XOV - Boys Don't Cry Lyrics

Tell me why you’re running from me?
Is it love or money?
Tell me why you shot right at me?
Can’t you see I’m happy?
Is it love or money?

Like AK47 with words
Semi-automatic, shoot (shoot) where it hurts
Right in the bulls-eye
Man up, man up
Boys don’t cry
Na na, na na
Boys don’t cry
Na na, na na

My best friends turned to demons
Family left me beaten
Now was that love or money?
You won’t believe where I found freedom
On the bottom of the sea and
Without love or money

Like AK47 with words
Semi-automatic, shoot (shoot) where it hurts
Right in the bulls-eye
Man up, man up
Boys don’t cry
Na na, na na
Boys don’t cry
Na na, na na

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XOV Boys Don't Cry Comments
  1. Вечерний Гродно


  2. JacoxSora

    I allready took so much energy from this song and it works every time ♥

  3. Ina Kofler

    Geil Mercy

  4. Tami ich

    favourite Song ♡

  5. Ashlee Alvarez

    I don’t care what anyone says, this guy is so underrated & people need to wake tf up !!

  6. Keyshawn Dennis

    love this song!!

  7. Roman Sokolovski

    awsome song!!!

  8. Giffari Ihza

    i thought this is the cure cover

  9. King Pin

    I like at how the water at 2:50 looks like a vagina. Subliminal sexual suggestion.

  10. bae

    XOV is so talented


    Bernardo really he is a talented singer

  11. Kryoti

    It really annoys me when you see people like XOV with amazing talent and unique style not get as much attention as people like Justin Beiber that can't sing for shit

    shanton banner

    what you think makes that happen!it's the record lable....

    Man_Dued Paul

    Mister Cookie Man personally I never heard of him until now. however I wish I would have known he existed sooner

  12. Dannye Nava

    Buena canción, demasiado significativa para mí en lo personal. Es grandiso cómo una canción te puede transportar por el tiempo, desgraciadamente el día que falleció mi mejor amigo la encontré en mi descubrimiento semanal de Spotify y fue el transcurso al funeral más duro y lleno de reflexiones y difíciles recuerdos con ésta canción de fondo.

  13. loser

    I'm more into rock/metal but I absolutely love his music.

  14. Luxci Korkov

    love it!!

  15. Joseph mora

    La mejor canción y perfecto vídeo 💙

    Dayana Guerrero Correa

    Te apoyo👏💓

  16. Martin Miranda

    My god! That little reef guitar was amazing!!!

  17. Chris

    Good message. I like it

  18. Chizhovskiy

    Крутой клип! Браво

  19. Eloiza Viana

    Gringos imitam demais, essa música é brasileira e foi composta pelo Pablo, o nome é parecido "Homem não chora".

  20. Eloiza Viana

    caralho seu gostoso tem que fazer sucesso e pegar todas as mina <3

  21. jai mossow

    just used frostwire to download his music to my laptop for personal listening and yes I fucking love his music its fucking fresh off the charts awesome!!!! and really fucking sexy it gives a whole new meaning/deifinition to baby making musica though lol I'm not really going to be doin that kind of thing due to being part of the lgbt community XD

    Paul Dempsey

    +jai mossow FYI..just visit the video you want on youtube and remove the ube from the URL and it lets you download the MP3 or MP4. Frostwire is a virus infested application and should be removed ASAP. Just an FYI. If you need help just message me :)

  22. Angeles Cazares

    beautiful video.

  23. ASM Hasan

    Way better than Ass twerking bullshit music video!!! This is a Zen side of Youtube! Amazing song!

  24. Mara Rojas

    you are the best! Damian :*

  25. Fernando C.

    His album just came out yesterday and it's just as good as this song. Support him by either buying the record or streaming the album. He deserves to have a long lasting career.

  26. Jakob Larsen


  27. Rebecca Latchford

    love the song..great work...my husband always admired your work..:)

  28. Shambhabi Chatterjee

    Why does this song have 135,835 views ONLY?! 😱

  29. Sami -

    This Iranian artist makes music that hits home. Keep it up.

  30. Josh Morgan

    this guys gonna be big. watch the space for sure

  31. AlexPolkovnikov

    So truly, madly, deeply...

  32. Ute Schritz-Hettler

    Fabulous ! ALL songs / videos / lyric videos / you XOV /   - Bravo -  (hooked in LUX)

  33. Hobel Casablancas


  34. Ana Kilos

    I'm looking for Frank Ocean

  35. Quanny Nguyen

    them feels. great song. great vibes.

