Xandria - The Lioness Lyrics

Cerulean sky over dessert fields and sand veils
And underneath a lioness is stalking narrowing rings
Feel her coming near, she smells the blood, her prey is near
So see her, hear her, feel her, be her

The lioness is hunting us
So beautiful and dangerous
Her embrace is murderous
Beware of the lioness

Do you feel her gentle touch
Her sweet caress hurts just as much
So take care, take care of her
The lioness will win

So close you hear her purring
So close she smells your fear
Not close enough to lose yourself
Beware - the lioness is near

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Xandria The Lioness Comments
  1. Derek Castro

    Extreme perfection! Real music, today nobody gets to that level.

  2. alex martin

    One of the greatest songs I've ever heard! Really catchy tune! 🎶👂😘

  3. John Corcoran

    So much love for old school Xandria.

  4. Delain124

    There old stuff is very different from there old stuff. There old stuff is more of gothic. There new stuff is much more on the power metal side.

    Evolution Seven

    May be because those times Emos existed. Just interesting how everything changed

  5. bengi rabia günaydın

    nidalee <3

  6. Andrey Carvalho

    The lyric is about Sekhmet?

    EnteHS dUb

    If your looking for a song specifically about the lion goddess look up "Lionheart" -Amberian Dawn

  7. caeli davila

    Me gusta esta vanda esta de poca

  8. Miguel Espenaes

    Love it ♥

  9. Bryan Sunsin

    Hermosa sinfonía hermosa voz *-* 

  10. ketulu

    french fan reporting here

  11. Lula Saida

    Genial. <3

  12. Rosedimitri5

    Xandri is teh bomb. No one can beat it.

  13. comicfairy

    Always been my fave Xandria song :)

  14. magali moreno

    Sientes su toque gentil?
    Su dulce caricia duele tanto
    Así que ten cuidado, cuídate de ella
    La leona ganará

    Tan cerca para oírla ronronear
    Tan cerca, ella huele tu miedo
    No tan cerca como para perderte a ti mismo
    Cuidado, la leona está cerca


  15. magali moreno

    Cielo celeste sobre campos desiertos y velos de arena
    Y debajo, una leona esta acechando en estrechos círculos
    Siéntela viniendo cerca, ella huele la sangre, su presa está cerca
    Así que mírala, escúchala, sientéla, sé ella
    La leona nos esta cazando,
    tan hermosa y peligrosa
    Su abrazo es asesino
    Cuidado con la leona

  16. БелыйВолк

    @MoonBabyhowl yeah hehe ;)

  17. MoonBabyhowl

    @smildonfatalis1 Pretty sure that's actually part of the point of the song ;)

  18. БелыйВолк

    @TheFragileasglass Funny right? lol

  19. Idolized

    @smildonfatalis1 Wow:-).

  20. БелыйВолк

    In Egypt they call whore's Lionesses xD

  21. Modern Anthem

    I love Lisa

  22. Claire Bear

    Reminds me of the book Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce. XP

  23. Onemaster

    this is so beautiful

  24. Machevort

    Killer! 5/5