dare lie to me.

I know I'm gettin' the runaround,
I know that you sleep around,
So don't try and play it down,
I know you're givin' it, I know she's gettin' it.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
I grabbed my keys and I jumped in my ride,
I may be hurt but I ain't gonna cry,
Just wanna find out what you did last night,
Before I leave you.
I found her number and I know her name,
I gotta front this girl, make her explain,
I can't believe she dipped into my thing,
Yet she's getting over.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge (Kandi):]
It took a lot for me to give you all my loving, yeah,
And just to think I gave you everything for nothing.
I tried my best to satisfy you,
All the times that I stood right by you,
I think that I'll be better on my own, baby.

Oh baby,
I know your givin' it, I know she's gettin' it.

But you been sleepin' and you're creepin' babe
But you been creepin' and you're sleepin' baby

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

[Break (LaTocha):]
Now I can't believe that you did this to me,
Well, you better leave.
You go tell what's her name that it isn't a game,
Boy you messed up your thang.

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Xscape The Runaround Comments

    Produced by Daryl Simmons

  2. Darius Williams

    2020 & I still LOVE this SONG!!! #Xscape my #1 Fav 90s Female Group!!!

  3. Miz Parker

    Who's still in 2020? Me

  4. Edjuana McNeal

    Yasss 2020

  5. Mychael Corinthos

    Connie Chung R.i.P

  6. Simone Tyson

    Candy, "before I leave you, so SEXY"

  7. Helen Sug

    Who else noticed this ended up being karma at the end of the cd.

  8. Stephen's Life

    My girl play this song shes mad at me

  9. Krystal Rios

    Who stiil listen to this song 2019-2020

  10. Tree Tree

    This album was their best!!! This was favorite on this album. Circa 1998

  11. dzireme 4ever

    I got people at my job jamming to this song..

  12. Brittanee Green

    This is my song!!! Kandi know she did that! My favorite verse!

  13. Darlisha Davis

    My x brought me here

  14. Lestat Khillinz

    The story of my Life

  15. Lestat Khillinz

    Gave u everything for nothing

  16. Shakendria Murphy

    This song and a few others are so underated. I'm so tired people only know their singles!

  17. Fookie Tho

    Classics never dies😍😍😍

  18. Jazzmon Baker (Lea Diamond)


  19. Drea O Show

    This song is triggering...

  20. Makeya Generette

    This song & Your Eyes was the best songs on this album

  21. Tempest bihh


  22. Maurice Duhart

    The 90's was the best 🎶 Awesome female's group's☺😉😁

  23. Shamonique Barnett

    May 2019

  24. OhSheila

    I remember this song used to come on when I worked for Strawbridges!! That's really old im showing my age lol

  25. Erica Latane

    2019 anyone ❤❤❤

    Takiara Babcock


  26. Lestat Khillinz

    What can I say other than...

  27. Strawberry Smiles

    The whole album is dope💕

    lamont stevens

    Classic ! Best album from them my little secret , runaround, softest place on earth , feel so good , work me slow ... best slow jams album

  28. D.M. Johnson

    Xscape is still the best of the best

  29. queen_najae13 dix


  30. Drea O Show

    Getting cheated on is the absolute worst

  31. Charlie Walton

    I tryed my best to satisfy you all those times I stood rite side you "Kandi"

    Charlie Walton

    This my shit

  32. Clove Leaf

    All time favorite 😍❤️❣️

  33. Brayden Horne

    I found her number and i know her name, I gotta find this girl make her explain, I can't believe she dipped into my thang!!!! *2019* & this song is still 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Sheila Palmer

    I love your voice

  35. Sheila Palmer

    You are the real deal

  36. Janaye Thornton

    I maybe hurt but I’m not going to cry 😢 I love this song

  37. Jasmine Woulard

    2018 an still bumping the fuck outta this

  38. Darion Pickett


  39. Tara G

    Wow, I haven't heard this song since year 1998 or 1999. I was age 14 going on 15 when this album was released. I used to listen to this song on repeat, it was my favorite from the album. Thank you for posting.

  40. Meme Zoe

    who still jamin this in 2018

  41. Regina Reed

    young women

  42. Regina Reed

    you are a business

  43. Tamika Capterville

    Sitting at my desk at work and just started singing this song out the blue, && couldn’t wait to go on break to listen to it lol🤞

  44. Stacey Boxley

    Still my shit

  45. Eva Hunt

    Still Listening To This‼️

  46. Marqunita Westbrook

    2018 still a banger

  47. Nichelle Eslick

    I know you giving it I know she is getting it

  48. mowilliams50

    90's , 2017 all day!

  49. Rodney Smith



    Rodney Smith IS*

    ૨σყαℓ ƭεε

    Facts! I loved it so much I bought it twice!

    lamont stevens

    Their best slow jams

  50. Demetria Fisher

    I may be hurt but im not gonna cry🎤🎤🎤

  51. Q Gee

    After their reality show last night. I️ was saying this should be first on the set list. My bf was like what song is that. Omg I’m getting old. Lol


    I was thinking the same thing thing. They opened the door with "Feels So Good" (awful choice..)..thye shouyld have opened it with The Runaround or I Will First. Some artists will take chances and perform songs they havent performed live before to enhance the audience.

