Xandria - The Sailor And The Sea Lyrics

Along the seashore, rousing and cold
A withered face in the wind
An old man waiting for the end of his tale
His sight on the soughing waves

The load of memories in his hands
A long way home to innocence

The sailor and the sea

Time has gone like the altering tides
A thousand steps in the sand
An unmistakable proof of his life
Of all what he had once been

He walks away from a young boy´s dream
And all that´s left is just the sea

The sailor and the sea

And in the end we all are him
The sailor and the sea...

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Xandria The Sailor And The Sea Comments
  1. Cursos Online

    Why band make albums with bonus track and albums without bonus track.. mine is without :(

  2. Era Of Pain And Darkness

    damn this song is epic i need to get the album now

  3. J Leonardo

    The verses' begginning it is so "Scarborough Fair"

  4. kristan mohammed

    Xandria is an amazing band. but they became more exceptional with Salome: The Seventh Veil.

  5. Anders Midnatt

    Xandria was good with Lisa, then became closer to perfection with Manuela (all of you can hear that), and now this band is PERFECT with Dianne.

    Anders Midnatt

    @Marie-helene Simard Yes, now they have someone taller, more beautiful and more powerful, called Dianne van Giersbergen. She's hot and sings like an angel, exceeding even her close neighbour Floor Jansen.


    The band was PERFECT since Manuella, now.... is still perfect.

    Sas AsD

    Xandria just keeps winning.


    Sas AsD this reply didn't age well

    julius koutny

    You want to troll me? Dianne is nothing against Manuela. I think the most songs with Dianne would sound more perfectly with Manuela

  6. magicunboxing

    Man people get so butthurt about this 'copying' Nightwish. They both have some great tunes. Let's leave it at that.


    Many bands try to copy Nightwish, and how mach of them can? Actually they all copy classics

    Alex Ducharm,e

    Exactly, even Tuomas Holopainen admitted to borrowing from Mozart, Beethoven and Bach and often using them for inspiration.

  7. MasterOZero

    to all people on this videos comments, Nightwish is the primary inspiration for Manuella Kraller

  8. Anunnaki Project

    i loved nightwish with tarja so i fucking like xandria! 

    Sebastián Bhambhani

    fucking shit head 

  9. Ashley Deng

    I love her voice!!!!! so powerful and flexible!!!

  10. Chelonia Mydas

    Who cares if Xandria sound similar to Nightwish.

    They sound fucking amazing so who gives a shit. All bands have influences some more obvious that others. Not a bad thing. Just means you get twice the amount of kick arse tunes in a style you already love

    Andrew Charalambous

    So true. I love Xandria and Nightwish, but Xandria's opera voice in the rock background sounds so awesome

  11. Angel Leon

    omg this sound like Nightwish lol

    Sas AsD

    Maybe other songs do but this one really doesn't.

    Patty M

    I agree this is the less NW sounding song of the album

    Alex Ducharm,e

    Turn Loose The Mermaids?

  12. AmandyOL

    Me too... it's impossible not to compare but this is VERY GOOD!

  13. LucasLopesTV

    I swear, if someone had put this song to me to hear without knowing anything about the band, I totally would think this is a song by Nightwish in Tarja's era.

    julius koutny

    Ofcourse Tarja was Manuelas biggest inspiration but it is sad that Manuela left the Band with the reason that people said she would copy Tarja. Where would Music be if no one ever had an person who inspirated someone else

  14. michael adams

    both bands have their own sound. both have sxy looking lead singers, and both sing epic songs..

  15. Iluminessence

    Oh my god... if people hate a certain song/band/singer so much why do they bother clicking on the link to go to it >U>?...

  16. Daniel Cardozo

    Beautiful song :)

  17. marcos santos

    very good

  18. Michelle Condon

    okay this album kicks ass but they went a bit too far trying to be old NW, they even have very similar lyrics... about the same topics.
    Not saying it's bad though... I liked this.

  19. mordsith05

    Very nice.

  20. Kozmyc Blues

    There are two different things... very different... as Therion - Xandria - Nightwish - Dream Theater... is absurd to compare

  21. martin gill

    Mauela Kraller is amazing in her own self so stop this crap comparing and contrasting enjoy the god damn music and keep it to that! Jeez!

  22. Severus479

    the song is great

  23. Christian Christensen

    Im so fucking mad. I wanted to buy this entire release (the album), and i googled it and found it on Itunes. Fired up Itunes and wanted to buy it and noticed... 2 tracks are missing in the european Itunes shop...

    .i.. you Itunes.

    Cheers for the upload, been looking for it everywhere... Now i have no choice but to download it... because i CANNOT BUY IT! So much bullshit.

    Oh well.

  24. GrandpaNash

    This is a great track from a great album.

  25. Shannon Mongeon

    people need to stop with all this madness. I don't care with PEOPLE think.WOW......... new members of a band lets go fight about it.... I'm going to love the music I love until i. ju cant love no more.... or until i die one or the other. So PLEASE stop. Music is for the enjoyment and happiness of our human lives. music is music. and if you can't stop fighting on whose better or whose worst. don't listen to the music. SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  26. PrisPrisca15

    Also with my message I don't mean you can't be an Epica fan because I actually like Epica but I am not a hypocrite. I don't go all over the place saying Epica is this or Epica is that. I just shut up. Just like that guy should have done.

