Xscape - Am I Dreamin' Lyrics

Am I dreaming, baby,
Are you for real?

[Verse One:]
[Ol' Skool]
Things are kind of hazy,
And my head's all cloudy inside.
Now I've heard talk of angels, baby,
But never thought I would have one to call mine.

See you are just too good to be true,
And I hope, there's not some kind of mirage,
With you, oh baby.

Am I dreamin',
Am I just imagining you're here in my life?
Am I dreamin',
Pinch me to see if it's real,
Cause my mind can't decide.

[Verse Two:]
[Ol' Skool] Will this last for one night,
[Kandi] Or do I have you for a lifetime?
[Ol' Skool] Please say that it's forever,
And that it's not an illusion to my eye.

And I hope that you just don't up and disappear,
My love, I pray,
That it's not a hoax, and it's for real, oh.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Ol' Skool] Baby I know,
Sometime, say that sometime,
I need you to show me girl.
Show me that you're not a mirage,
[LaTocha] Oh baby, I need you, I need you, I need you.
Oh, I need you to pinch me, baby.
[Ol' Skool] I need you to pinch me baby,
Am I dreamin baby?

[Repeat Chorus]

[Ol' Skool] My mind can't decide, no no,
[LaTocha] Oh, baby,
Touch me baby, feel me baby.
[Ol' Skool] I wanna know if you'll be right there,
[LaTocha] Oh oh oh...
[Ol' Skool] I wanna know if you'll be right there,
Tell me this is not an illusion.
[LaTocha] Touch me baby, I want you to feel me baby,
[Ol' Skool] Somebody let me know,
I wanna know if you'll be right there,
If it's real,
This is not a mirage, no.

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Xscape Am I Dreamin' Comments
  1. José Henrique

    Listening 2020!!

  2. charmaine munoz

    Begging n crying Keith lol

  3. Nichole Green

    R.i.p left eye

  4. John E Allen

    Trash ! A used to be trash to stars now It's stars to trash.

  5. Smiley Jean


    charmaine munoz

    Here lol

  6. rocco paolino

    Why did Left Eye have to get the Andre Rison falcon tattoo all down her arm. Love makes you do stupid things sometimes

  7. DroidXPhone

    Dam this is a pretty song.

  8. rocco paolino

    I’ll give a dollar to anyone who can tell me the actress playing the love interest stripper😂. Can’t find it anywhere

  9. mugglepuzzle

    Lefteye is to sexy for any lady

  10. Reginald Grant

    This still a hit

  11. Hemerson Marques

    Musica perfeita

  12. Whitney Whitney


  13. Dorothy Ogunmadewa


  14. HipHop Nation

    Oh god Keith Sweat and Exscape in one song?!!

  15. Lacarman Mitchell

    #@ Sir Sircarmanofal

  16. 김수동

    십년 넘게 들어도 일년에 보름이상은 내 플레이리스트에 있는 노래

  17. Stephanie Jones

    Tiny did her thing and Kandi found real good in this video with Keith Swear should do a remake it's so smooth. Escape with the Scott sisters also is legendary and Keith Sweat, good music.

  18. Angela Mcdonald

    This is real music the rappers,and music artists in general no nothing about real music cuz there shit is trash

  19. Gersson B

    23 years later i’d still dump her

  20. Sugar Bum

    Tiny 😍😍

  21. Angel Spivey

    Tiny and Left eye was so beautiful in this video

  22. Ana Cecília

    Eu agora a noite.vendo este vidio lindo adoro e feliz 😘😍❤

  23. Prentice Everson

    YESSSS 💞💞💞👌2019

  24. T Mack All

    Back when bn a stripper and showing all yo stuff to the world was frowned upon, now its just fk it. Every broad on the gram bn a wanna b celebrity. Smh

  25. themisses

    This my $H%T🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🌹

  26. BigWill 9421

    TINY was Much Cuter Back Then!!!

  27. Tametrius Johnson Fielder

    Keith sang to me 😍

  28. Keyshia L

    Im still here in December 2019 love this song 💯🔥😘

  29. Vicky Esco


  30. gwen Easterling

    Love this song they need to get together and make more 2019 homestead where yall at

  31. Asjha Vixenn

    That damn tiny does it for me 💘😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙋😏

  32. Chrissy M

    Hello auntie enjoy got that feeling half of hundred happy birthday enjoy and holidays to my wonderful world half of hundred 😇👏🏻😎🙏👼😘🎂👌🎉💤😂requests help auntie out don’t hate 😇👏🏻😎💯🙏😘👼🎂👌

  33. Shawanda Jones

    Song Tiny

  34. Dimples1228

    Its 2019 and I just realized that was left eye!

