Xandria - Stardust Lyrics

This is my last transmission, my final salutation
I count down to ignition, one last time I'm rising
The stars are all I think of, for me it’s never enough
Their cold bliss is my resource to find myself

I'm yearning, I'm longing, I'm waiting to go

Back to where the skies will ever take me
Down here in this prison I'll be breaking
Far from here there is a place where I belong
I go home

This great black nothing calls me
An echo of the voices from where I have been traveling
In exile I'm living
Infinite silence waiting for me with all its answers
A lightless mirror blazing oh with truth so pure

Oh if you could see how
How small everything seems from here
So trivial, so shallow
The meaningless drama so precious on earth
Seen from the timeless stardust

I'm flying, I'm drifting, I'm dying so please let me go back…

Now I'll be returning home
To the stars eternally

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