  52. Khalalah Aye

    Good album

  53. Deon Kidd

    The REAL Xscape fans know about this song! One of my favs!

    Mia Wade

    Deon Kidd yes!! I remember sitting in my room playing this CD on my computer!!!

    Dany Petty

    Deon Kidd so true..

    Casancia Fini

    Mines too I love Xscape

    Vanessa Hall

    Yes I love it ❤

  54. ak170492

    This song is all around amazing, but they come in like a choir on the chorus after the breakdown (the 3rd instance of the chorus). Like they were turned up on that chorus.

  55. Daron M.

    This song was dedicated to me by my girlfriend on late night radio dedications before 😭 no shit. I was shame as hell smdh

    ROCHELLE Mclendon

    Daron M. Get it together then

  56. Javonna Ferguson

    Nothing like 90's music!

  57. Sky Blue

    man I remember when my first luv cheated I was 15 I'd listen to this over and over again ...guess I was a old soul

    General Cornrow Wallace

    Or just grown as hell,lil mama!🤣🤣 I'm only joking.

  58. Serena Lane

    love this song,can't wait for their new album

  59. Halimah Griffin

    I can ever ever stop listening to this because it's soooooooooooo TRUE

    Man AboutThatMoney

    Halimah Griffin I've, literally, been playing this song repetitiously. I, even, performed a 30 second instrumental on track 6.

  60. Evan G

    This and Your Eyes are my favorite tracks on this album tbh. Am I the only one who thinks this is their best album?

    Robert Perry

    my two favorite song to brings back so many wonderful memories back in da days good choice of song

    Antionette Pugh

    Evan G mine's too

    Dany Petty

    Evan G mine too I use to put it on repeat lbvs.

    ૨σყαℓ ƭεε

    Softest Place On Earth & Hold On are some of the best too.

    Sheila Palmer

    You go girl

  61. Danyetta Davis

    one of my favorite songs

  62. lulu bell

    I used to play the hell out of this song

  63. Desiree Phelps

    This makes me get in my feelings even tho I'm not going through this!


    Same lol.

  64. Rita Pratt

    I know she's getting it...took a lot for me to give you all my loving....

  65. Sabrena Ford

    2016 and this entire album is still Fire!!!

  66. Precious White

    This song is the truth.. Omg can i relate

  67. darryify

    Saturday morning I ain't slept at all I smell her and your alcohol mmm they said that you and her had a ball don't you dare lie to me

  68. Swan Phillips

    So many memories this song brings i miss the 90's music

    lee ruffin

    I’m a sixth baby and fell in love with the nineties music go girls

  69. Fashawnia Gary

    I love this song

  70. Catt Jackson

    So many memories with this music.... 80's

  71. Kiki Miller

    The Real deal

  72. LeeLee Cruz

    I'll love always this song, childhood memories

  73. Malcolm Rucker

    "so many times yo mama cursed me out"

  74. LaKesha Gaines

    Traces of my lipstick was one of the best albums love <3 <3 <3

    Jamal Gadson

    I agree


    LaKesha Gaines I agree.. We was suppose to get atleast one more album from them!

    Jessica Mcpherson

    Still listing in 2018

    Louise Crosby


  75. boywonder montecristo

    repeat :)

  76. Niama Cathey

    my song omg 🙌🙌😭😩😍

  77. MadeN Manhattan

    "900 times i know i called ya house".. #OD

  78. Meicka J

    🎵"I grabbed my keys and jumped in my ride"


    LaTocha Scott tried so hard to outsing Kandi..but she couldn't. she could never could.

    Mocha S

    Eriq7001 nah tocha could sing better than kandi

    China Johnson

    Eriq7001 she can sing better than kandi tiny and tamika but they usually make the songs they sing second lead on for me I think tosha thinks all those all over the place runs or having the last line in the song makes her out shine the other girls but they always come through in the parts they got

    General Cornrow Wallace

    😆Girl,That Part!

  79. Ciara Fulton

    love this song

  80. Dayshaun Nelson

    i know dat you sleep around💯💯

  81. Dayshaun Nelson

    yes i love this song

  82. Maleka Watson

    l love this song

  83. Fernando Zambrana

    This My Shit iCant Relate But iLoveee They Wayy They Sing

  84. Ms Iam Everythang

    The Run Around doesn't only apply to somebody creeping it also can be that person giving you the run around about being with you, caring for you, wanting you...ect

    Niama Cathey

    Ms Iam Everythang rs ,ppl play games too much

    Ms Iam Everythang

    +Niama Cathey yep

    Simone Tyson

    Women do the same itsh thou, am one long enough to know, "Imma call you", "I do like you, but I be working and going to school, and church, so you know " Lies!!! When someone really likes you, everything else goes on pause, same thing with a man. Do not give people the run-around, be honest.

  85. Sha-Li Perkins

    This is just one of those songs that you can relate to because I fell at some point in ur life you have gotten the runaround.

  86. Hassan Bell

    this was one of my favorite tracks from the album "traces of lipstick". thanks for posting