  36. szwidz

    SUPER SOUND !!! XOV - Big  Music Talent !!!!!!!!! Xov-Lucifer TOP 2015 Gruss

  37. Donovan Andersson

    Lovely song

  38. Samuel Leonardo Nieto Matamoros

    I arrived here, cuz' I searched Boys Don't Cry looking for The Cure. I stayed here

  39. Oona S.

    Love this song! great vibes

  40. Ant B

    This video is so similar to-  Majid Jordan Her-  video but I still love it tho.

  41. Raahauge


  42. Jaime Palacios

    XOV is just what I was searching

  43. Bel Fares

    Men Don't Cry *

  44. Holi


  45. stafy17

    @frankocean xov did it first (frank oceans new album is gonna be called boys dont cry)

  46. moon boy

    Love this song <3

  47. S Bubbles

    sort of sounds like The 1975

  48. Holi

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee this song<333333333

  49. Miguel Ángel Lezama Valdivia

    that's is true: boys don't cry never :,(

  50. Trev Wild

    I'm mostly into alternative experimental indie electronic chillwave hardcore rap rock...but I found myself liking the song animal and then this song..puff to this...relaxing

  51. Kalynn Willard

    Put your records out in the USA. PLEASE!!!!! We love you here. We only have one album with yall on it. And that's the Hunger Games shit movie soundtrack.

  52. Kalynn Willard

    What happened to all you other great songs??? Like Soldier, and Lucifer???? I can't find anything but remixes? Do yall just make people love your songs then just delete them and be as if they never existed. I'm heart broken. Soldier really meant a lot to me.

  53. Kimberly 123098

    Your voice are beautiful! I Love it.. ❤️

  54. Rooster Half

    when will this be on iTunes?

  55. Mikołaj Offee

    XOV is just great!

  56. Mia Olzzon

    💖💖💖👍👍👍👏👏👏 Ett måste!! Lyssna på denna musiker 😄

  57. Sarah Beagley

    loving the video and the music can not wait till yr record come out in the uk :)

  58. Lazinko

    Solid tune

  59. Cathy Taylor

    I've been looking so long for music that isn't mainstream. XOV just has such a unique and soothing sound. Can't wait until he releases an album, it will be fantastic.


    +Cathy Taylor IF ur looking for less mainstream rap i recomend NF he is very talented xD

    Cathy Taylor

    @Sondre Tjensvold omg he is my favorite rapper haha!!! His lyrics are absolutely incredible and meaningful :D

  60. Mark M

    Latest count: 13,3888 views. Because: These wankers bank on confusion with the Cure's "boys don't cry". 
    XOV, you suck. 

  61. Emilio Osorio

    Son los mejores <3 Apoyo.

  62. onedropsweden


  63. Matyáš Němeček

    Why does this have only 7000 views? The world is an unfair place


    ~ Well to be fair, not too many people go out of their way to seek out & support new music & artist. I am always up to date with happenings in the "music-scene" & I only heard of XOV because I purchased a digital copy of THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY Soundtrack where in he contributed the track "Animal", which is phenomenal. And I havent even seen that movie!! I dont know what the hell is going on over there in SWEDEN with regards to pop-music. But they are dishing out great artist with great music like every other month. Now I just wish XOV would put out an album so that I can buy it already.

    Andreas Castello Dahlström

     Yeah, i'm from Sweden and i have an hard time keeping up with all the artists coming up here in the country haha!!!!

    Austin Hamilton

    @SeekThePaleSeptember Sweden here too, I just gotta say that 80% of Sweden's people are only listening to U.S.A Rihanna or like Avicii. But yeah XOV is totally something different, he is special and rocks.

    Mikołaj Offee

    Couse he makes great music ;)

  64. Priscila Romero

    love it

  65. PauWolfie

    Oh My God. XOV XOV XOV, love you!!

  66. WillsStuff3

    how does this have dislikes...

    Tim Tim

    WillsStuff3 because of feminists

  67. P. Alemany

    Gloomy Nordic perfection.

  68. JineVune

    ATTENTION EVERYONE: LETS KEEP THIS SONG TO OURSELVES! Can't have everyone listening to such a great song!!! This will be our little secret!


    Tori Johansson

    my thought exactly

    Diego Acosta

    @JineVune although i agree, i believe it is our duty to help XOV become the famous artist he deserves to be, Talent shouldnt be hidden.

    Misaki Takahashi

    +JineVune W O R D.

    ASM Hasan

    +JineVune Nah man, we can't be that selfish! world must know this guy properly!

  69. omary Abdallah

    i can see him going places!The Gifted

  70. WhyDidYouKillHer?


  71. Dahs Hip Hop

    The best

  72. Steve


  73. Marina Jamieson

    Looks awesome!!! Way to go!!!!!