  27. PrisPrisca15

    I know everything you said but it is obvious Epica - as a lot of bands did - took more than only inspiration from Nightwish. Yes, I know Therion and I know they started their symphonic period (they were a death metal act before) in 1996 the same year Nightwish released AFF. But what does it have to do with Epica? Those two bands are pioneers, Epica isn't. That's where the difference is - So saying Xandria is a Nightwish ripoff being an Epica fan is contradictory.

  28. Gabriel Class

    Are you joking? Haven't you noticed that Epica's music leans more to classical/epic music rather than metal? Only in Design your universe, did epica sound more metal, and even then it still maintained it's identity, what your saying is that if the genre is the same, then all the bands in it are ripoffs, have you ever heard of Therion? It actually formed before nightwish, so would you say nightwish is a therion ripoff?

  29. PrisPrisca15

    i know quite a lot about symphonic metal and i know Epica is good but Epica= nw ripoff. especially simone who wanted to imitate Tarja :) i rest my case. bye bye ignorants. Go Xandria and Go Epica but we all know they are nw ripoffs

  30. BubonicWaltz

    You offend me because you have nothing more to say . Instead of offending everybody to be idiots, look at yourself ;). Epica is Epica. Nw is Nw BUT New Xandria is just an old Nw ripoff. And yes, to be inspired and to copy isn't the same thing.

  31. PrisPrisca15

    my last comment for an idiot: I like Epica as well but it is way too obvious they are a Nightwish rip-off. deal with it!
    and thank you for making me listen to this beautiful song over and over again! :D

  32. PrisPrisca15

    oh yes "be inspired" lol when it comes to epica is inspiration, when it comes to xandria is to copy! you should rename yourself bubonicstupidity!!

  33. BubonicWaltz

    For Epica, Nightwish is just a source of inspiration among many others unlike xandria which copies Nw without any originality. There is a différence between to copy and to be inspired...

  34. PrisPrisca15

    as far as i know, death metal influences in epica are not the only influences. as for the rest of their compositions, they are a nightwish ripoff, especially on their first albums. also Simone Simons started to sing classical because of Tarja. Epica brought nothing new to the metal scene, deal with that. Next time you bash Xandria for not being original, just look at Epica and shut up :)

  35. BubonicWaltz

    Nw has growls ? Nw has death metal influences like Epica ? Lol no, then you can't compare them...But Xandria is a complete Nw ripoff...and...no more .And it seems that Epica has more complex, better composition and musicians than Xandria ;) The only common point between Epica and Nightwish is that these two bands are better than Xandria ;)

  36. PrisPrisca15

    Just like Epica is :) BTW, Xandria doesn't sound like nightwish at all. NW changed their style long ago. Time to move on, don't you think?

  37. BubonicWaltz

    Nightwish is Nightwish but Xandria is just a Nightwish ripoff and no more.

  38. cosac

    How i love this newborn Xandria.

  39. BetoToxic12

    Come enjoy the music, leave your arguments in your thoughts. Please stop, everyone has their own opinion. Everyone here loves both bands; enjoy the melodic euphoria of xandria. ^^

  40. SlyandCunning4

    I posted a comment on your channel telling you my name ;)

  41. MermaidRene

    It's all good!
    What's your name?

  42. SlyandCunning4

    I'm glad u understand ;) Thanks for that hunni

  43. MermaidRene

    No problem :)

  44. SlyandCunning4

    I also agree with u that YouTube can be like a scrapbook

  45. SlyandCunning4

    I did reply 2 you but on my new Galaxy Ace Phone Sorry about that hunni but i was at College when i received it i hope u understand ;S :S

  46. SlyandCunning4

    @MermaidRene Cool i love Vampires and Harry Potter

  47. MermaidRene

    Awesome!! I don't think it's ever too late to go through that phase. I'm almost 15, and I've been in the vampire phase for a little over a year. If I'm being 100% honest, I got into vampires because of My Babysitter's a Vampire. NO JUDGING!!! I love going through my youtube channel to see the path I took in music. Youtube is like a scrapbook; it shows everything I've ever been interested in!

  48. SlyandCunning4

    Nice!! I 2 got into Xandria because of Vampires i <3 Vampires and believe in a way that i am 1 because i have fangs and I also believe that Vampires aren't like they are in Twilight but i guess i'm going through that faze at 16 1/2 ;D ;D

  49. MermaidRene

    Xandria was the first *true* band I've ever loved. It was last year when I found them. I was really into vampires, so I found vampire, and then my music obsession began. Before that I just listened to whatever was on the radio. I was so happy when I found something I actually liked and connected to. :)

  50. SlyandCunning4

    It does yeah and you're not the only 1 though i love BOTH Nightwish and Xandria ;D ;D

  51. SlyandCunning4

    I totally agree with you there ;D ;D

  52. SlyandCunning4

    LOL I agree I <3 Xandria they're amazing ;)

  53. Τάσος Τσιαμίτας

    I cannot tell you to change your opinion, you 're free to like this more. But you better understand that without " The Islander " this song would not exist.

