Xscape - All This Love Lyrics

[Verse One (LaTocha):]
I had some problems,
And no-one could seem to solve them.
But you found the answer,
You told me to take this chance,
And learn the ways of love, my baby,
And all that it has to offer.
In time you will see that love won't let you down.

[Verse Two (Tiny):]
You say that you love me,
Said hurt only came to pass me.
It sounded so amazing,
That I gave it half a chance,
And learnt the ways of love,
And there's so much love inside me.
And all that I have I give my all to you,
All my loving.

All this love is waiting for you

[Verse Three (LaTocha):]
I had some problems,
And no-one could seem to solve them.
But you you you found the answer,
So I gave it half a chance,
And learnt the ways of love, my baby,
And all that it has to offer.
And all that I have I give my love to you,
All my loving.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Musical interlude]

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Say you really love me baby,
Say you really love me darlin',
Cause I really love you baby,
Cause I really love darlin'.
[Repeat to fade]

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Xscape All This Love Comments
  1. Karma Humphrey

    Thank you i have been looking for this

  2. Ms. Evelyn D. Brown

    No one can sing this song like the DeBarge. El DeBarge wrote it💖

  3. Thickumzkandypoo007

    I need to buy this 💿 again

  4. Tobias Hills jr

    they kill it

  5. Dancing Dakini

    So Xscape did it originally then TLC?

  6. True Love2

    Please Reboot New York Undercover.


    Fatima Qawwee This will happen soon.

    Robert P. Chrysafis

    Please dont, everytime they reboot a classic they fuck it up!!!

  7. mahoganimedia

    This is one of my favorite remakes ever. I bought that soundtrack because of this and the Love Ballad remake lol. Thank you for uploading it!

  8. gibbs615

    I miss this show SO MUCH!😔😉

  9. Da’shaun Thompson

    Please put this on Spotify!!

  10. VW DT

    One of the rawest renditions I've ever heard. Definitely a lot flyer than the Debarge original. Always loved their performance of this on "New York Undercover" Natalie's club.

  11. JOY Park

    i love ♡♡

  12. LGKids

    One of my favorite jams, by one of my favorite groups! Peace!

  13. sandinyourshoes

    It's classic music from the fantastic soundtrack of "New York Undercover."

  14. Kendall Wright

    I only wish Tameka had more ad-libs. but otherwise this song is great

  15. 100tonyalexander

    Fucking wicked

  16. Ms Lala

    i love this song so much

  17. Kareem Ali

    it was a good episode of New York Undercover (sympathy for the devil)

    Kareem Ali

    Yeah it had one heck of a plot twist

    Kareem Ali

    i agree, not everyday u find someone that really likes New York Undercover. send me a pic please. [email protected]

    Kareem Ali

    oh was just wondering how u look

    Moca Couture

    Yep, I remembered them on New York Uncover

    VW DT

    Kareem Ali don't remember too much context of the episode (don't tell me lol). But I remember Sharon Corley's (Jason from "New Jersey Drive") character crying at the end, inside the interrogation room.

  18. shawn joseph

    did a gud job on this!!!!!

  19. homosarehellagay

    wheres bone's crossroads? live band sounds better.

  20. Khyrie

    I had no idea they covered this. so beautiful!


    sirius blakk YESN on New York Undercover.

    Octavia Shabazz

    Me either

  21. jay new

    this was 1996 not 98

  22. Uncle T 2 Times

    I'm sorry, but I honestly think this version is better than the original, this track fits Xscape better, I just wish Tamika took a verse (her voice suits this old school R&B) I LOVE Tiny's part in this song

  23. XxBabyGurlLovexX

    That's what I'm talking about! Representing that DeBarge sound! :) Now, this is REAL music.

  24. Asvp Grime

    i HOPE "Xscape" get back together , i miss their great music...
    Awesome DIva Group...
    I Love their music...♥♥♥

    Clay Fville

    Asvp Grime wish granted

    Mensh G

    your dream has come true...they're back!!!

  25. Iverson834

    @lighty10503 he has

  26. ashley Lastmason

    this a beautiful song

  27. Patrick Small

    Awesome cover right here Xscape did Debarge justice!

  28. Bluechips Media

    thank God for harrell

  29. TSquared2001

    And I burned it nicely

  30. Damien Oliver

    I think they did this song justice its very smooth as someone already commented

  31. PaulUCrazy

    I loved this episode of New York Undercover!! This is when I fell in love with it

  32. KingDrudge

    THANK GOD i got this off of napster and burnt it to a CD way back when.....because now, I couldnt find this song ANYWHERE on the web.

  33. sigma20xx

    I have been wanting to hear this for the longest. Thank you.

    Keisha Hinton

    sigma20xx most definitely