Xandria - Until The End Lyrics

Sometimes I'm holding my breath and keep still
When all the world's closing in for the kill
I try to embrace all the treasures I have
At times, though, I think I'm losing my faith

All I have forsaken while the time is flying
I am watching all my lives passing by
And I'll...

Run this road till the end
While the world is turning around me
I don't know wherever I will land
Bound to the unforeseen

I see the starting points fading behind me
All of the races have always been waiting

All I longed for is gone, all the children unborn
I can only let them live in my songs
So I...

Where is the moment that I should caress
When it's only yet to come
Nothing is waiting for me

Run this road till the end
While the world keeps turning around me
I don't know when it's all over and gone
So please let me have just one more chance

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Xandria Until The End Comments
  1. Central dos Temas

    What the chorus sings in the end?? I've been looking for a long time and I've never found.

    "Bound to the unforeseen.........."

  2. Cristian M

    Amo este tema. Quisiera poder compartirlo con alguna chica linda a la luz de las estrellas.

  3. Chelsea Avery

    Mindful of beauty

  4. suburbanfarmer1

    Sounds like they sampled Hymn to the sea from Titanic. Still a great song though.

  5. Smthonfire

    шо по вибратору?

    unknown bitmaker

    Та ты шо, привет.

    unknown bitmaker

    Долго искал эту песню с её стрима. Можешь у её вибратора спросить.

  6. kuba2ve

    Is it just me or the audio is poor quality, like a bit distorted?

  7. мусорка кенекса

    Where can dowlnand&

  8. Rockfish. Туапсе. Рыбалка от Moriarty

    Привет Оляше!

  9. GreyChan97 otaku channel

    EPIC <3

  10. kuba2ve

    Why so few views, why... WHY????? People are a lost cause...


    They probably like the old Xandria better ;)

    Andrew Phillips

    I am a new fan of a few months, Nightfall was my first Xandria song, its all `newish to me.Symphonic Metal!

    dark light

    i prefer it this way.

  11. Aqua Bluerose

    love this song! epic!

  12. Backdraft XIII

    This song is so beautiful! I enjoy it every time!

  13. Alexandra Stancu

    I LOVE this song❤️

  14. Brix Valle

    One of the few albums that you'll love every single song :D

  15. xartius

    fucking amazing song!

  16. Steam Punk

    I thought it was "Sometimes I'll hold in my breath and keep still". That makes more sense grammatically anyway.

  17. MyST W0lf



    +MyST W0lf I know, right? I adore them so much but it doesn't look like they'll be doing a US tour anytime soon. :(

    MyST W0lf

    +Carolyn Quinn (Dustykey1317) Xandria is one of my ultimate favorite bands to listen to.

  18. Bird Phoenix

    "Bound to the unforeseen."
    Yes well bound to the unforeseen spells untrue to my life. But it is a hard life experience.

    Will Gravis

    What unforseen spells, staying up late listening to this while you are 2 hours off schedule?
    Oh, wait...

  19. Serenity 28

    Muito boa...

  20. Kafurry

    her high notes in this song remind me of Tarja so much

    Razvan Dragomir

    Far better than Tarja.

  21. Tokycollision

    Beautiful song, thank you so much for the lyrics :)