  54. Τάσος Τσιαμίτας

    You 're so , so wrong.

  55. Τάσος Τσιαμίτας

    Another song that is a copy of Nightwish - Last of the wilds/The Islander.
    The sound is amazing, but you know, I would love it if I knew it was not a copy.
    Stop copying Nightwish ... most of your songs are like a cover of Nightwish....
    Sorry for being a hater but Jesus... Its just too much... amazing listening, but the emotion I get from the song is " damn you Xandria, stop it already "

  56. MermaidRene

    Is it just me, or does this song sound a lot like Last of the Wilds by Nightwish?

  57. enokibun

    Along the seashore rising and cold, a withered face in the wind
    An old man waiting for the end of his day at side on the softing waves
    The lot of memories in his hands
    A long way home to innocence

    The sailor and the sea (2x)*

    Time has come and the entering tights, a thousand steps in the sand
    Unarmed he's taking by proof of his life of all what he had once been
    He walks away from a young boy's dream
    And all that's left it's just a sea


    And in the end we all are in, the sailor and the sea

  58. Sturmy76

    Awesome voice and melody...really like this one.

  59. PrisPrisca15

    if you don't like Xandria, then GTFO. Xandria is Xandria and Nightwish is Nightwish. Two different bands with two differents styles.

  60. Réveil: Oneiric Card Game

    Well, since no one is going to say it, and you'll keep talking about Anette, i'll remind you all we also have a before-after vocalist situation here. And i'll say - Even though it sounds amazing, i prefer Lisa. She gave the band much more magic with her voice. Now don't get me wrong. Manuella is a great singer...but Lisa is Lisa.

  61. DerSoerper78

    Sorry guys but this is better than The Islander.
    My opinion.

  62. BubonicWaltz

    The Islander !!!!!

  63. Τάσος Τσιαμίτας

    The Islander, Remix. Xandria is wannabe nightwish. And it pisses me off.
    They can create amazing songs and music if they put their fking mind to create their own songs.
    What 's the matter to copy Lyrics-sounds-everything from Nightwish to make your own album?
    2 are the reasons " you want to do it " or " you are not a good musician to make it your own way and you need a song to hear so you can make a similar one.... "

  64. siguma0712

    Very Good!!

  65. Chiba Sophie Cha

    wow, I'm dicovering it, it's beautiful!

  66. Aeon Aeon

    midtempo, celtic and power metal...a unique blend

  67. Danail Vladimirov

    this is magic

  68. snajamh

    Man I cant get enough of this album, Xandria pulled me straight back to symphonic metal a genre now plagued with mediocrity but this is Class

  69. lupina015

    No, just diffrent.

  70. BloodyBaroqueAng3l

    Me encanta la evolución que tuvo Xandria. Aunque la voz de Lisa le daba un toque especial. Y por favor, dejen de compararlos con Nightwish. Han escuchado los trabajos anteriores de Xandria? Son increíbles y muy distintos el uno del otro. Pero ahora dieron un gigantesco paso. Son una banda consolidada. Una joya este álbum, y sus anteriores serán de culto.

  71. dothraky

    Please, left Nightwish out of here. Xandria was Different and, OLDER than Nightwish by a year. They where completely different in their themes and lyrics and music and voices ( please, remember Ravenheart, Save my life, Eversleeping, Snow white- with Lisa´s Grunts-, Vampire, I´m in love with the darkness... Now they have a VERY GOOD singer and they have change to adapt them to her voice but SHE IS NOT TARJA.
    A ver si os enteráis joer!!!!!

  72. Lisbeth93

    Please don't destroy my music enjoyment with Xandria by talking about this Tarja vs. Anette shit even on here :(

  73. Catherine Kaji

    Wow it's incredible all the Nightwish haters on EVERY Xandria page. I don't know why i'm able to separate Nightwish from Xandria and just enjoy what i'm listening without thinking how it sounds like this or that, you guys are whiners

  74. Carmilla Jo

    Wow, this is so beautiful--it reminds me of how Turn Loose the Mermaids by Nightwish would sound if it had been tweaked for Tarja's vocals instead of Annette's.

  75. Basil II Macedonia

    I downloaded the album with this bonus track from iTunes, and whenever I play it it cuts out half-way through every time. No idea why.

  76. VampireMajesty

    but this is better

  77. Khalerion

    Very celtic feel to it......love it.

  78. Maria Celeste Sanchez

    Beautiful song! I love Xandria!!! :-)

  79. Leo von Caprivi

    Actually the song reminds me a lot of "Zwei Schwestern" by "Die Irrlichter", especially at its beginning.

  80. nwf2ever

    a como se nota que no conocen a Xandria, no solo Nightwish hace canciones a si tambien Xandria desde que estaba con Lisa ya utlizaba esos elementos -.-

  81. Tim Lider

    Thanks just Preordered the CD on iTunes. That song sounds a lot like Nightwish's The Islander, or it has the same feeling.