XOV - Nebula Lyrics

Looking at the night sky, Nebula
You're my God, my religion
Take me to Cobain, Nirvana
Into a new dimension
Yes I've been smoking, yes I am high
I'll never die if I ever die
Like I'll be a legend, make something out of my life

Rise above it all, inshallah
I shall shine like Tutankhamun
I live and die with the sun
But my time will come

What does it take?

Thinking of tomorrow, Futura
It's a dark, twisted fiction
If I can change it, Hallelujah
I dream of more affection
Yes I've been drinking, I'm in my zone
I need nobody, good on my own
Like I'll mount to something
Titanic, when I'm gone

Rise above it all, inshallah
I shall shine like Tutankhamun
I live and die with the sun
But my time will come

What does it take?

Oh, I'm small like an atom, atomic bomb
I got the power
Gotta crack the code
I swear I won't abuse it
Just let me use it

What does it take?

All praise the most
All praise the most high

What does it take?

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XOV Nebula Comments
  1. Kushagra Rao


  2. Elvis Pompeyo

    You are an amazing artist. I love your stile. I hope to make a song with you in future ❤️

  3. daniela strangmann

    I love you

  4. mima b.

    umm excuse me im literally offended that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. this is a literal MASTERPIECE

  5. Dziewczyna Znikąd


  6. 看什么看nmsl


  7. sd ef

    Inshallah 💖🌹

  8. JellyCake Dolphin

    Why is this so underrated ...love the voice

  9. ST FM


  10. Walaa Milles

    Like where the hell have you been ❤️

  11. Вечерний Гродно

    Просто ОТЛИЧНО!!!

    Despacito 2


  12. Ottilia

    Alltid älskat din musik. Så konstigt att du inte är större helt ärligt :( skicka låtar till MrSuicideSheep. Han skulle gilla dem och hamnar du på hans kanal kommer du få många nya följare.

  13. LeveL Music

    So a good song but it's to low rated

  14. Val

    I fucking love you so much

  15. Vernon Holly

    ALL TIME FAVORITE <3 .. Been a superfan since Clowns <3 USA HERE :P

  16. lamar 1

    This is very Special extraordinary stunning music 👌👏👏👏Love it😍❤️

  17. Noni N

    I can’t wait to hear more new music!! I love your songs!

  18. Lotte 22LilFox

    I want an album from you! So good!👍


    I believe that he releases his new album this friday...☺

  19. Pedro Alemany

    Oh wow! I’m so glad he’s back!

  20. Elena Tinkloh

    His voice, the music, his facial Expression, the female and male dancers movements...all so sensual!

  21. Simon zhou

    The amazing voice still !! 💖💖💖

  22. Qamar Julia

    Well , that's so fuk'in deep

  23. tnaomie

    I've just realised that I've listened to the song everyday since it came out! It's so beautiful!❤☺

  24. Armin Fichtelmann

    Great Song XOV 😍😍😍🙏

  25. yaanel canales

    OMG This is so amazing like everything that he sings, I love him. Greeetings from Mexico.


    yaanel canales can’t wait to tour in Mexico 🙏🏼❤️

  26. Nina Jokisic

    One of the only artists where it is worth waiting a couple years to hear new songs, It is always sooooo worth it. Love this!!!


    Appreciate you, Nina ✊🏼

  27. Louisa Becker

    i love this!!

  28. t.c.w

    This is just great...I honestly love it as much as Lucifer...Go get more popular 👌❤️

  29. saydie Welch

    LOVE IT 💋



  30. Wilgner Lemckuhl

    Very successful, rare talent !!!!!!!


    Appreciate it, Wilgner.

    Wilgner Lemckuhl

    @XOV to the top 🚀💥💥

  31. Sini

    When does the new album release?


    EP drops on Nov 30.


    XOV Omg 😱 i‘m so excited

  32. Adara Koala

    My new fave song.. ❤

  33. Miranda Amoroso

    Grym låt!!

  34. Diego V

    Amo suas musicas 😍

  35. Kamila Kamila

    Oh my fucking god, you're so talented, amazing and doing sooooo good music. I don't understand why you're not more popular. This world is siiiick.



  36. remixbeb

    great song! great video! thx! :-) p.s. When is the EP being released?


    @Kamila Kamila Thx!!

  37. xNoCxNecroBoy

    Concentrating on the lyrics is important. Vocals is great, but when the lyrics is repeating in diffrent notes and half of the song. It makes it bad and kind of offensive because your indicating your fans are retarded and won't mind it.

    Such potential, and vocals.


    You mean the “What does it take” part?
    Actually it’s very common to repeat the same lyrics over and over again in the refrain because it’s catchier that way... so it’s not offensive in any way - it’s just the way he’s expressing himself. And yes, I don’t mind this at all because I like it. It’s as simple as that🙂
    But I’m very glad you like his vocals at least😅

  38. upendra dobhal

    Wow just wow


    I'm just getting started

  39. Bella Salhi

    It is a masterpiece!*-* greetings from Germany <3 (we saw you New Year's Eve 2015 in Berlin)


    Danke ;)

    Bella Salhi

    @XOV du kannst deutsch? :D


    Nein but I know "Was los", "Danke" and "Shaise" 😂 and Berlin is my favourite city in the world @Bella Salhi

    Bella Salhi

    :D hahaha

  40. NeXusPrime [WR]

    Its sooooooo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    NeXusPrime [WR]

    @XOV <3

  41. Jennii

    Its nice

  42. Bruce Batman

    Complete Album please 😊


    Dropping an EP, 6 songs on Nov 30.

  43. MissCookie

    I was looking for new music of his. & I have to say this is. kindy gay.


    MissCookie I LOVE IT

  44. Marietta

    Man I love your songs so much!! 😍 Keep up the great work!
    Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹 ❤️


    Marietta I love Austria! 😘

  45. philipp engler

    why isnt he famous 😭 he deserves it so much.

    saydie Welch

    He is famous

    philipp engler

    Julia cotton actually hes not?

    philipp engler

    i mean like the whole world is supposed to listening to him. but its not. thats a fact. but from miley cyrus to ariana grande to taylor swift to everyone above him-he deserves it the most. he‘s a legend. #fact

  46. Hits of Tomorrow

    love your voice <3

  47. Ziewa

    My religion is you :o

  48. Sean Dollinger

    Love your music!!

  49. Cleisson mendes

    one of his best works, awesome!
    I love you <3 Congratulations from Brazil!!


    Braziiiil 🇧🇷 <3

  50. Despacito 2

    Awesome as always. Love from Russia :3


    Love you 🇷🇺

  51. LakeBytheSide Solitary

    Love it ~

  52. Vianne Mecklenburg

    So cool


    Glad you like it ;)

  53. Diogo Saran


  54. Juno Müller

    WOW, I'm speechless such a masterpiece ❤


    Appreciate that comment <3

  55. LXR

    This is fucking dope ♥️

  56. Blackjack

    The gays are winning in this video



  57. Eloiza Viana

    Such a masterpiece


    Thank you <3

  58. Blackjack

    Yes daddy