  35. seventh child

    Wonderful vocals. I love all of their vocals. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 TRUE TALENT

  36. blank 90000

    This is an Atlantic Starr remake

  37. Ismael Rasul


  38. RedB Bone11

    2019still 🔥

    Shirley Butler

    Oh hell to the yeah!! How about December 08 2019 This beautiful classic is in its own class of its own 4SURE!!!MEMORIES WOW!!!!Some songs are just too great for words AMEN!!!

    RedB Bone11

    Shirley Butler facts

  39. Sandra Young

    I usually don't like remakes but this one is a exception

    Shirley Butler

    OMG This beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree Sandra ? When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!!!A trip down memory lane 4SURE!!! Still listenin how about December 08 2019

  40. Billie Brown

    Willie d creepin

  41. Andrea Jones

    Tiny voice is sooo raw in this video

  42. Mydebby Toohot

    Love is good 😁😁😁😂😎😎😎🙂

  43. Mydebby Toohot

    I love dis songs 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  44. rocco paolino

    The guy in the video was kind of the poor mans Morris Chestnut

  45. So fresh Family

    Get it tiny 🙌🏽👌🏾

  46. Nae Nae

    My favorite

  47. M.C Watts

    [email protected]??= !=X (£) beautiful vocals 🖤T=H!:$

  48. Abdul Aden

    Omg I’m I dreaming cause if I am I don’t want to wake up the vibes are too strong

  49. Stephanie Jones

    Kandi's and Tiny really sound good the whole group they really hit those notes they ate legends don't make music like that no more. Tiny sure look good and she looks good now also but her and Kandi looked younger.

  50. LaFonda Brown

    Did dude say the next contest is strawberry 😜

  51. CocoSugarLove Hairgoddess

    #CLASSIC 🔥🔥🔥#Xscape


    2019 Happy Thanksgiving ya'll... When Love Jams was baby making music & slow dances


    1 of those remakes that are just as good as or even just a sprinkle better!

  54. Brown Antoinette

    Left eye❤️❤️❤️❤️ sleep on hon!

  55. sisco Williams kamba

    Black is ROCK

  56. rocco paolino

    Tiny had some pipes. Wow. She could sing

  57. Cookie Oneal

    Tiny is BEAUTIFUL in tis video. What happen ? Can I we use get the old BEAUTIFUL TINY BACK 😍

  58. Lacarman Mitchell

    #@ Sir IMG_#@ Sir

  59. Sherri Murray

    Wow back in the day when it was a disgrace for your girl to
    be a dancer now it’s glorified 2020 vs old school

  60. southern girl

    See how back then cutting ppl off wasnt a thing? Lol they was workin shit out!

  61. Francesca Huckaby

    Am I dreaming is my Song

  62. Serge De lobethal


  63. drunkman6914

    Still jamming to this in November 2019 !!!
    R.I.P. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes !!!
    R.I.P. Good RnB music !!!

  64. Serge De lobethal

    Love this son 💚❤💛 in 2019 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Brooklyn24

    Is that Left Eye?

  66. Adrain Jones

    YOUNG Blackness at it COOLEST Great video {Atlantic Starr had this song 1st} then XSCAPE OL SKOOL & KEITH SWEAT DID THEIR THANG WIT IT!!!! BUT WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPEN TO OUR MUSIC NOW A-days!!!!!!!! {PS} asking for a friend

  67. Antonio Johnson

    Not sure if Kandi was married in this video but she was all in ole boy grill And Temeka looking dead at her

  68. Ella Girl

    Nov 2019....Still blasting this🤩

  69. Takeenya Moore

    I love you hi x kiss bye

  70. Riane Pearson

    I’m crying because they don’t make music like this

  71. Corey F Sanders

    Real R&B. These songs can take you back emotionally

  72. clive Ryu mgc

    Xscape was too dope. I miss the 90's

  73. Nique L

    Omg one of my favorite songs they were all so beautiful there’s no r& b songs like this no more smh !!!!!

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    Yes listening in 2019!

  80. Wrestling fan

    What is this song at the end? "Loving you"

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    Love this song i listen to it everyday

  82. The Observer Melanin

    Rest in Peace Pooky of Ole Skool.....
    From The STL !!!!!

  83. Vandella Charles

    4:35 goddamn he's fine.......whewwwwwwwwwwwww the black man's beauty cannot be matched!

  84. Vandella Charles

    now a days, it would be a badge of honor to have a stripper for a girlfriend.......things have gone down hill....

  85. Nasser Al-Ali

    real R&B

  86. Kyri Kelly

    Old Skool

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    So am I the only one that replays this video just to hear the small interlude at the end and....TO LOOK AT HOW FINE OLE' BOY IS WHEN HE OPENED THAT DOOR.

  88. lovey dovey

    Tiny's speaking voice is so different than her singing voice lol.

  89. Blake About mine

    My boy Keith Sweat didn't snitch on her. He told on her ass get it right!

  90. Tishina Thomas


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  92. Mydebby Toohot

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  94. let me hold # 2 pencil because they testing

    Been looking for this for 22 years finally found

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