Xscape - Can't Hang Lyrics

[Intro by JD:]
Let's get down
Let's get down

[Verse One (Kandi):]
You claim you've been waiting,
With no game, just anticipating,
How it would be if you and I were in the sack
But to me you look like you wouldn't know how to act

[Bridge (LaTocha):]
I need someone to hold me,
All night long.
It must be you my darling,
Am I wrong.
It ain't a damn thing baby,
Show me what you can bring,
Cause some try to swang but they still can't hang.

You and me let's get down,
Even though you claim that you've been around,
I betcha can't hang,
I betcha can't hang.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
You claim you can do this, this and that,
Ain't no shame in my game,
If it's wack I gotta tell you that.
So you betta be up on your down stroke,
You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat,
Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip baby.

[Repeat Break and Chorus]

[Rap by MC Lyte:]
You talk a lot of this and you talk a lot of that,
Is it all fact brotha man are you phat?
Cause if it's on the real I come with mad sex appeal,
Flip light delicious, you know the deal.
Hey that's me, I be the slick,
The one with the physique,
I freak you in the sheets.
I take a nigga deep down under,
I make him wonder,
How to make the lighting come before the thunder.
That's the pleasure I bring,
I make a nigga get up and sing,
Tinga linga ling ling.
I got the pow, da boogie and the bang bang
You can't hang don't talk da game

[Repeat Chorus]

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Xscape Can't Hang Comments
  1. Mo’ Nique

    Alright MC Lyte

  2. P La

    They was more softer on this album more feminine 😁 compared to the 1st album

  3. simply kendy

    My jam still 01/19/20

  4. Jerome Ashley

    That someone is me i'll keep your boat a float kandi burruss trust me

  5. Julia Tv

    2:34 my favorite part!!!!

  6. OfficialKeiondre

    Jan 2020‼️❤️

  7. Mike Haze

    Adding Mc Lyte to this song was the cherry on top

  8. Diamonds R4ever

    Kandi is traffic stoppin’ pretty

  9. Serge De lobethal

    Yoooh 🤣🤣🤣😍 maze .....

  10. Tiffanye Young

    That's my favorite song by Xscape. And Mc Lyte is such an excellent addition to the song

  11. All OF ASHLEY

    Still listening 2019❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Encino Man

    Khandi really wasn't needed in this group,she was the only one who couldn't sing.Tiny,Tamika,Latocha were always on another level though.

  13. charlita25

    Tameka hittin that #bankhead bounce

  14. praise music

    Mc Lyte...my girl.

  15. Deahra Shelton

    I Betcha can’t hang ....

  16. TheRealKendraMusic


  17. Be The Change

    Tiny looked good af right here

  18. Beatrice Moore

    I love khandi voice

  19. King kev

    I love this Shabba Ranks reference

  20. King kev

    MC Lyte legendary

  21. King kev

    You can play this for baby and they will go to sleep vices are smooth like butter


    Damn Tiny was so beautiful back then ❤️

  23. K love

    I wonder if that was baby Ocean in this video I believe she was born before the 2nd album

  24. Super Savage

    LaTocha dressed like Fred from scooby doo lmaooo

  25. tip michelle

    I love them together 🍷 2019

  26. Adriana Bellamy

    I like how this time around they were more accepting of one of the ladies being pregnant . They used it for a whole music video idea . Super cute

  27. Brett Taylor

    I’m taking this 2019 & bèyond, and they performed it live 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️

  28. The Peace trinity

    love this , been looking for this for time

  29. christina vedga

    Damn them women in ATL are beautiful as hell!

  30. Black Legacy Entertainment

    Only a million views!!!! The video was fun and that beat was smooth as fuck. Jermaine dupri was a good producer

  31. T G

    One of my favorite songs from Xscape when it came out. MC Lyte's part killed!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gavin gomwe

    Keep on keeping on

  33. grace moukala

    This sounds like TLC's "kick your game".. I think Jermaine Dupri produced both tracks so..

  34. Eric Knight

    Tiny still fine

  35. Kisses Kissesss

    Lets get down!! The real Atlanta..

  36. Shreese Vanderhorst

    I'm mad this isn't a TLC song. This will have been a much bigger hit than what Xscape made it out to be. This song would have fit perfect into TLC's CraZySeXyCOol Album. I can literally hear T-Boz taking the lead courses, and Chilli coming in on the bridge of the second courses, and Lefteye taking Mc Lyte's place. This is clearly a TLC record!

    Big Mack

    Shreese Vanderhorst this is like a sister song to Kick Your Game from TLC off of the CrazySexyCool album. Jermaine did similar production on both songs. Both be bumpin’!!!


    I'm mad TLC didn't release "Kick Your Game" as a single

    Big Mack

    kindell1 me too! That deserved a video and a single release. That was a banger on the album


    @Big Mack It had "single" written all over it!


    I actually like this song better than Kick Your Game! Both are dope though!

  37. Baddest B

    The old tiny changed but I'm still is beutiful

  38. James Cowan

    Xscape Love U :)

  39. Panannah _

    Kandi can SING!!!! People be hating hard smh!!!!... This woman can sing! All of them are blessed vocally👑🙌😘✊ Queens!

  40. Downtown_NY45

    Tamika was bank head bouncing all up in this video lmao! Lit!

  41. Tiera Smith

    tamika and her sister at 0:52 have me laughing the getting it😂


    Tiera Smith Yooooo I’ve been rewinding that part back constantly I thought it was just me who noticed that. They are total opposites Tamika’s bank head bounce was all fun & hood while Tocha’s was smooth & swagged out.

  42. Re Simmons

    2018 still one of my favs

  43. iRant

    JD must be in every bid they made.

  44. Jose Lucena

    Todas Melodias São Lindas

  45. Renee Walters

    What's hanging

  46. Deshia Johnson

    Kandi looked so beautiful in this video, I can't stop rewatching it. The whole video was beautiful

  47. serenityq26

    the beat reminds me of tlc's "kick your game"

    Big Mack

    serenityq26 Jermaine Dupri produced both songs. He probably made the beats around the same time.

  48. Styl Propr!

    Still go hard! #LoveIt

  49. Reeses...

    Aww Tiny was pregnant with Zonnique right here.

  50. 405citygurl918

    My jam!!!!!!!

  51. De ‘Vontez

    Kandi 😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Tiffany DeGree

    Tiny back there jammin!!!

  53. Trishanna Grays

    Still grooving pregnant and all! Love Tiny at 1:36

  54. Ab Alb

    No!, not my girl lyte I loved me some mc lyte and xscape best collaboration ever.

  55. Selah Crawford

    I mean kandi

  56. Selah Crawford

    Mandi was Cute in this.But she's all ways cute.😊

  57. Kimberly Howard

    Mc lyte is eeerrthang!!!💖💖💖

  58. Kasanova 305

    I had the biggest crush on kandi😍

  59. Star Trek Online Videos

    the year the bounce got popular

  60. AngieR Crawley

    I love that 4-way split screen thing with the ladies' faces at the end. That was so dope and chic!

  61. King Kami

    I keep coming back for the opening skit.

  62. Eric Hill

    Yes tiny was with child in this vid

  63. Nunya Bizniss

    All of them were extra beautiful in this video esp Tiny. Her glow just shines in this video. I like how the theme was low key a baby shower for ZonZon. Its amazing to continue watching her grow into a beautiful humble young lady and like her mom got pipes for days. Zon should def play her mom in the Xscape biopic and this video should be reenacted; itll be funny, cool and interesting to see Zon with a belly and getting down like her mom. Kandi's daughter should play a teenaged version of her mom esp if she lose a little weight and get the proper training...and look at Tamika. I call her "Fast Fannie" lol. She is soooo pretty and she was always the most fashionable one out of the trio. I love how she changed her hair and she knew what looked sexy on her. She was low key the sexiest one out the group and she made this video look fun; she always stood out too and Big Mama Toch. Mama is pretty and I LOOOVVEEE seeing her chin shake when she sing. Those pipes are amazing and I love how she is a big sexy confident woman and she made anything she was in look sexy too. She always showed people just because shes hefty dont mean shit. Mama is everything and Kandi...sis was pretty too. Her smile is everything and her voice although the weakest out the group she still managed to hold her own, stay in her range and never over did her lane. She was pretty too and still is. They all pretty much still look the same in 2017 and I pray they come to Texas bc I am waiting. i just love them. I can watch their videos all day esp this one.

  64. Nikki Love

    tiny soo cute in this video 💞💋💋

  65. janetj

    90s vibe before cell phones lol back when Oakland was still the real Oakland

  66. Tiffany Rayne

    I thought it was cool that the video centered around Tiny's baby shower, and Tameka Scott's little girl at the time was sitting on her lap. Now Tamika's baby is all grown up and married now.

  67. Ms. Poohbie

    It's 2017 an ma girls are back an on tour!😍🤘🏽

  68. Y'Keitha Atkins

    Tameka Scott snap back after that kid tho!!! 😍😍😍

  69. Ľuboš Búžik

    chorus is so similar to feel so good track

  70. positivedesirez28


  71. Tamara Roundtree

    Kandi hair was on fleek.

  72. Tamara Roundtree

    This use to be my shit.

  73. Dwayne Tillman

    That Bankhead bounce lmao


    love it LOL

  74. Amone KD

    Still rocking this!

  75. Julie Cdbaca

    tiny your so damn gorgeous erg is T I thinking messing around on you did he take some stupid pills

  76. the last

    the best female group ever... fly and EVERYBODY CAN SING

  77. onlookgurl24

    that was Zonique in her gut,lol nice video

  78. onlookgurl24

    I notice that women in music videos didn't have to try too hard to be sexy, i mean all of them are fully clothed and still got sex appeal

  79. Latonja White

    they are all so beautiful

  80. Delta Gurl78

    Damn. I forgot abt this song

  81. Miss Dee

    they were all pretty in this video

  82. Fenixx

    Damn Kandi!!! just Damn! you're the hottest dark skinned chick on the planet 😍😍😛

  83. omarii tillis

    good job 😁😁 love it!!!

  84. Kim Falls


  85. Kade Sutherland

    this song is very good

  86. KDevon Whoelse

    tiny was pregnant wit zonnique in this video

  87. Yomi Bailey

    Tiny was cute

  88. Jernese hill


  89. Sylvester Greene

    Tameka Scott in that lime green doing the bankhead bounce with gold weave lol. I remember girls wearing lime green with them hooker heels with white straps at the mall Lmao ahhhhh the summer of 1996......I was 16 good times

  90. Elaine

    Kandi has not changed. She look good.

    Encino Man

    Still can't sing.

    Xayvion Featherson

    @Encino Man Shut up hater

  91. divaquana

    ok so evrybody gonna ignore how mclyte BODIED this beat..hear so many femal rapper influence

  92. Moriah John & the Johnsons!

    MC Lyte!!!